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clomid and hcg injections

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earthspirit77 Mon 28-May-07 21:00:39

Im a newbie to this website, someone on another website pointed me in this direction as Im desperate for some feedback here..!
I was prescribed clomid and hcg shot for 4 cycles. Me and my partner have been ttc for just over 4 years now. we were referred to a fertlity consultant and we have had loads of tests done. I have suffered with irregular periods since coming off the pill and I was also suffering with abnormal bleeding which was found when I had a colposcopy... I had a small hole in my cervix which was sealed there and then.This was in january this year and since then my periods have been inbetween 28 and 30 day cycles.
My old doctor last year put me on 6 cycles of clomid without doing any investigations, I also wasnt monitored... needless to say that it didnt work for me. So when I told my consultant he said he would add the hcg injection aswell.I started my first cycle of clomid last month and then I had my scan whereby I had 2 eggs one was 11mm and the other was 21mm so I had the injection that day... CD11on the 27th of I should have ovulated the follwoing evening... which I believe that I did as I felt ovulation pain.
I was due my period on the 16th of may(only going by my previous periods after the colposcopy). I had very light brown spotting on the day my af was due. I did start getting period pains about 6 days after the hcg injection and this has continued (so now about 3 weeks of period like pains). Im now on cycle day 42 but have had no period and tests have shown negative? I did have a tiny bit more brown spotting on thursday..cd38, and again today and I really thought here we go periods on its way, but then it stopped after a day and then nothing.
I have been feeling very tired but all hpt are bfn so I have no idea whats going on.??
Can anyone shed some light for me..thankyou and sorry for going on but I wanted to give you as much details as possible in order for any feedback to come forward.

MrsTLC Sun 22-Jul-07 22:04:35

If I were you I would wait a week, then take another pregnancy test. Sounds might be pregnant, but the test hasn't been able to detect it yet.

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 23-Jul-07 07:01:02


When are you due to see the fertility specialist again?. You should be seen regularly by such people and not just left. I would contact them asap re this latest development.

Have you had a diagnosis of the problem as yet?. I would not think that the previous cervix problem is the only problem here.

Clomid is often given to women with ovulatory problems - in this regard either a condition called polycystic ovaries (this would make your periods irregular) or its related syndrome PCOS are common culprits.

Cycles over 35 days in length are more likely than not to be anovulatory ones.

I would seek medical advice asap from the cons, you need to know what's going on. Any bleeding between periods ought to be investigated as a matter of course. It ought to be checked out further anyway particularly as you've had problems with your cervix previously.

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 23-Jul-07 07:01:53

And the least said about the previous doc who put you on clomid without any form of monitoring the better!!!.

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