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TTC after pregnancy loss - thread 24 🐧🐧

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RedRobin7 Wed 18-Jul-18 11:57:50


Here's the new thread. This is a lovely supportive thread for anyone who has suffered the loss of a much wanted baby. Affectionately known as the penguin huddle- this is the place to survive the ups and downs of this crazy journey.

Kicking off with a roll call:

Age: 29
TTC #1
MMC at 12 weeks in March 18
MC at 6 weeks in July 18
Waiting one cycle before getting back on the bus!


xJune88 Wed 18-Jul-18 12:08:46

Hello marking my place.
Ttc #1
MC in January 6/7 weeks
MMC in June 13 weeks
Had a scan and got the all clear for no retained products currently not trying but taking no precautions either.

Kintan Wed 18-Jul-18 12:25:25

Thanks for starting a new thread smile
I’m ttc #2
Natural miscarriage at 9 weeks earlier this month (July).
We are going to start trying again straight away 🀞
Fingers crossed for us all!

zarala Wed 18-Jul-18 12:51:55

Hi all! Thanks for new thread

I am 36
TTC #2
DD is 20 months old- conceived easily and no issues in pregnancy
Mc #1 August 2017 naturally at 5w6days
Waited one period and tried again- got lucky but that ended in MMC Dec 2017- discovered at 12 week scan (after seeing heart beat at 7 weeks)- ERPC
wanted to take a break but conceived (by mistake immediately without period)
Saw heartbeat at 6 weeks
But at 8 week scan another MMC- March 2018. Ended up with SMM followed by ERPC.
Took 3 month break- diagnosed with aggressive natural killer cells - so on a medical plan to prevent any future mc's (hopefully)
Now heading into cycle 2 of TTC

Sorry for long winded intro....

Good luck to everyone ! Let's make babies!

YellowDaffodils86 Wed 18-Jul-18 13:05:07

@TedLife nice to a have a tww buddy!
I know how you feel. Im relatively happy in my workplace but i do think once im pregnant, i wont have that freedom as much, and move jobs etc.

@RedRobin7 you sound as if you are doing well, i think you are very brave, it's incredibly hard to go through. I do also think two msc are most likely bad luck, i can understand your fear about ttc again, but hope you can manage to stay positive.

@Virgo89 Hi, im assuming you are a virgo, me too!
I think its normal to have odd periods after mc. My first was normal, 2nd was a week of brown spotting, 3rd was short, im usually only 4/5 days, the 3rd one was barley 3days, and mostly light.
You should be fine to start trying again if you choose too.

@ronniemipperton Welcome, sorry for your loss.

YellowDaffodils86 Wed 18-Jul-18 13:09:01

Im 31 (32in September)
Ttc #1
Ttc since Jan 2018
MC in march 2018 at 6.4weeks
Cycle 4 post MC

Dyra Wed 18-Jul-18 13:14:13

Been lurking on the other thread, might step out into the light.

TTC #1
MC in April. 8 weeks, but it seems baby stopped developing at 5 weeks (about the same time I had the BFP)

To date it's still my one and only BFP after 16 months of trying. I would have been due the same time as my nephew turns 1. I also work in Obstetrics theatres, so I see pregnant ladies everywhere. _ Great job, though it can be hard at times.

Fx for BFP for us all!

RedRobin7 Wed 18-Jul-18 13:19:54

@YellowDaffodils86 Thank you. I don't feel brave but trying my hardest to keep going πŸ’ͺ🏻

I'm also a Virgo @YellowDaffodils86 @virgo89 but an 88 one πŸ˜‰ No longer planning to celebrate my 30th. I wanted to have all my children by the time I was 30 and I don't even have one. Just feel like I've failed. My first due date is also end of September so I feel like hibernating for the whole month. Green Day's "Wake Me Up When September Ends" springs to mind.

Dyra Wed 18-Jul-18 13:20:06

@TedLife @YellowDaffodiks86
Two weeks. Just one fortnight. Half a month. But when TTC, an eternity. How is it not over already?!

TedLife Wed 18-Jul-18 13:25:01

New thread! Here's me:

Age: 32
TTC #1
MMC at 8 weeks (discovered at 11weeks) after seeing heartbeat. First time being pregnant and scared about the future.
Currently 4dpo on cycle 2 since MC

sweetpea0318 Wed 18-Jul-18 14:07:22

Hi everyone,

This is me:

Age 38
TTC #2
DD is 2.5 yrs old
Cycle 3 post mc
MC end of March at 6/7 weeks
TTC since sept 2017

🀞for a lucky thread!

InDreamland Wed 18-Jul-18 14:08:50


I'm 38.
TTC #1
After 5 years TTC managed to conceive naturally. Got our BFP end of April this year. Sadly a few days before our 12 week scan (last week) found out had mc, think technically was a mmc, scan at EPU put us at 5-6 weeks, was booked in for second scan for yesterday to confirm mc but Monday night had complete mc (worst most excruciatingly painful experience of my life). Scan yesterday confirmed mc and no pregnancy product remaining. Still bleeding and emotionally not coping at all.

Hoping that one day soon will feel strong enough to want to actively TTC again. I just want my baby back. Want a baby but scared of going through this again.

Wishing everyone on here a BFP and healthy full term pregnancy soon x

InDreamland Wed 18-Jul-18 14:16:59

Hello @ronniemipperton I recognise you from the mc/pregnancy loss threads. Just to say thanks for your support and sorry you find yourself here too x

Happysbno4 Wed 18-Jul-18 14:28:12


Ttc#4 dp#1
MMC may 2018 at 9 weeks
ERPC 31st may

Definatly hump day.. I've got a stinking cold which I think means our chances due to not doing the baby dance last night just fell through the floor.

I hate living in limbo. Hate my job. Hate our home and the fact that ttc limits choices. So much so I booked a trip to las vegas to surprise DP for his 40th birthday next March. Crazy! Yes but its that kinda day.

TedLife Wed 18-Jul-18 14:44:39

You know what should be a rule? People posting about weird symptoms online and asking people's opinions in a thread and then never updating said thread to say whether they ended up getting a bfn or bfp!!! angry

InDreamland Wed 18-Jul-18 14:46:28

What were the weird symptoms @TedLife? Just curious.

Russkispy Wed 18-Jul-18 14:48:44

Hi everyone, I’m still here although nothing much to report since I introduced myself a couple of weeks ago.

I’m 42
TTC #2
IUI treatment abroad. First attempt and BFP
Sadly Missed miscarriage June 2018 - discovered at 8 weeks but pregnancy stopped at 6 weeks. Even though we saw the heartbeat then.
D&C 29 June.
DD#1 was also with IUI from first attempt. She’s 13 months

Hospital told to take pregnancy test 2 weeks after D&C and it was still positive. Told to retake in a week. I’ve just done it and it’s a very faint line. Hardly there. Will retake on Sunday as going to the hospital for blood tests on Monday. Once got a clear negative, we will start DTD. Time is not on my hands due to my ancient age. My fertility doctor already suggested IVF but I want to try a couple of cycles naturally then IUI and only then IVF. Hope it won’t come to that, no offense to others. We all decide our own path according to our own personal circumstances. Either way, the fight is not over yet!

Bobzybaby Wed 18-Jul-18 14:52:14

New thread, here's me:

I'm 35
TTC #1
Have lost 4 pregnancies: 3 mc and 1 ectopic!
Currently going in to our 3rd month of TTC this time 😊

TedLife Wed 18-Jul-18 15:08:13

@InDreamland nothing in particular just doing some random googling but you get about 10 pages deep into a thread, dying to know the outcome and of course it ends abruptly before you find out whether that person was actually pregnant or not!

I think TTC threads are becoming my new soaps grin

InDreamland Wed 18-Jul-18 15:16:25

@TedLife - the prize for my first giggle since mc goes to you! Thank you!

It is annoying when you want the answer to something though and it doesn't appear.

sweetpea0318 Wed 18-Jul-18 15:23:40

@knitkitty thank you! I think I did need to hear it! Feeling more positive today. Sorry to hear you’re feeling low. It can be so tricky timing things with OH’s when you know you’ve got a schedule to try to stick to but you don’t want them feeling under pressure. I kind of dread it each month after having a big fall out with my oh not too long ago about exactly this. I hope you’re feeling a bit better now and as others have said, it only takes once so fingers crossed you got lucky. Also I’m not convinced that ovulation pains = ovulation. I never had ovulation pains before my bfp that ended in mc but have had tests that confirm I am ovulating (& have a dd). Saying that I’m thinking about trying to temp this cycle to try and reassure myself that it is happening as I was questioning it this last cycle.

Big hugs to all the newbies. Hope you all find support and comfort here xx

sweetpea0318 Wed 18-Jul-18 15:25:24

@tedlife completely agree!!

Laney79 Wed 18-Jul-18 15:57:47

Marking my spot!

Age: 38 (39 next week-eek!)
MMC at 9 weeks (bean measured 5) discovered March 18, but long process to actually physically miscarry with repeated med management etc. finally over end of May 18.
On proper cycle number 2 of TTC...awaiting AF as she's due any moment.

TedLife Wed 18-Jul-18 17:09:20

@InDreamland - my pleasure darling! So pleased my nonsense made you smile smile

Anyone testing this week? Think we should be due some good news in here...!

robin78 Wed 18-Jul-18 17:10:55

@Robin78 not to be confused with @Redrobin7 - sorryyyyy!!!!! Thanks for the new thread.

Age: 39 (40 next week - so you are a mere child @Laney79!)
MMC 1 July 2017 at 9 weeks (measured 5-6 weeks)
MMC 2 March 2018 at 10 weeks (measured 7 weeks).

Now on cycle 4 after last mc. Cd 11 and feeling good after a more bumpy week leading up to my first mc anniversary. Glad to pass that hurdle.

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