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How successful are ovulation tests?

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archiesmummy Sat 16-Jun-07 15:45:03

I'm looking for some advise, please.

We have now been trying for 2nd DC for 4-5 months (I know it's early days still but feel a bit impatients because of my age) and I always end up getting AF.

Are the ovulation tests worth it? What are your experiences?

I have heard a few people say the tests never showed anything but they became pg anyway.

What do you all think?

pinkrangerstartstowaddle Sat 16-Jun-07 16:02:19

i think that everyone had different experiences with the Test, I was trying for 3 months then used Clear blue Dig and fell pg ( sadly lost that pg at 10 weeks 0 but did use them again when i started trying again, i knew my cycle was messed up and it was still saying on day 22 that i hadn't Ov so we did it on day 23,24,25 just in case and i fell pg that month, currently 31 weeks!

archiesmummy Sat 16-Jun-07 16:45:47

Congrats pink and thanx

tinbus Tue 19-Jun-07 15:40:22

mmm been also thinking of getting a packet, i've seen a few people got boots or the clear blue one's.
i think the only diff's is the price, so if nothing happens this time i'll will be most getting one of them..

PBirdy Wed 20-Jun-07 14:30:57

They didn't work for me. I found it really hard to go to the loo at the same time each day as well - holding it until POAS time was torture.

Some people swear by them though.

Good luck!

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