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On a scale of 1 to 10....where 1 is No Chance and 10 is Buy a Pram...where am I ?

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Thinking Fri 08-Jun-07 22:22:30

I have very irregularly bleeds due to breastfeeding, so I am not 100% sure where I am at in my cycle.

I am around CD36 today, of a usual 28/30 days cycle but I am wondering if a serious illness this month could have delayed my ovulation by a week or so....which would make me around 8/9 DPO.

I think I ovulated late, as I had 2 days of EWCM and I was horny as hell (sorry TMI ) Does that sound right for ovulation?

I now feel pregnant, I am very tired, very hungry, moody and weeing a lot. Tested today just in case and got a BFN.

Have I got a chance of being pregnant (i.e. Could my ovulation be over a week later than usual) or am I just kidding myself.

Any advice welcome.

Thinking Sat 09-Jun-07 10:04:47


kittylette Sat 09-Jun-07 10:06:57

if you were 8/9 dpo when you tested then you could well still be pregnant,

when i was TTC DS2 i tester dpo 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11, 12 and all negative

i then tested dpo 13 and it ws positive,

good luck

Nemo2007 Sat 09-Jun-07 10:09:39

there is always a chance Personally would wait another 2/3 days then retest. I was 9dpo when I got a pos with DD1 but it was very very faint and showed on 2 out of 4 tests. [I was very]

Nemo2007 Sat 09-Jun-07 10:09:40

there is always a chance Personally would wait another 2/3 days then retest. I was 9dpo when I got a pos with DD1 but it was very very faint and showed on 2 out of 4 tests. [I was very]

Thinking Sat 09-Jun-07 10:18:30

Wait 2/3 days !!! Wish I could be that patient

So it is possible that I ovulated later than normal then ?

I am using internet cheapy test stripes just to keep me another BFN this morning but it is not over until AF shows. I think if I haven't started by Monday then I'll pick up a proper test from Boots.

Nemo2007 Sat 09-Jun-07 10:21:29

it is possible your ov signs are definetly whatr I usually get

Thinking Sat 09-Jun-07 10:27:51

Nemo, You tested 4 times a day !?!

Nemo2007 Sat 09-Jun-07 10:29:44

psml I just knew I was pg so I tested got a v v v v faint pos, so then waited till dh got up to test again which came up neg and he said he couldnt see the pos on the other one. So I then tested again to another v v v v v vfaint pos which he said was neg so I sent him to buy a clearblue digi which said Obviously was as DD1 is now 17mths

Thinking Sat 09-Jun-07 10:39:58

I 'know' I am pregnant again (Gosh won't I look a fool if AF arrives now )

I feel pregnant, I'm getting up twice a night in addition to feeding baby just to wee.

I am eating a lot more and I am eating 4/5 apples a day. I can't stop eating apples. (I have been though 2 packs in the last few days) My normal apple consumption is 1 every 2/3 days. I have gone off beer/wine like I did last time I was expecting.

I might send DH out for a FRER test, as I reckon I'm too early to get a positive on a digital...but I got a weak BFP with a FRER at 9DPO with my DD.

I know it is properly a waste of money and I should really wait it out.

Thinking Sun 10-Jun-07 08:27:54

Another BFN today and still no AF, lets see what happens tomorrow

Thinking Mon 11-Jun-07 10:39:32

BFN again...I thought I saw a faint line on this mornings test but I am not sure enough to call it a BFP and I tried a second test just now and that is definate BFN but that wasn't using first wee of the day.

So now I have cramps in my leg at night to go with my cramps.

I just want a BFP or my AF, so I know were I am up to.

Oh well, wait until tomorrow and test again...I reckon tomorrow will be around 12 DPO

Wish me luck

anniemac Mon 11-Jun-07 10:45:29

Message withdrawn

NappyValley Mon 11-Jun-07 22:00:48

Thinking - how stressful for you.
I was 1 week late OV when I was TTC DS. I had a cold and it delayed my OV.

You never know. will be watching to see what happens.

Thinking Tue 12-Jun-07 07:55:46

Thanks Ladies

Another BFN this morning

I both still have some pregnancy symptoms (tired, hungry, crampy, dizzy if I get up quickly, feel pregnant etc) but I am starting to think they must be AF symptoms judging by the BFN's.

Oh well I'll retest tomorrow 13DPO just in case, it isn't over until AF shows.

Thinking Wed 13-Jun-07 08:47:02

Another BFN this morning but my temp (which has remained well above the coverline) went up by 3 squares (0.3) and I got up three times last night to wee plus I had a very bad sharp pain last night which dissapeared yet no AF followed.

The BFN does not bother me, I never got a BFP on the cheapy tests last time either, hence it might be too early for a BFP on them. So I have asked my DH to pick up a FRER on his way home which I will do tomorrow on 14 DPO.

Wish me luck

mum03 Wed 13-Jun-07 09:34:32

Thinking - still looking good for you then, really hope you get your bfp tomorrow...

Thinking Wed 13-Jun-07 10:09:34


NappyValley Wed 13-Jun-07 19:33:37

How are you doning Thinking? Af arrived and feeling low or still playing waiting game. Hope U R ok.

Thinking Wed 13-Jun-07 20:28:08

NappyValley, Thanks for your post, I'm just waiting. No AF, no BFP...I'm still in limbo land

I have ordered a pregnancy test (well pack of two) to arrive with the Tesco shopping order between 9 and 11am tomorrow, so I'll have another update then (unless AF arrives before then.

Thinking Thu 14-Jun-07 11:29:33


Bloody stupid Clear Blue and blood stupid me for ordering the +/- test instead of the digital version.

So I have spent the last 5 minutes trying to figure out if the pale blue line which appeared on the test is a faint positive or an evaporation line

It is very faint, I think it is blue. I tried to take a picture of it but my camera battery failed and my attempts to use my DH's camera were fuzzy and I can't retrieve the pictures..ahhrrr

I am still crampy...still no AF and I'm counting this test as a negative.

I'll try again tomorrow (assuming AF stays away)and this time I'll take a picture straight away with my newly charged camera, so I can bother my DH about the colour of faint lines on pee sticks when he returns home from a long day at work. He'll love that

NappyValley Thu 14-Jun-07 12:14:05

Thinking I feel your stress!

Last spet my cycle suddenly shifted from 31 days to 38. FOr days I was thinking "mmm pregnant?? don't feel pregnant. Do a test - BFN. WHERE IS MY BLOODY PERIOD" pardon the pun.

So big hugs. I am a firm believer (contry to many TTCers) that a v faint line that requires that much pondering is definately a negative. If you can wait until saturday, you should get a definate YES, if it was a faint positive. Also make sure you use first morning mid stream pee. Oh what a delightful conversation!!!

I love the idea of the digital photo though. I have to confess those digital ones are a blessing, but really expensive. I have only indulged once. Now I use cheapest possible - although they usually take more amount of HGC (is that the right hormone) to get a positive result!

Hang in there hopefully with your sanity intact!!

myjobismum Thu 14-Jun-07 12:27:40

can't imagine how crazy u must be going!
luckily when I was ttc i got a bfp straight away when AF 9days overdue! used clearblue digital - only took 20secs (even though they say 3 mintues!) hope to hear how you get on soon - good luck!

Thinking Thu 14-Jun-07 12:45:09

Last time I got a positive at 10DPO with a digital test, I much prefered that to all this waiting.

So I'm better off not testing tomorrow and retesting on Saturday with first morning wee (how lovely)?

Well, that way I simply have to kick my DH out of bed to inspect soggy wee stick, which I think is an advantage

Plus with the cramping I am having if AF is going to show, it is likely to happen pretty soon, today or tomorrow.

OK, If AF arrives I'll post an update otherwise I'll test again on Saturday...wish me luck staying away from the test kit until then.

tigerschick Thu 14-Jun-07 12:51:23

Oh god - poor you. Being in limbo is a nightmare.

Fingers crossed for Saturday

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