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Trying To Conceive ... 9

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BeckiF Tue 17-Aug-04 10:07:08

Darling Ladies ... I wish us all luck on this new thread (especially me!) ... I hope that we have the same great amount of graduates that the last thread had!

So, group hug and let's get to it! Wooo Wooooo!!!!

Tania2 Tue 17-Aug-04 10:18:09

Great first msg BeckiF. Lots and lots of babydust in this thread. Good luck everyone
Stats: CD11 i think i ov on CD9 not giving it much this month kinda over it all need a break.

nannyjayne Tue 17-Aug-04 10:18:34

Hi could i join this thread? I am waiting to have my 2nd go at donor ivf although it won't be till middle of september. It would be nice to chat to someone

MrsFogi Tue 17-Aug-04 10:59:57

I'll join (again - I was on ttc8 and had such high hopes which, yet again, have been dashed). I'm on CD22 (no sign of ovulation yet and take it there won't be this month). Am having a crap day as I've received new contact details for a friend who's going on mat leave this week + pictures from another friend of her new baby (I am pleased from them but have to admit that constantly being reminded that the majority of my friends are pg/have babies gets me down). Only good thing in all this is that my wonderful dh is extremely obliging and is happy to bd on demand + take all the vit pills I line up for him.

Piffleoffagus Tue 17-Aug-04 11:02:04

buggeroonies I was going to try and start this! So that I could get the babydust extra strong that the first poster gets!!!!
I'm yawn on cd 4, if I am counting right, still got the af anyway so on day 4 of her visit.
Moving house in 3 weeks, would be handy excuse to get out of carrying heavy stuff at the very least!
good luck everyone...

BeckiF Tue 17-Aug-04 11:04:28

I understand the envy of everyone else that has babies or is pg, but it shouldn't deter us in our quest!

My stats are CD 300 and something, desperately ttc 1st child, awaiting IVF but so badly want to do it the natural way.

Twiga Tue 17-Aug-04 11:08:48

Hi everyone, I'm coming across too! Welcome to nannyjayne, and MrsFogi sorry you're having a bad day {{hugs{}}}.

Stats: CD4, trying for first baby, had mc last month, hoping it'll not be too long!

Tania2 Tue 17-Aug-04 11:11:07

Welcome nannyjayne. good luck with the ivf hope your 2nd time lucky. this is a great place to chat everyone is so supportive. sorry to hear mrsfogi that the last thread wasn't lucky for you either. well maybe we will all get lucky on this one. I know what you mean about everyone else seems to be having babies. with me everyone is having their 2nd babies i have been ttc #2 since xmas. Hope i wont be left out! Good luck for this month Piffleoffagus. Babydust and cyber hugs all round.

MrsFogi Tue 17-Aug-04 11:14:15

Forgot the rest of my stats - ttc no 1, had m/c in June, ttc for 1 yr 2 mths now.....
Baby dust to all ******

Piffleoffagus Tue 17-Aug-04 11:33:35

I should add that I am already blessed with 2 darlings ds is 10 and dd 21 mths, have always conceived very quickly before, so am very frustrated, I know I am lucky trust me, you do take it for granted don't you at times.
Anyway, this is the luckiest month surely!

runtus Tue 17-Aug-04 12:04:59

Count me in, was thinking we needed to start a new thread yesterday actually! Well done BeckieF

My stats are ttc #1 since May, currently around POD 8/9 but not sure. Feeling a bit sick these last 2 days but I always seem to do that. Think it might all be in my mind cos I know it's coming up to testing time! Off on holiday for a week on Thursday and desperately trying not to test before we go away - DON'T LET ME!!!!!!!!!

bluestar Tue 17-Aug-04 12:17:30

I'm back for another go too! Currently CD5. Good luck everyone!!

popsycal Tue 17-Aug-04 12:35:32

good luck everyone.....people who start the thread always seem to get special good luck to beckiF (I used to be ermentrude btw)

logic Tue 17-Aug-04 12:42:55

Hello girls
I'll join this thread too.
Good luck everyone!

pamina3 Tue 17-Aug-04 12:45:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LucieB Tue 17-Aug-04 13:03:49

Count me in too. I have a ds aged 2 and a dd aged 6 months and am trying for no 3. Had first AF since dd was born last week so hoping that my system is getting back to normal. Restarted my persona - hoping it brings me as much luck as last time when I conceived the first month I used it!!! Best of luck to everyone.

LucieB Tue 17-Aug-04 13:03:52

Count me in too. I have a ds aged 2 and a dd aged 6 months and am trying for no 3. Had first AF since dd was born last week so hoping that my system is getting back to normal. Restarted my persona - hoping it brings me as much luck as last time when I conceived the first month I used it!!! Best of luck to everyone.

Scaredstupid Tue 17-Aug-04 13:05:17

May I join? (undercover for now...)
congratulations to Azure! You followed the rules laid out in ttc 8 beautifully!

katierocket Tue 17-Aug-04 13:09:49

I'm in. is it EVER going to happen? so pleased for Azure

Fonzie Tue 17-Aug-04 13:38:22

Me too, also. I didn't expect it to happen last month as it was only the first time trying. TTC #2, ds is 22 months. Haven't been very religious with temps this month and so really don't have much of a clue as to where I am in cycle. CF is all over the place and so that's not much use either! Ah well, DS1 was a drunken Hogmanay. Maybe we'll just have to wait for something similar. Good luck to everybody

Tania2 Tue 17-Aug-04 13:39:08

Question??? Had a 27 day cycle, meant to ov on cd11 but i had cm on day 9. Have i already ov? iam so confused when it comes to the cm.

muddaofsuburbia Tue 17-Aug-04 13:44:09

I'm here too - there are a lot of busy bunnies this summer! I'm CD9 and ttc no 2. Ds is 2 next month. We're also moving house in the next wee while so i'm kee to skive out of that! 5th wedding anniversary on Saturday so it would be great if that was *the* night!

Good luck everyone

Fonzie Tue 17-Aug-04 13:46:37

I think it depends on what type of CM you had. Also as far as I can gather, ov takes place sometime in 24 hours surrounding last day of CM. Temps seem to show more likely when it happens. Why not take a look at this for some more help

BeckiF Tue 17-Aug-04 13:58:48

I'm hoping for that special luck that goes with a thread starter, but I wish you ALL good luck! You HAVE to have a very strong PMA (positive mental attitude) and BD every other day!! Go girls!!

ALSO, keep taking the folic acid, and also a vit b complex, zinc, MOST IMPORTANT IS A CALCIUM MAGNESIUM and the Vit C. No point taken the rest unless you are also taking the Calcium Mag. All available on line at Holland & Barret! So no excuses!

katierocket Tue 17-Aug-04 14:11:12

thanks for the info BeckiF

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