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new to the hut

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mslucy Fri 22-Jun-07 10:42:20

just to say I'm absolutely loving it. Love the tone of misery, doom, gloom and barren dejectedness.


I'm 36 (ok nearly 37) and do actually have one son (2).

But nothing else seems to be happening despite no contraception for over a year.

I had some tests at a horrible place in harley St last year (cost me a small fortune) which proved there is nothing wrong with me hormonally.

My husband's sperm count is a bit low - in my opinion becuase he drinks and smokes too much and sits on his fat arse all day long.

I have asked him numerous times to control himself - no chance.

We have a hospital appointment next month and I hope they give him a right royal bollocking.

I also have a nagging fear that I have some kind of internal injury caused by giving birth to an enormous baby after an mergency caesarian.

Or maybe I'm just too old - as the Daily Mail keeps saying "fertility drops off a cliff after the age of 35".

welshprincess Fri 22-Jun-07 11:22:24

just saying hello and im a newbie too. so have no idea what im doing. im in work so cant post for long, but welcome.
xxx wp

Cosmogirl Sat 23-Jun-07 14:27:10

Welcome mslucy....sorry to hear you aren't having much luck with ttc at the moment. I hope the hospital appointment provides some answers or clues as to what you and DH can do to speed things along.
One last thing - I wouldn't take any notice of what the Daily Mail says on any subject - least of all women's issues!

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