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Eyes please!

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Nattx Wed 28-Nov-18 11:57:25

9 days late, had bits of brown sticky discharge through out what should of been a period and also one wipe 3/4 days ago was fresh blood (nothing heavy) so I thought my period was starting then nothing!

maybe2018 Wed 28-Nov-18 12:08:01

I can see something!! Try FRER!!! Good luck and keep us updated xxxx

Nattx Wed 28-Nov-18 12:12:41

Yeah this was only a cheap £ one from Asda as I was wasting so much money on tests!
Strange thing is that after the test was complete a few minutes later it disappeared so I don't know if that due to it being a cheap one or what?!
Will get a FR today and test tomorrow morning or a couple of days.
Thank you for your response, I'm praying! 😊🙏

maybe2018 Wed 28-Nov-18 12:41:02

I am praying for you too gorgeous!!!
My fingers are crossed!!!

You could always hold a pee in for 6 hours which is the same as first morning urine!

Nattx Wed 28-Nov-18 14:19:09

Oh I never knew that, is that without drinking any fluids? I hate waiting it feels lile forever so this maybe an option 😆

maybe2018 Wed 28-Nov-18 14:27:14

Yes without drinking any fluids so you don't pee diluted urine smile it worked for me in my last pregnancy!!!! Xxx

BuffaloCauliflower Wed 28-Nov-18 14:27:19

I can definitely see something! And 9 days late sounds pretty promising

BertramKibbler Wed 28-Nov-18 14:27:55

That not clear enough for 9 days late

Chocolatecoffeeaddict Wed 28-Nov-18 14:31:52

Agree with above poster, that is not how a positive should look at 9 days late. If it's possible you have ovulated later this cycle, so therefore not 9 days late, it may still be ok.

MiaTancred Wed 28-Nov-18 14:36:05

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Nattx Wed 28-Nov-18 15:29:24

I have PCOS so my ovulation isn't always on point the day 9 is just from my app. But I'm definitely late for my period just not 100% on how long. What made me test more than anything is the brown sticky discharge that I was getting as I've never had it before. I'm going to try hold my wee in for a couple of hours and reset if not it will be tomorrow morning. I'll keep everyone updated!

Chocolatecoffeeaddict Wed 28-Nov-18 15:44:18

If you're irregular, I'd say it is likely positive then. That's how my first positive with my last pregnancy started out at either 10 or 11dpo. I would wait a couple of days and retest on a First Response if you can.

NamelessEnsign Wed 28-Nov-18 15:50:38

If it disappeared then I’m afraid you had a flooded test. I had the same a few months ago on an Asda test and definitely wasn’t pregnant.

It doesn’t mean you’re not, of course, but if the line didn’t stay it’s just the dye flooding the indent line temporarily.

Nattx Wed 28-Nov-18 15:50:47

Since starting metformin and clomid my periods have regulated alot better than having only 3 a year. I've been on them 5 months now and I've had them every month on time but 2 months back I ovulated a week later than usual whilst taking them so I'm thinking now that maybe of been the case this month too.
I'm hoping the brown discharge was something to do with implantation but I can only hope 🤞

Bigonesmallone3 Wed 28-Nov-18 15:59:01

I'm sorry but I'm struggling to see that.. I have my fingers crossed for u tho..
Keep us updated 🤞🏻

TheSubtleKnifeAndFork Wed 28-Nov-18 16:11:01

It looks flooded to me, rather than positive. I'd take another.

Nattx Wed 28-Nov-18 16:15:05

Yeah I'm going to take another either later tonight if I can hold my wee or tomorrow morning. I didn't wee on the stick I used a cup and dipped the tip in for 5 seconds then put it flat and let it do it's thing

VenusStarr Wed 28-Nov-18 16:21:09

Is that a freedom asda test? I had 2 convincing lines on 2 tests last month (same pot of wee) which showed up immediately but I think they were false, I came on the next day, 2 days early. Put me off using them (and testing early)

Hope this is it for you though flowers

Bigonesmallone3 Wed 28-Nov-18 16:21:16

I would wait til morning for the most obvious result..
Hard as it is..

Nattx Wed 28-Nov-18 16:43:45

Yes Venus it was one of those. I did one 3 days before and it was straight away a negative not like this one.. I have got some FRER and some digital clear blues so will try one each of them tomorrow morning and see what comes back, I'll let use all know and thank you all for the responses 😊

VenusStarr Thu 29-Nov-18 17:41:01

Did you test again?

militarymom Thu 29-Nov-18 17:41:37

Any news? Xxx

Nattx Thu 29-Nov-18 18:17:38

Hi Sorry about the late reply. Unfortunately I wasn't able to test this morning as I woke up and went to the toilet without thinking and by the time I realised it was too late..🙈
I'm going to leave the test on the side in the toilet for tomorrow morning so I don't forget and will let use know!
I have tried holding my wee in today but I can't do it, it makes me need the toilet more 😂

ZackPizzazz Thu 29-Nov-18 18:26:31

That test looks flooded rather than positive, sorry.

Nattx Fri 30-Nov-18 15:42:01

Well went to the toilet last night after a few days clear of the brown sticky discharge and when I wiped there was white cloudy CM with bright pink blood, not alot just basically the same as what happened once when I wiped previously (I did get a photo but not sure if i should post it or not). Any way I thought this was a sign thay my period was coming but this morning and 3 toilet trips later there has been nothing.. I called the ACU that I'm currently under for fertility treatment and explained the situation and they have advised me to hold out an extra day before testing again.
Just clueless as to why I haven't had a period this month as since taking metformin and clomid I've been been just about on point apart from one month I was a week late. I've never had the brown sticky discharge nor ever had bright pink blood one wipe and nothing the next. So confused 😖

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