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worst PMT ever

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mslucy Wed 27-Jun-07 10:27:35

nearly threw a sickie, which I never do.

I had to wear my D cup bra which I haven't worn since breast feeding.

My norks feel on the point of explosion.

I've been having accupuncture and haven't had PMT for a few months - I can safely say this is the worst PMT I have ever experienced.

I am so emotional and so touchy.

I felt really crap yesterday as was chatting to dh about a really annoying couple - she was in hospital at the same time when I had my son.

Dh knew but hadn't told me - not surprising after his sister announced her pregnancy - I still haven't spoken to her about it which I know is really rude but f* it.

I feel I am becoming a nutter.

All I want is for my son to have a brother or sister and to feel normal

scorpio1 Wed 27-Jun-07 10:29:53

what CD are you?

mslucy Wed 27-Jun-07 10:36:18

AF due Mon

scorpio1 Wed 27-Jun-07 10:57:08

maybe you have pg symptoms? wait until the weekend and maybe try a FR test?

mslucy Wed 27-Jun-07 11:00:39

I'm reluctant to think it's anything but PMT but the norks are so swollen and so uncomfortable.

Having said that looking pretty damn impressive, though I say so myself


Soph73 Wed 27-Jun-07 11:44:03

LOL at your damn impressive norks mslucy. Unfortunately mine are only impressive because I´m fat!!!! DH also mentioned they were impressive at the weekend so definitely time to lose some weight

mslucy Wed 27-Jun-07 11:51:57

or prance round in a low cut top?

Most men would rather a big pair of norks than a skinny bird any day.

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