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How long until your first period after stopping pill?

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Scarletrose18 Sat 03-Nov-18 22:19:43

Hi, I have stopped my mini pill and waiting for my first AF.

Just wondering if previously on the pill, how long you have waited until your first period arrived?

hoping2018 Sat 03-Nov-18 23:08:24

28 days

MrsDash Sun 04-Nov-18 06:56:20

Almost 4 months for me. Then my cycle was 6 weeks and is slowly getting shorter. Currently on 34 days after 10 months. My cousin also took 4 months before her first proper period.

I always like to reply to these questions as mine took longer than expected, longer than the GP suggested it would, and whilst it’s not typical it can easily happen. Obviously it varies a lot from woman to woman.

Lots of luck.

Scarletrose18 Sun 04-Nov-18 07:37:58

Woah thats a long time to settle @Mrsdash

Good to know though if it does take longer to return that its still normal. Hoping it behaves itself and returns quickly smile

Chanel05 Sun 04-Nov-18 08:03:42

35 days

becca3210 Sun 04-Nov-18 08:03:43

36 days for me. I know it can vary a lot between people.

Seablueeyes Sun 04-Nov-18 10:26:54

Mine never returned to normal before I fell pregnant! Had a withdrawal bleed, then a 37 day cycle, then a 20 day cycle, then a 97 day cycle then a 57 day cycle then realised on day 86 of last cycle that I was 4 weeks pregnant! X

mrsof20118 Sun 04-Nov-18 11:17:06

I had a bleed around two weeks after x

user1493413286 Sun 04-Nov-18 11:17:58

6 weeks for me

RonBurgundyspanpipe Sun 04-Nov-18 11:24:50

6 months but got pg after first period. I studied lots of forums as this was not what you're told when you go on the pill but lots of other women experience this. That was the combined pill btw.

tinydancer88 Sun 04-Nov-18 11:30:53

4-5 months. 11 months on from stopping the pill, my cycles are very long (30-40 days). Slowly they are shortening and settling into a more regular pattern, and I am getting more consistent signs when I might be ovulating/when my period is due. I'm not trying to get pregnant so it's not a problem for me, but apparently this is within the scope of normal.

MrsDash Sun 04-Nov-18 13:38:54

@tinydancer88 wow, so similar to me. I know it’s not unusual but it does make me feel better to hear of women with similar experiences. I went 4 months no af, then 6 weeks. I’m now down to 34 days, 10 months post pill.

Pastaallday Sun 04-Nov-18 13:45:35

I am also on around 7 weeks since I stopoed the pill and no period yet. I do worry but I know realistically I need to wait at least another month or two before I do as it's normal to be inconsistent.
It's annoying though as we were planning on TTC from Jan so really hope it starts before then. Also using opks to see if I'm ovulating.

Kayr87 Sun 04-Nov-18 16:03:24

I’ve been on Microgynon since I was 18, (I’m nearly 31), the dr has recently changed my prescription to Desogestrel as I was having continuous headaches....basically I have taken one pack and decided to stop taking the’s been over a week since I had the last pill and I haven’t had a this normal??

Pastaallday Sun 04-Nov-18 16:37:00

@Kayr87 is it a mini pill? I'm guessing with your previous pill you had your withdrawel bleed each month. When I came off the pill I had my withdrawel bleed after a few days but if yours is a mini pill it might be different.

Kayr87 Sun 04-Nov-18 16:47:02

It’s a progesterone only pill...whereas I was on combined pill before and always had a withdrawal bleed...I had only taken 1 packet though so thought I would have a bleed similar to when I was on my other pill?!

Pastaallday Sun 04-Nov-18 17:35:09

@Kayr87 what I've learnt the past few weeks is everyone really is very different and one person might manage a period right away or some (like me) might still be waiting for their period to come! Are you TTC? As obv you cpudlget pregnant technically striaght away.

MazDazzle Sun 04-Nov-18 17:38:57

It didn’t.

I released an egg and conceived immediately after I came off the mini-pill. And here was me patiently waiting for my period to arrive so I could start trying!

Kayr87 Sun 04-Nov-18 17:45:51

@pastaallday no not ttc yet, wanted to come off the pill a few months before trying was just worried that I should have had a bleed...thanks for your answers x

Pastaallday Sun 04-Nov-18 17:50:04

@Kayr87 I think you did the right thing. I had the same idea - we want to start TTC beginning of Jan and I can off mid Sept. So glad I did now to give my body time to sort itself out which it obviously needs confused just hope I do get my periods soon.

museumum Sun 04-Nov-18 17:52:22

It took three months for me.
But then I conceived the following month.

Monipop84 Sun 04-Nov-18 18:05:05

I had to wait more than 2 months for the first "bleed" and a good 5 months for the first real period! Crazy huh? It really put me off going on the pill again. My sex drive increased, I feel less depressed, and much healthier in general now I am not taking hormones anymore...

BeckyG86 Sun 04-Nov-18 18:27:26

I don’t know whether this helps, but before I was on the pill it was usual for me to be about 5 days late for my period, once it was 6 days late and occasionally it would be 3-4 days late, but more often than not it was about 5 days late on average. I did come off the pill for a couple of months a couple of years ago and I virtually went back to that straight away, however I did find that I had some bleeding/discharge mid-cycle for the first month or two. I plan to come off the pill again after this next pack so will see if the same thing happens this time.

jq28 Sun 04-Nov-18 18:38:54

About 5 weeks I think!

Pastaallday Sun 04-Nov-18 18:49:29

@museumum that gives me some hope. I really hope that happens to me! Will be about 3 months by end if December. Did you start to worry or do anything differently during those 3 months? Also this may be a stupid question but do you think you ovulated during those 3 months?

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