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December bus ho ho ho

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Chanel05 Mon 05-Nov-18 12:33:11

For those of us determined to get a bfp before end of 2018 and celebrating Christmas without any alcohol!

TTC: no 1
Cycle: 5
Cycle day: 1
AF/BFP due: 4th December

Realitysucks Sat 05-Jan-19 11:11:53

@MrsLBear Af finally arrived yesterday after a 31 day cycle 🤷‍♀️ Now on pre treatment cycle so FX for Feb !

Kaye03 Thu 03-Jan-19 19:02:46

Congrats! So happy for u!😁

MrsLBear Thu 03-Jan-19 18:34:14

@Realitysucks apparently the average LT phase is 14 days so maybe you aren't late as such and just ovulated later?
I would test again tomorrow if I were you as it will give you a very accurate indication. My LT phase is around 15 days I think but like I said I got my BFP 14dpo. Fx for you!!!

Realitysucks Thu 03-Jan-19 18:18:56

@MrsLBear sorry just seen all the info above! I’m 2 days past you. So dpo 14 is tomorrow for me 🤔🤔🤔I wonder if it’s worth testing again tomorrow if still no sign of proper af! I’ve never had it drag on this long usually within 12 hours of noticing Cm AF is in full flow. I convinced DH last night it would be fully here by time I got home today and nothing still just some slight cramping but bad back ache 🙄

Realitysucks Thu 03-Jan-19 18:13:48

@MrsLBear what date did you ovulate? Just out of interest as mine was late this month on cb opk on 20 and 21st December I got peak which were cycle days 17 and 18. Thought AF was here but still not here 😬 just have pink CM since late last night. Not sure what’s going on now 🤷‍♀️

MrsLBear Thu 03-Jan-19 17:42:53

Thank you @Realitysucks. I always thought af was late for no reason but I only o'd on cd22 this cycle so I think my o day just varied from cd14/15 to much later without me realising. So my cycles were always up and down with about a week which is apparently still regular though it's a bloody nuisance!
I did cb digital OPKs and I can't believe how late I o'd this month.

Realitysucks Thu 03-Jan-19 08:01:52

@MrsLBear congratulations, there is hope! I’ve just hoped off jan bus. Af came this morning 5 days late but was a late ovulation on day 17 of cycle so maybe not late at all!

MrsLBear Thu 03-Jan-19 05:01:17

Thanks ladies!! ❤️ still hasn't sunk in!!
Well I o'd 17/18th dec and we DTD last on 16th dec so around then. I felt quite prominent af like symptoms a few days after O which I thought were odd and now looking back must have been things happening. I did a FRER 9dpo and it came back as a solis bfn and then got my strong BFP on 14dpo!! @goldflakepaint

Ashleigh95 Wed 02-Jan-19 13:23:09

What's the September due date thread called? Tia

goldflakepaint Tue 01-Jan-19 13:38:01

@MrsLBear Ah congrats, so pleased for you. All that BDing paid off! Do you have a sense of when you conceived?

Kaye03 Tue 01-Jan-19 09:50:31

Congrats! So happy for u!

saffy347 Tue 01-Jan-19 09:44:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mrss2018 Tue 01-Jan-19 09:27:41

Congratulations @MrsLBear

Lots of happy New Years!

MrsLBear Tue 01-Jan-19 08:15:31

Happy new year ladies!!!

So I got my bfp yday. It won't let me add the image for some reason. Was quite a strong line and then did a cb digital in the evening too and said 1-2 weeks!!
I can't believe it still. Feels so surreal!
Wishing you all the best for 2019 and fx for lots more BFP!!!!

Kaye03 Tue 01-Jan-19 00:21:57

Thank you to everyone for your kind messages. Happy new year. Hope u all get what u wish for xx

Realitysucks Mon 31-Dec-18 22:55:59

So every year I buy these and every year I don’t eat them. Ok so maybe I just need the salt or maybe 😘😬😬😬

mussie Mon 31-Dec-18 14:41:41

@mrss2018 I can definitely see that line! Congrats! And congrats @Kaye03 What a lovely start to 2019 for you both smile

Realitysucks Mon 31-Dec-18 14:15:32

@kaye03 congratulations! Really pleased some good news for you !

mrss2018 Mon 31-Dec-18 14:11:28

@Kaye03 yay!!! How exciting!! Congratulations!! X

Kaye03 Mon 31-Dec-18 14:02:35

I can see a line. Congrats! Hope u get ur darker line tmrw 😁
I did cb digital today. Got pregnant

mrss2018 Mon 31-Dec-18 13:32:52

I@saffy347 jm not 100% as I didn't get a static smiley- so between 8 and 10 I estimate...will have to see how the line progress in the next few days!

saffy347 Mon 31-Dec-18 13:28:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mrss2018 Mon 31-Dec-18 13:12:07

It's a bit clearer in B&W

mrss2018 Mon 31-Dec-18 13:10:39

@saffy347 of is a squinter though....

saffy347 Mon 31-Dec-18 13:06:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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