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December bus ho ho ho

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Chanel05 Mon 05-Nov-18 12:33:11

For those of us determined to get a bfp before end of 2018 and celebrating Christmas without any alcohol!

TTC: no 1
Cycle: 5
Cycle day: 1
AF/BFP due: 4th December

Seahawk80 Sat 17-Nov-18 11:51:56

Hi all, hopping onboard if that's ok!
TTC2 (DS is 16 months)
Cycle 4 (1&2 we were both ill around FW and totally missed #3 as DH was away for 2 weeks right over FW! So this is hopefully our first cycle giving it some effort!
AF / BFP due 19 dec (also my birthday!)
I've been taking metformin for PCOS, it worked after a couple of months with DS and my cycles have got more regular so I'm hoping it's been working it's magic for the last few months and this is the one! After DH being away last month we've got a week off and a child free night away this FW so I'm feeling hopeful. I'm 38 soon so am conscious that we need to get a move on, although I don't feel ready for 2!

Looking forward to getting to know everyone and fingers crossed for a booze free Xmas for all!

bonfirelatte Sat 17-Nov-18 15:13:49

Hello lovelies,

May I join?

Cycle 6

No joy so far, hoping for some festive luck. Myself and DP are only together 3 days of my fertile days but hoping we'll be lucky.

Best of luck to you all xx

Azure83 Sat 17-Nov-18 15:21:29

Hello everyone, tentatively joining in..


I've had a mc at 8wks at the end of Oct, hoping the period will be back soon, just in time to ttc at Christmas. The one time in my life I'm actually WISHING for a period!

Ds1 was conceived so soon after coming off the pill and the the pregnancy was so easy that I didn't expect it to be any different second time round..

Wishing everyone luck!

stroan Sat 17-Nov-18 16:11:35

Can I join?

AF arrived today after a few faint lines on cheap tests. Feeling a bit sorry for myself but trying to stay positive as my cycle seems to be getting slightly more regular.

TTC: #2
Cycle: 3
CD 1
AF/BFP due: who knows!

stroan Sat 17-Nov-18 16:11:49

Oh, and good luck to everyone!

mussie Sun 18-Nov-18 18:19:26

Hi all. I'm jumping on the bus a bit late. I thought I'd be on the November bus, but ovulated a little late so will be into December.

Age - 27
TTC #1
Cycle 5
Due - December 2nd

Had a mc in October, this is the first cycle trying since then. I think whether it's AF or BFP, it's going to be pretty emotional.

Had a positive OPK yesterday and a temp drop today. Unfortunately we were only able to DTD on Friday and then we've been apart, but hopefully that will be enough. Would be lovely to be pregnant for Christmas! Planning to test on December 3rd I reckon, if no sign of AF by then. Best of luck all.

Crazycactuslady Sun 18-Nov-18 20:21:54

Oooooo I'm on this one (just). Fingers crossed this time my best friend has had a bfp and it'd be awesome to bring up kids of the same age. I've put off having kids for a career I then left for personal reasons. 2 years ago I had a LLETZ to remove pre cancerous cells from my cervix, so scared this is going to take more time than expected as a result.

TTC: no 1
Cycle: 5
AF/BFP due: 1st December

bunhead34 Sun 18-Nov-18 20:57:49

Hi all, can I aboard the December bus?
AF arrived today to I'm off the November bus 😭

TTC #1
Cycle no.5
CD 1

Oh well, at least there's a chance of a Xmas baby 🎅

Whowouldhavethoughtit Sun 18-Nov-18 20:59:41

Hiya please can I join in!?

Ttc #1
Cycle 3
At due 27th November

Our first couple of cycles I think we missed ovulation. On my ovulation date I think I get a huge sudden rush of cm. But I haven't had it this month. We've done it every other day for nearly 2 weeks now with the help of conception lube so fingers crossed.

I've really got my hopes up about telling our family at Christmas. I even though about giving people a hand made bauble with "baby (surname) due 2019". I know I probably shouldn't get my hopes up like that but I really can't help myself.
We have decided that if we aren't successful this month we are taking a month off so we can enjoy Christmas and the busy festive period without worrying about ovulation.

Fingers and toes crossed for all of us!

Syncope Sun 18-Nov-18 22:18:14

Hello all, jumping on if that's OK?

TTC #1
Cycle: 3 (well it's the third since my cycles settled down after coming off the pill...)
Cycle day: 10
AF/BFP due: 11th December

Have a feeling this won't be our month, as I'm away with work for several days around the time I'm due to ovulate, but you never know!

Wishing everyone lots of luck.

Crossfitgirl Sun 18-Nov-18 23:07:34

Hey guys, I'm on this one, last chance for some wonderful Christmas news... just moved house into a big family home, just the 2 of us rattling around until we can fill it with babies... I want this month to be my month SO badly 😓

Cycle 8
CD 15
AF / BFP due 2nd December, feels like ages away!

bunhead34 Mon 19-Nov-18 09:24:59

Has anyone tried acupuncture?
I might try it this month. If it's not too pricey?!

bunhead34 Mon 19-Nov-18 09:26:39

@Crossfitgirl I know the feeling, I'm about to move into a bigger place next week 😭
At least the cat can have her own room for a while 😂

MrsP4 Mon 19-Nov-18 10:56:29

Hi ladies, help needed please would you say I ovulated on Sunday (Yesterday) first month I've tracked properly so not sure, I've woken up today with sore/sensitive nipples and that's a sign that ovulation has happened so I checked again this morning and negative OPK we DTD thurs, sat and Sunday so hoping we're in with a shot! FX for all or Christmas BFP's

Louise071 Mon 19-Nov-18 12:01:17

Hi! Can I join in please? smile

Cycle: 3
Cycle day: 1

No idea when AF/BFP will be due as I have irregular cycles due to PCOS! Hopefully will get that BFP in time for Christmas! Going to try do ovulation tests this cycle, have just been going with the flow so far!

mussie Mon 19-Nov-18 12:14:47

@MrsP4 that sounds right to me. You would normally ovulate within 12-36 hours of a positive, so if you had the positive yesterday afternoon then a negative this morning, you must have ovulated between then and now! And that sounds like you're in with a very good chance, good luck ☺️

unicornxo Mon 19-Nov-18 12:16:15

Can I join please?

TTC # 1 (two MMC this year and caught first month with both)
Cycle day # 13

Had one cycle since my last MMC so feeling so determined to try again.

MrsP4 Mon 19-Nov-18 12:43:39

@mussie Thank you! Now the dreaded TWW begins again 🙈

Hola1234 Mon 19-Nov-18 17:54:56

@bunhead34 im starting acupuncture this week! I was going to give it until Xmas weekly and then see what I think. Its not cheap, about £50 a session for me. So may go down to twice monthly is I see benefits.

WildFlower2018 Mon 19-Nov-18 18:46:48

@Crossfitgirl @bunhead34 we've also just moved into our "family home". We have lots of furniture to buy and rooms to decorate but I don't care about any of those! I just can't wait to transform the spare room from dumping ground to nursery 😁😁😁

unicornxo Tue 20-Nov-18 12:28:01

@MrsP4 I have joined you in the TWW now too. Are you going to use a FRER or just wait for AF day?

MrsP4 Tue 20-Nov-18 12:38:48

Yay! @unicornxo Glad I have someone to help keep me sane 😂 AF due between 3rd and 5th Dec think I will wait until the 3rd And rest with FMU what about you?

unicornxo Tue 20-Nov-18 12:43:58

@MrsP4 I was thinking the same. It's going to be a long two weeks 😂 my AF is due 5th December I'm going to try and wait. Both times I've been pregnant previously (ended in MMC) I've had period pain a week before and then got BFP.. So we will see 🤞

MrsP4 Tue 20-Nov-18 13:22:16

@unicornxo Ah sorry to hear about that got everything crossed for you for this month! Hope the next two weeks fly past for us!

Hangingtrousers Tue 20-Nov-18 13:26:47


TTC dc#3 (!)
Cycle one... Next ovulating weekend 1st December.

Good luck ladies

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