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Exercise during TWW?

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ShesElusive Wed 13-Jun-18 15:30:06

I’m on cd13 so just waiting until I can test but wanted to know what you guys thought about exercise? I run a lot (2 or 3 x 5kms mid week and 10km-20km) at weekends. I know if I get a bfp this should reduce, but until I know for sure I don’t know whether to change my routine, especially because it helps my mental health so much - the running takes my mind off the constant symptom spotting!

Prembabymum Wed 13-Jun-18 15:51:39

I'm no expert but I say continue as normal. I do crossfit and will carry on until I get my bfp, same goes for the odd glass of wine! It can take a while to conceive and you can't just put your life on hold. Good luck!

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