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Cramping since ovulation

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NoseringGirl Wed 13-Jun-18 22:15:34

I'm only 3DPO but have had increasingly bad cramping and lower back pain since I ovulated. I also started getting pain in my hips today. It feels a lot like the pain I experience in the couple of days before AF.
I'm fairly confident that I'm only 3DPO (based on OPK and temps). So it's about a week early for period pain and too early for any sort of implantation.
Has anyone experienced this? I do have PCOS, so am wondering if it could be something to do with that?

Martinimonster Thu 14-Jun-18 08:25:30

I always have this building up to and during ovulation. I have a gp appt next week as I think it's a hormonal imbalance, too much oestrogen I think. My boobs get sore too unless I'm on my period.
I would say get the app flo and record your cycles if your not doing that already and make notes in the app and try and see if there is a pattern.
Sometimes it's normal and sometimes it means there is an issue like a cyst or a hormone issue.
Make a gp appt and see what they say.

NoseringGirl Thu 14-Jun-18 10:01:29

Thanks! I record everything in fertility friend and I've been looking back over past cycles. I didn't used to ovulate as regularly as I do now, so even though the data goes back to 2011, not a lot of it is ovulatory! I'm pretty sure I've not had cramps/back pain starting this early. I do have anovulatory cycles where I've had random cramping and usually put that down to cysts.
It would be much easier if my body just did the same thing each month!

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