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dmo Sun 24-Jun-07 20:44:49

hi just wondered if anybody knew the answer to my queistion?
i had the inplant put in 2 mths ago now about 3 weeks ago i slipped on the childrens dressing up clothes (on a wooden floor) banging my arm so bad it went purple straight away.
it took about 10 days to move my arm again properly
anyway for the past 3 days i have woken up feeling sick and i wondered if i could be pregnant or just have a bug
would a bang to the arm affect the inplant??

i had before the inplant been on the injections for 10yrs with no worries at all (was advised by GP to change as they dont recomment the inhection for longer than 5yrs)

derah Sun 24-Jun-07 21:02:51

I don't think a bang would affect it but maybe phone your GP to check.

peachygirl Sun 24-Jun-07 21:05:30

They can snap and this can affect the release of hormones Does it feel funny like it is mishapen? I would go see you GP or Family planning nurse

dmo Sun 24-Jun-07 21:08:39

i have not looked at it or felt it since i had it put in as i dont really like things like that
might just nip to see the doctor

cant believe this my boys are 10 and 11 now
(dressing up clothes out cause i'm a childminder)

onechild Mon 25-Jun-07 10:53:45

have you had it checked? i used to be able to feel mine easily my sis has a indented strip where she has had hers out.

dmo Mon 25-Jun-07 16:54:15

family planning is open wed night might bob in there if i can

wishingfourgotone Tue 26-Jun-07 18:01:45

just check unless you are after a baby !

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