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TTC using pre seed!!

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beccalou27 Wed 13-Jun-18 22:47:08

Hey ladies! It's been 7 months TTC now and no luck! Having googled ways to help I came across dr fertility 'pre seed' has anyone else heard of this/tried this? The reviews are amazing and we have ordered it and used it tonight for the first time.

hamandpease Wed 13-Jun-18 23:21:20

We've used it a few times but I'm confused as to whether we should always use it I.e. it actually improves your chances or if you want to use lube it doesn't hinder your chances ... so if anyone knows the answer!

beccalou27 Wed 13-Jun-18 23:34:29

@hamandpease yeah, I was confused as to wether it's a product to help conceive or wether it's just a lubricant that is safe to use whilst TTC. The reviews I've read have all been amazing and majority of them do say they've caught whilst using it. Fingers crossed for us smile

KimRobs87 Thu 14-Jun-18 06:07:47

I used it this month for the first time and got my bfp this month. It could just be a coin but I think it helped for sure. If anything, it certainly made things easier when dtd a lot in a short space of time! 😂😂

KimRobs87 Thu 14-Jun-18 06:08:33

*coincidence (not coin! Stupid phone!)

IRememberSoIDo Thu 14-Jun-18 06:10:12

My friend got pregnant the month before ivf and is convinced it was the pre seed as it was the first time she'd tried it.

Megs87 Thu 14-Jun-18 07:36:08

We've been TTC 6 months too and are giving pre-seed a try this cycle. AF has just finished so will see how we get on in 20ish days

beccalou27 Thu 14-Jun-18 09:00:28

@KimRobs87 congratulations on your BFP I'm really hoping for a miracle. It's getting to a point now where towards my periods my body is tricking me into believing I'm pregnant, ( sore boobs, late period, back ache, sickness) we've used the pre seed twice now while my ovulation date is Friday so hoping for a BFP good luck hun

beccalou27 Thu 14-Jun-18 09:01:40

@IRememberSoIDo oh I'm so pleased for your friend! Fingers crossed all goes well smile

beccalou27 Thu 14-Jun-18 09:02:52

Good luck with it hun, keep us updated! I'm hoping for a miracle for both of us ❤️

KimRobs87 Thu 14-Jun-18 09:03:42

@beccalou27 - keep us posted! Good luck xx

beccalou27 Thu 14-Jun-18 09:07:18

@KimRobs87 I will hun smile I'm loving these chats! I'm a bit of a loner and don't really have much friends, feels like everyone on here is so supportive of each other and it's really helping keep my stress levels down by being able to rant ☺️ xx

hamandpease Thu 14-Jun-18 09:18:36

Anyone know the science behind it?

Tinker315b Thu 14-Jun-18 09:30:33

@beccalou27 Ive used this for 2 cycles but unfortunately haven't had any luck yet! It does help make dtd when having to time it. Ive been trying for 6 months and also at the point where I will try anything. I hope this gets you your Bfp smile

beccalou27 Thu 14-Jun-18 09:34:36

@hamandpease it's supposed to help support the sperm and allow it to swim to the egg more efficiently. 🙈

@Tinker315b I hope you get your BFP soon too hun! I guess sometimes it is literally just a waiting game. Doesn't help the fact that I'm the most impatient person ever haha x

Tinker315b Thu 14-Jun-18 09:43:02

@beccalou27 Thank you, me too! It is because ive had blood tests and all ok and DH had a perfectly good result on his SA so I think its just a waiting game. Fingers crossed x

beccalou27 Thu 14-Jun-18 09:45:04

@Tinker315b oh that's great news you both were ok with your results. Definitely a waiting game. I'm keeping everything crossed for you hun smile xx

NittaSayuri Thu 14-Jun-18 19:46:22

I used Pre-Seed both times when TTC and both times I got pregnant the first month. I never tried without it so I have no idea if it would have happened anyway, but as I don't see much EWCM I thought it was worth a try as I really wanted to get pregnant quickly!

Charlotte1x Thu 14-Jun-18 21:49:01

I've bought some pre seed so going to use it this month! I get thrush quite easily and lubricants seem to help prevent it so needed something natural based. Ive read some amazing reviews about it.

Mine has come with a few little syringes though - not sure whether to syringe it up there or whether to just use a little bit of it like a normal lube?

beccalou27 Thu 14-Jun-18 22:09:33

@Charlotte1x I've used the syringe hun, but I only used 2 ML of it and then my other half put a little on his finger. It really worked for us! Weren't sticky like other lubes! I'm hoping it works! X

beccalou27 Thu 14-Jun-18 22:10:52

@NittaSayuri oh hun that's fab! All these reviews of the product are really helping me believe it's going to work for us ☺️ I'm keeping everything crossed! X

Charlotte1x Fri 15-Jun-18 09:08:16

@beccalou27 thanks hun I’ll try that. I was just thinking that if I use full syringe each time it’s not going to go very far and it’s quite expensive isn’t it! X

beccalou27 Fri 15-Jun-18 11:20:27

@Charlotte1x yeah that's what we thought! It's quite expensive for that little tube, that's why we started with the 2ml and both agreed it was enough! smile we've also been using it every other day rather then putting pressure on using it every day smile x

NittaSayuri Fri 15-Jun-18 11:21:24

@Charlotte1x I definitely wouldn't use a full syringe, I made that mistake the first time and it felt horrible. Half is plenty!

NittaSayuri Fri 15-Jun-18 11:21:50

@beccalou27 fingers crossed for you! x

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