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Anyone TTC but not doing all the plotting (yet)?

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LoveAngel Fri 29-Jun-07 14:58:21

We've just started ttc no.2. I got pregnant with no.1 very quickly and so have decided to go with the flow and just have lots of sex initially...not going to do charts ad temps and all that stuff unless I dont get pregnant within the year. Anyone in the same boat?

wishingfourgotone Sun 01-Jul-07 22:13:55

hi im also ttc#2 took 18months to concieve dd (1yo) so we have been trying for a year on off im not temp charting or ovt but am trying to bd lots have been writing down when af here how long for etc and when bd, iyswim, Got funny feeling have bd whilst oving this month! good luck how old is your dc1?

pinkys Fri 06-Jul-07 14:30:23

hiya, yes im only 20 nearly 21, and only came off the mini pill 3 weeks,ago so im not doing any charts or anything, the only thing im doing is taking the vitimins and folic acid that ur menna take, how long did it take for u to concieve ur first child?

luchinka Fri 06-Jul-07 15:07:54

My plan was just to come off the pill and see what happened, not to take it too seriously, haven't told anyone we're ttc, but it sneaks up on you and I find my self thinking and wondering about it a lot. I too think I've had sex (sorry can't stand the bd thing) around ovulation. This is my first pill free month so I'm not really sure quite what's going on.

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