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I need some advice about CHLOMID please?

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WhereforartthouAF Wed 27-Jun-07 19:56:45

I have to see doc tomorrow after having day 21 bloods and the results were under 30 (which apparently is not good news )
He did previous mention a course of tablets that would help me ovulate. DOes that mean chlomid?? Surely i would need to be referred to gynae first no? I would love and be eternally greatful for any info anybody has

WhereforartthouAF Wed 27-Jun-07 20:13:56

nobody has been through this then?

1Wish Wed 27-Jun-07 20:15:23

Hi,Sorry to hear about your result.

Don't know if this helps but my GP said same thing,went back all hopeful that i would get the tablets quickly only to be refered to a consultant. I have just recieved my clomid tablets, took about 5 months.

But I did have every test going before i got them. I know thats not the case everywhere and alot of people on here get given clomid while investigations are carried out, so you may get it alot sooner. Hope this helps

WhereforartthouAF Wed 27-Jun-07 20:58:14

thanks at least i know not to be hopeful then

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