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Implant! Advice

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BigTWDFan Tue 07-Aug-18 12:41:43

I currently have implant in, but booked for removal on Thursday as i want to try for another baby. Had it in and out before and didn't need a beforehand discussion, we had a 15 minute talk and then i had it removed... only when i rang up to book it, the woman said its for a discussion beforehand and then they'll book for me to have it out later.
Has anyone else had to have a discussion weeks before having it out? Or do you think its what they need to say and they'll take it out that day?
So confused right now

Bouncer4me Tue 07-Aug-18 13:26:06

When I had mine out on the 3rd July I just had the one appointment where she asked me a load of questions and then she took it out straight after.

BigTWDFan Tue 07-Aug-18 14:29:53

Thats what i'm hoping for again. But my friend went to have it taken and she had one for a discussion and one for the implant to be taken out. This is why i got confused.

Bouncer4me Tue 07-Aug-18 16:31:29

That is weird I suppose it might be to give you a chance to change your mind. God knows with doctors eh 😀

Kakamora Tue 07-Aug-18 16:41:25

I had to book to remove but it happened that day.

BigTWDFan Tue 07-Aug-18 18:35:56

I'll soon find out, i also found it weird over phone when woman said it. Just hope 9t does get taken out Thursday, hard getting in when you have to work it around kids and husband

BigTWDFan Fri 10-Aug-18 14:44:52

Well i went yesturday, and it was meant ti be a 5 minute assessment with questions that you get askes when going for one being put in. She asked me what day next week or week after i can come back to have it out. I told her its taken a few week for my husband to have yesturday off or do an early to have kids as he has to work certain days and hours. I also said i might not be able to come until next month because i have a lot on. She left the room and 5 mins later a different woman came back to say she'll do ot there and then.
No idea if its everywhere now, but i was told around where i live, thats how it is now, assessment first then another book in for it being out in/out.

Bouncer4me Sat 11-Aug-18 07:28:58

I’m glad you got it out that day 😀

IVEgotthePOWER Sat 11-Aug-18 07:31:30

How strange. I had mine out in March, just one appointment. Two seems wasteful on nhs!

twiglet Sat 11-Aug-18 07:38:37

It depends on when you had it put in they are pretty expensive to install so they like to make sure you are removing it for the right reasons. Some people also really don't get on with it but there are things that they can try before removing hence the discussion. I'm surprised when you said that it was to ttc that they didn't just agree but many practices also only have 1-2 people trained in installation and removal.

My practice you have to have the nurse and trained Dr trying to coordinate an appointment with both was a nightmare

IVEgotthePOWER Sat 11-Aug-18 07:40:15

Tbh my doctors surgery dont do implants at all. I had to go to sexual health clinic for mine!

BigTWDFan Sat 11-Aug-18 20:39:35

Mine was a sexual health clinic too, i also thought it was a waste of time on the NHS.
Had it in 2 years and made it clear over phone that i wanted it out, but hey its out :D

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