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Need some TTC buddies

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Lammoshay Sun 06-Jan-19 16:38:54

Hi lovelies
Started actively trying this month so thought it would be nice if anyone wanted a journey buddy.
I’m 35, DH is 42.
Had 2 pregnancies in past (2002,2011) ending in MC
Married now for 9years so yeah looking to start a lil family.
Currently 2dpo and wait is already horrendous and symptom spotting is in place 😂
So tell me all about you and your journey 💋

hopeful31 Sun 06-Jan-19 16:56:38

Hi @Lammoshay
I'm 31. This is my 3rd month ttc. First timer. I'm 9DPO. A light bleed 2 days ago and cramping so I'm hopeful. Still only getting bfn tho. Worried because I've had some issues in the past with my ovaries and some other gynae issues. But trying to remain hopeful

CrossedToTheDarkSide Sun 06-Jan-19 17:11:28

Hey, nice to have a thread to share our journeys. I’m 25 and TTC for the first time. Cycle 4 atm. DH has very low sperm count but only had one analysis. Due to childhood surgery but i’m hopeful it might improve. AF due any day but is late. Although periods have been all over the place since coming off the pill 8 months ago. Feeling weird and certain that i’m gunna come on in the next few days but gunna test tomorrow just to get it confirmed so I know if I definitely am. If BFN then just wait for AF and try again next month!! It’s mentally hard going though. I keep trying not to get too hopeful as I know we will probably struggle naturally. sad

hopeful31 Sun 06-Jan-19 17:16:35

@CrossedToTheDarkSide it's so hard isn't it. Especially having the feeling of doubt there, and knowing that it might be a struggle. It took my body about 16 months to get back to normal after coming off the pill.
But we will all get through it and we will get our bfp one day when we r ready.

ShortandSweet96 Sun 06-Jan-19 17:21:52

Me me me!
Been ttc since around September with a break as OH got cold feet! Actively since November, but have told people tgat knee we were trying that were still waiting as every time I see them they ask questions. Not that that's a bad thing but when I thought I had a faint line on a test I went to see my SIL a few days later, she announced that she as pregnant with her second, we were so excited to have little ones that would be around the same age, then my period came. I was heartbroken so now we're keeping everything on the down low!

So excited to start our family, just hope it happens soon.. like this month!

Good luck, and baby dust to all of you!

Lammoshay Sun 06-Jan-19 17:38:03

Keeping my fingers crossed for you hunni x

Lammoshay Sun 06-Jan-19 17:39:09

It’s iant over till the witch comes, it is really hard and emotional isnt it sad hugs x

Lammoshay Sun 06-Jan-19 17:40:35

Awe that must have been awful for you sad however I’m sure you deserve your own spotlight when you do get a positive xx

Lammoshay Sun 06-Jan-19 17:41:53

On a side note I have the most horrendous cramps and sore tummy and diarrhoea (sorry tmi)- feels like bellyache but not sure so just jumping in the bath see if it eases x

cosycashmere Sun 06-Jan-19 17:42:28

I'm also 2dpo (I think) but I haven't properly tracked, just use the Clue app that estimates when I ovulate.
We're ttc number 2, we have an 18 month old. It was a really traumatic first year so only very recently I've been on board with trying for another so this is our first month of trying. We were fortunate for it to happen first time with no1 so I'm very naive as to how stressful and hard it can be to deal with months on end with nothing. I'm hoping that won't happen but also trying to prepare myself.
Fingers are crossed for you this month!

Lammoshay Sun 06-Jan-19 17:42:58

Sorry for individual replies will tag next time 😂
But replies are in order of who posted first etc x

Lammoshay Sun 06-Jan-19 17:45:36


Ah yay 😀
I’m still pretty new figuring all this out- how mind boggling it can be!
I may have missed this month however/
Here is my chart as per:

Previous cycle lengths: 6 months,

Last period 20 Dec (27 day cycle)

Cycle day 13/14/15 BD on:
13- jan 1st
14- jan 2nd
15- jan 3rd


Fri 11th jan- 7 days
Sat 12th-8
Sun 13th- 9
Mon 14- 10
Tue 15- 11
Wed 16-12
Thu 17-13- due on date
Fri 18-14

hopeful31 Sun 06-Jan-19 17:57:40

What's all of ur opinions on implantation cramps and bleeding. Have any of u experienced them? Or are they really in ur head ? Lol it's just I had a light bleed and I'm cramping but I don't know if it's just because I read it and now I'm imagining things lol

Hbs21 Sun 06-Jan-19 18:05:16

Hi I'm on my first cycle ttc baby number one. Af due on 18th I think. Trying not to symptom spot or get my hopes up!!

Lammoshay Sun 06-Jan-19 18:10:06

How many days is your usual cycle?
Could have been an implantation bleed- when did you have it dpo? And how long did it last for? Lots of baby dust coming you way ❤️

hopeful31 Sun 06-Jan-19 18:41:09

My cycles are usually 29-33 days. The bleed happened 7dpo and it was just a light pink once. That was on Friday. I did a test this morning and it was bfn but after wards I realised that it wasn't an early detection test so I have another for tomorrow that I might try. I have been having the cramps for around 4 days but I'm not due for another week so I'm hoping that I could get my bfp! Thank you xxx

Lammoshay Sun 06-Jan-19 20:00:32

@hopeful31 definitely sounds like it could be implantation then and if it’s stopped then that’s a great sign eeeeek got everything crossed for you x

hopeful31 Sun 06-Jan-19 20:15:37

I just got butterflies reading ur comment. Thank you so much for ur well wishes!! It's much appreciated xx

Lammoshay Sun 06-Jan-19 20:56:52

@hopeful are you testing regular or going to wait till day of AF? If you do test do first wee of morning 💋

hopeful31 Sun 06-Jan-19 21:04:06

I've been testing maybe too often lol but I'm going to do a first response in the morning. How's things with u

mass22 Sun 06-Jan-19 21:28:00

Hi is it ok to join? I'm TTC 1st since about Nov 2018 and finding it really hard already! This month thought I had implantation bleeding 12dpo and then came on my period 4 days early so pretty crap.

@hopeful31 I hope your test is positive! Fingers crossed for you.

@Lammoshay so sorry to hear about your MCs. I hope you hear good news this month also. It's so so hard not to symptom check all the time.

GinaJabowski Sun 06-Jan-19 21:28:19

Hi all!
Me & DP are TTC our first child together. He has 1 DD from previous relationship. We tried for 9 months beginning June 2017 until we got our BFP March 16th 2018. Sadly we discovered at 12 week scan it was MMC at 7 weeks. This was May 9th 2017. I didn't get back into a regular cycle (due to some health issues relating to MMC) until November. This month was our first month TTC again. Currently 4DPO! Fingers crossed for us & the rest of you lovely folks! 💞

Viennawaits4you Sun 06-Jan-19 21:54:35

Ttc buddies sound good. Cycle 5, but had a bit of a break in December.
Ttc 1st baby, and 2dpo, hating the wait.
Good luck to everyone.

hopeful31 Sun 06-Jan-19 22:03:50

Good luck everyone. Keep us posted

@mass22 thank u. It's my 3 rd cycle ttc for first.
I hope we all get a bfp
Also my husband doesn't know about these chats because he already thinks that I'm obsessing slightly lol

CrossedToTheDarkSide Sun 06-Jan-19 22:34:03

Good luck everyone! Gunna dash out to the pharmacy tomorrow first thing if still no sign of AF. Am on holiday and didn’t bring any tests with me as I was sure I would come on quite early on in the holiday and honestly didn’t even think it would be a possibility. Desperately trying not to get my hopes up. This TTC business is pretty soul destroying at times but it’s so lovely to have you lot to chat to! Good luck everyone and will update ASAP tomorrow on the test but I am already prepared for either AF before then or BFN. I personally am finding it easier not getting my hopes up atm and trying not to get too stressed but omg it’s so tough. I want to just be pregnant already!! Sending everyone lots of baby dust and hope we all get our BFP sooner rather than later in 2019!! winkflowers

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