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Which clinic to choose? I need help...

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AEFEMERA Sat 11-Aug-18 18:51:25

Hello ladies:

I was referred by my GP for a second opinion on the NHS, after having a a really bad experience at Guy's ACU.

Out of the three choices I have, it's seems a that I can't come to a conclusion on which one I should go for, I have Assisted Conception (ART) at King's Fertility, Reproductive Medicine & Subfertility also at King's College and One Stop Fertility Clinic at UCLH.

I've been googling like crazy trying to understand which one has better success rates or where I can find clearer reviews but it's all a bit uncertain.

I'm reaching out to all of you that had treatment or experiences in any of these 3 options to give me your feedback. Just want to make sure that this time around, I speak to a professional and caring doctor.

Thank you!

Llanali Sat 11-Aug-18 19:27:34

Sorry you are struggling. This might be better in the “infertility” board, as many ladies in there have experience of this.

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