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Does anyone know what a 'borderline' endocrine result for Day 21 bloods means?

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graysongirl Thu 28-Jun-07 09:15:02

I only got this info on the phone from the receptionist at the docs yesterday. I have to go back for a blood sugar test on Monday as that also came back borderline and at the appointment all will be explained by doc but its driving me crackers not knowing. Have looked up endocrine on line but its all very vague, anyone experienced this before?

Thanks very much

iwillbepositive Thu 28-Jun-07 09:38:16


Endocrine basically means anything to do with hormones -which covers anything from thyroid hormones to hormones controlling blood sugar eg insulin, to reproductive hormones. But the fact that it is a day 21 test suggests that it is progesterone that is borderline. They test your levels of progesterone at day 21 (ie at a point where if you have a 28dayish cycle you are nearing AF) to see if you have ovulated that cycle. I'm not sure of the levels, but above a certain amount suggests that it has been an ovulatory cycle (as the corpus luteum which is left after ovulation is producing the progesterone). Sounds as if your levels are a bit low so it is poss you didn't ovulate in the cycle that is being tested. That may be a one off, so they would normally test again.

Hope that helps

graysongirl Thu 28-Jun-07 11:32:36

Thanks for swift reply . Doc told me they would be testing progesterone, FSH and LH so that all fits in, I had never heard the word endocrine before and it freaked me out!!
It wasn't a one off, this is what I have long suspected as I ovulate late in cycle and have had several anovulatory cycles in the last 12 months, one which lasted 11 weeks
I think that Clomid will be my next option as I discussed this at my last visit. Will wait and see what next week brings. thnaks again

Ready Thu 28-Jun-07 12:40:50

Graysongirl - Did they tell you your progesterone level by any chance? It should be over 30 to show that ovulation has occurred. Perhaps your level was very close to 30 and they want to redo the test. The one thing I will say is make sure that you don't just assume Day21 is the right time to test, if you ovulate later than CD14 then you might be testing for the progesterone too early.

Sorry if you know all of this already

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 28-Jun-07 13:12:04

Ideally LH and FSH should be tested earlier in the cycle. If this has been done earlier in the cycle ensure that the GP compares the levels of LH against that of FSH. If this is not done the test is meaningless.

graysongirl Thu 28-Jun-07 13:52:54

Ready - no they haven't told me anything really, it was only the receptionist reading 'endocrine study results borderline' from my notes on system. It was the word endocrine that confused me. As for late ovulation it was actually Day 24 for me but put Day 21 so everyone knew what I meant

I am hoping that all will be revealed next week when I go back for fasting blood sugar test as that was also borderline.
I should have just waited to speak to Doc rather than asking receptionist and getting all mixed up!!!

That was my first test whch also included thyroid, kidney & liver functions, blood sugar etc.... so I am assuming they will test again next cycle on day 3/4 and again day 24 o do comparison.
Although DH has been referred to fertility clinic so it might be that we move onto both being tested there under gyne which is what I would prefer.

Its just so confusing!!!! Why can't I just get pg, GRRRR!!!

Ready Thu 28-Jun-07 18:17:52

I understand, calling it Day21 just makes it easier
Fingers crossed you get some answers when you speak to your GP.
I know what you are saying too, all these tests - why can't we just conceive naturally!! Hmph. Good luck.

graysongirl Mon 02-Jul-07 11:19:35

Stupid docs appontment not till NEXT Monday!!!!! Obviously have no brain left anymore....will keep you posted ......

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