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Anyone around 9 dpo?

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lavenderlove Sun 29-Jul-18 19:00:47

Hi wondering if anyone is around 9dpo and wants to join me for the agonising wait? I'm trying to hold off from testing until at least 12dpo but it's so hard! I've never obsessed over something so much and I'm only on my 2nd cycle sad

Lubilu28 Sun 29-Jul-18 19:27:03

I’m 3dpo and I’m going mad already and this is only my first cycle 🙈 I’m trying to wait till 12dpo but I don’t know how I’m going to manage it!!

spottypyjamas Sun 29-Jul-18 19:40:49

I'm 6po and for some reason decided to just test this afternoon. Why? I really can't answer that as I know perfectly well it is pretty much impossible (if not completely impossible) to get a bpf today. Sigh. Gave in! Will aim to wait u til 10dpo now and I know realistically I won't wait any more than that!

sunshine1987 Sun 29-Jul-18 19:58:21

I'm 8 but not holding out much hope as have no signs what so ever, ah well, always next month smile

lavenderlove Sun 29-Jul-18 20:19:05

It's awful isn't it @Lubilu28! Time seems to go so slowly!!

lavenderlove Sun 29-Jul-18 20:22:01

Oh god I know exactly what you mean @spottypyjamas you're not alone! I tested last night with a test that isn't even designed to pick up pregnancy early, and I didn't even use my morning wee! Knew it would be negative but couldn't help myself!

lavenderlove Sun 29-Jul-18 20:22:54

@sunshine1987 good luck! I wish I had your attitude, I want everything to happen straight away haha

sunshine1987 Sun 29-Jul-18 20:45:53

@lavenderlove this is only my second cycle, trying to not to get too stressed as I was convinced last month and was really upset when I got a negative so trying to do the opposite. Think I've just convinced myself it'll take a while so I'm not getting my hopes up? I was the complete opposite last month lol

Bellafreud Sun 29-Jul-18 21:15:26

I’m 10dpo and had stayed strong but lost the willpower tonight and did an IC, not particularly concentrated hold. Convinced myself it was a squinter until I put it through an app to invert the colours and have concluded I’m imagining it! SIGH

lavenderlove Sun 29-Jul-18 21:44:04

@sunshine1987 it's my second cycle too and like you I was upset last month as well. I seem to have ramped the stress up more this month though by using OPK's and thinking about nothing else! Going to have to have a word with myself if it doesn't happen this month as like you say it could take a while

lavenderlove Sun 29-Jul-18 21:47:42

@Bellafreud if you saw something that could be promising, good luck! It's so difficult not to test but hopefully we can be strong until AF is a day late (probably won't happen)

sunshine1987 Sun 29-Jul-18 21:52:41

@lavenderlove sending you lots of luck, hope this month is yours smile

Akasia Sun 29-Jul-18 22:16:20

I'm such a mess, 7 DPO and been testing from 3 DPO blush completely lost the plot this cycle!

Bellafreud Mon 30-Jul-18 07:35:43

I wasn’t imagining it!!

sunshine1987 Mon 30-Jul-18 07:55:52

@Bellafreud congratulations! That's a strong positive

lavenderlove Mon 30-Jul-18 11:25:09

Thank you @sunshine1987 and to you too! smile

lavenderlove Mon 30-Jul-18 11:25:42

Aw god @Akasia think we're all the same! What cycle are you on?

lavenderlove Mon 30-Jul-18 11:26:53

Woooo! @Bellafreud congratulations!! So pleased for you. Are you 11dpo today then? You're making me want to go out and buy more tests! Haha

sachabloom Mon 30-Jul-18 11:59:07

@lavenderlove you're the same as me! I'm struggling! Did a test this morning at 9DPO.. negative of course!

Had really bad cramping for 5 days now but no bleeding.

I expect I am out for this month tbh xx

harrydoesntmind Mon 30-Jul-18 13:09:13

Hi @lavenderlove, I'm on 8dpo and absolutely out of my mind symptom spotting... this is our first cycle, god knows how people do this month in month out! So tempted to test but know it will only come back negative.... so hard!

lavenderlove Mon 30-Jul-18 16:13:39

@sachabloom why do we do it to ourselves! Haha. And the cramping may be a good sign, you're not out yet!

bethpotter145 Mon 30-Jul-18 16:34:34

im on day 9! and its killing me not to test! im feeling so sick and got really sore boobs also did the cervix test and they are really high and soft af is due in four days!

lavenderlove Mon 30-Jul-18 20:09:57

@bethpotter145 I feel sick and have sore boobs too really hope it's a good sign! I'm 10dpo and going to test tomorrow because I can't wait any longer!

Squ1ggle Mon 30-Jul-18 20:19:17

Hi everyone, first cycle trying here and doing my best to pick up the lingo! 12 dpo today, gave in and tested at 10 dpo which was negative and I was stupidly disappointed. We conceived ds first cycle so although I told myself we were never going to be so lucky second time, I couldn't help getting my hopes up.

Squ1ggle Mon 30-Jul-18 20:20:02

Congratulations Bella

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