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Positive pregnancy test? HELP

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Broodyaf Mon 24-Dec-18 22:54:37

Can someone please help me out?
Is this a positive pregnancy test or an evaporation line? Test taken an hour ago (didn’t check it straight away)
Praying for our Christmas miracle! 🙏

lucy2204 Mon 24-Dec-18 22:56:21

I'd say its a positive! Congratz ♡

Aph413 Mon 24-Dec-18 22:56:46

If you'd checked in time I'd say it was positive, it's very possible that's an evap after an hour although they are usually grey in colour. I suggest you take another tomorrow or in a fee days if you don't want to do it on Christmas day.
Good luck and I hope it is a positive for you

INeedNewShoes Mon 24-Dec-18 22:56:47

Yes! Congratulations

Loopytiles Mon 24-Dec-18 22:57:52

Too late checking, don’t take it as a bfp. Get another test and check it straightaway!

Broodyaf Tue 25-Dec-18 17:49:31

I do believe this has been the best chrisymas present ever!
Don’t think there’s any denying this test 🙏

Highfever Tue 25-Dec-18 17:54:10

Congratulations! That's a bfp

Loopytiles Tue 25-Dec-18 19:03:14


Moonflower12 Tue 25-Dec-18 19:14:14

Awww! That made me cry. Congratulationssmile

Broodyaf Fri 28-Dec-18 08:34:44

So much for me saying “there’s no denying this test” on Christmas Day ....
I’ve been gettin negatives since. And here’s my FR this morning 😭💔 wtf???

TTCVickster Fri 28-Dec-18 08:47:39

This happened to me last week BFP last Thursday now a week late and all bfn’s.

Broodyaf Fri 28-Dec-18 08:55:35

Hi vickster!
Do u have a pic of ur BFP? And what tests have u used? Surely ur in the same boat as me... goin out of ur mind?? Do u feel “pregnant”
I’ve never been pregnant before but I feel I am 🙈 this is so cruel! Xx

TTCVickster Fri 28-Dec-18 09:02:09

I used ovulation sticks so know when i Ov’d. I had the strip test last thursday and the FR is from today which I feel like I might be seeing something on. I might be imagining it because I want it though! Your strip test is darker than mine though, mine was a real squinter especially in the photo. I feel different definitely and have tried every testbknown to man. I’m finding it so hard because I’d really got my hopes up after the bfp. We’ve been TTC for a year and I let my head run away with Christmas reveals etc.

Broodyaf Fri 28-Dec-18 09:05:44

Have u got a pic of today’s FR?

TTCVickster Fri 28-Dec-18 09:07:32

Today’s FR

TTCVickster Fri 28-Dec-18 09:09:26

These are yesterday and the day befores. I feel a bit like I’m losing my mind and my DP keeps telling me not to think about it. It’s hard because I know he wants it so much too.

Broodyaf Fri 28-Dec-18 09:10:34

I think I see something there but I could be like you letting my eyes play tricks!! This is so cruel. How are you dealing with this? Do u still feel different? Can’t remember if I told you but this is our 21st cycle of trying and I’ve just had enough at this stage! I’m 36 and beginning to think it’s not gonna happen for us. But with 2 aparently BFPs I thought we had got it! 😭😭😭

TTCVickster Fri 28-Dec-18 09:12:52

Honestly not well I feel as though it’s kind of ruined Christmas. I’m 26 but have had cysts on my ovaries lots in the past so we’ve started trying earlier thinking we might need some help. I was so hoping it was BFP this month and that would avoid that. I definitely feel different my stomach is bigger and my boobs are huge but I imagine that would happen if you were late. I’ve never been late before my cycles are usually 23 days and spot on. How are you doing with it all?

wakemewhenitsallover Fri 28-Dec-18 09:13:08

False negatives are much, much more common than false positives.

Was that second Christmas day one within the allotted time? If so I'd say there's a very good chance you're pregnant. Keep testing, first thing in the morning.

wakemewhenitsallover Fri 28-Dec-18 09:15:58

TTCVickster I can see the line on your strip test.

May I ask why you want to see a BFP on a FR particularly?

Do you know Doctors use strip tests? (IME anyway).

TTCVickster Fri 28-Dec-18 09:19:49

For me I don’t but it’s so faint I’m not convinced it’s a real positive. I’ve had a chemical in the past and am super wary. I’ve tested with so many other brands and haven’t got anything so law of averages would suggest it’s a no. Also I’m now a week late so I’d imagine any line would be a strong one or not a viable pregnancy going forward if there was a faint one iyswim. My DP does say I’m negative about it though (through sheer fear of having major issues)

Broodyaf Fri 28-Dec-18 09:21:36

Yes it came up as dark as is in that pic within the 3mins. But all the dear tests since have been negative! People say a line is a line... but why have I been having no lines on the dear tests since?
If I’m not pregnant then cheap tests should be banned cos this is just absolutely heart wrenching. When u try for soooo long, get ur hopes up with 2 “BFPS” 2 days in a row, don’t drink over Christmas, ur family start to twig something’s up, and now this?!
Vickster I’m not coping with it. My fiancé is still adamant I’m pregnant. My boobs are sore, swollen and veiny, my tummy is icky, my gut is constantly gurgling really loudly too ??
Vickster are u going to go to the GP saying as ur so late, or are u trying to hold out in case u be made feel like a fool if they tell u ur not pregnant? My cycles lately have been 20-21 days. Today is day 21
(Sorry for the essay!)

Bigonesmallone3 Fri 28-Dec-18 09:23:18

I would never take a cheap test as my definitive answer.. sorry ur goin through this but from the look of the other tests ur not pregnant..

I hope I'm wrong and best of luck

TTCVickster Fri 28-Dec-18 09:23:49

I’m going to give it another week or so unless the doctor craziness has died down and then go and see the doctors but more with the attitude I’m 2 weeks late all the tests are negative wtf is going on. I’m fully expecting them to say something about cysts making periods irregular but I have tracked them and never even been 1 day late so I’m so confused.

Broodyaf Fri 28-Dec-18 09:27:41

@bigones I think ur right but if so, they shouldn’t be allowed to sell those as I’m surely not the only one that would have gotten a false positive from them. Our hormones and emotions are hard enough to cope with atm without this added stress!

Yes Vickster I was about to say about the cysts giving u irregular periods, but as u say, uve been tracking them all and ur always bang on time. If it’s any help, I used to always be 26daya every month, but the past 4-5 cycles have been 20-21, so they can change ... no, I know that’s not help to u 😭

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