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TTC no.3 after miscarriage

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Lollipops28 Sat 11-Aug-18 01:31:37

Hi everyone,

I'm seriously struggling at the moment. We fell pg in Jan but had a miscarriage around 7 weeks. We've been trying ever since but every month its getting harder. I have PCOS and it took 2.5 years to conceive our first and 3 months to conceive our second. The third was a very happy not so much 'planned' but expected surprise as we hadn't been using protection. Every month I get my period I feel totally let down by my body yet again. I keep hoping for a positive but nothing. My SIL has just announced she's pregnant and due her 12 week scan when our baby should have been due. Im so happy for them but feel so sorry for myself. Tried to speak to hubby but he thinks I'm just crazy. Any advice on how to cope would be greatly appreciated. I had a few pregnancy symptoms this month but I've just started my period. I'm absolutely gutted we have to keep TTC sad

EverythingNow Sat 11-Aug-18 11:16:00

Hi @lollipops28, so sorry for your loss. I'm in a similar position in that we've been trying for #4 for just over a year now. I got a bfp in April but lost it soon afterwards and nothing since. I have found the months after really hard as I heard about post loss surge in fertility, which I need at my age!!, and so was full of hope it would happen again.

I'm not sure I have any advice, I am fine with other people being pregnant, although I am envious of other people getting bfp quickly though.

I thought the hard part was getting dh to agree ha!

Ells0204 Sun 12-Aug-18 13:54:54

I feel for you OP flowers I had a MC at about 6 weeks in April and I have had nothing but BFNs ever since and this month particularly when AF showed up I was mortified as I really thought it was my month! I had all the symptoms and I was even on holiday and spotted a beautiful fountain and when I looked a little closer the statues were all pregnant women and breastfeeding women and call me crazy but I totally took it as a sign! There was no way I couldn’t be pregnant. AF showed up a few days later.
On to August now, well done you for cracking on but I know how you feel. TTC really takes it out of you sad I just want to be pregnant!!! Xx

Dreamydaisy Sun 12-Aug-18 22:52:25

Sorry for your losses.

I have a similar story. We are trying to conceive #3, we fell in april but sadly miscarried at 7 weeks. Have been trying since but no luck. Each month I put more and more pressure on myself and my heart breaks everyone my AF arrives. The same time I had my miscarriage in april my little sister gave birth to her daughter. I'm having to watch her grown and bond with her when everytime I see her I'm reminded of what happened on her birth day. It's hard but my time will come as will all of yours. Just got to stay positive, although its easier said then done.

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