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faith231 Tue 12-Jun-18 16:04:50

Has anybody experienced creamy and sometimes a little stringy CM at 11/12dpo when TTC? Sorry for the TMI but I constantly feel wet like AF has shown up but when I wipe there's nothing there! S

AF is due in Thursday but I'm alway, pretty much certain I'm dry within the week AF is due.
I don't want to get my hope up. Just looking for a little advice x

KimRobs87 Tue 12-Jun-18 19:49:08

Hi @faith231! This month I found i had loads more discharge and normally pretty dry. It was kind of creamy and ew at the same time, thought it was odd. I got my bfp this month!

I really hope this is it for you? Are you holding out until Thurs? X

faith231 Tue 12-Jun-18 20:24:33

@KimRobs87 congratulations im so happy for you, I hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months!! I'm going to hold out until Thursday, if I can. I have some cheapies but I was a frer so I'll pop out tomorrow and get one. I've been getting nigglely pains in my back coming and going but nothing to strong and my boobs are sore but I sometimes get this before AF so I can't really tell them apart the only thing that's different for me is my CM and also I've been having really random hot flushes, to the point where the sweat is dripping out of me then it'll go! I hope AF isn't on her way xx

KimRobs87 Tue 12-Jun-18 20:29:15

Thanks 😊

You never know, this could just be your month! I had tender boobs and backache but it defo got worse after I got my bfp so there's time for yours to too! Lol.

Let me know how you go when you test - good luck!!! X

faith231 Tue 12-Jun-18 21:08:14

@KimRobs87 yes I will. How many dpo was you when you tested? I don't want to test to early but I'm scared to test encase I get another bfn 😩 x

KimRobs87 Tue 12-Jun-18 21:12:31

I'm rubbish, have no willpower! I tested at 9dpo and got a faint positive. I have quite a short luteal phase (around 10/11 days) so 9dpo was only a few days before af was due x

KimRobs87 Tue 12-Jun-18 21:14:50

This is the one, so faint! X

Blue2017 Tue 12-Jun-18 21:19:21

I had thick white discharge and that was one of the reasons I tested!! Safe to say I got my bfp ( 3 years of trying ) good luck xx

SJ2128 Wed 13-Jun-18 07:31:51

Hello smile at about 6 DPO I had some stringy pinky discharge just when I wiped, nothing much more since though. I had cramping at the same time as this and for a couple of days. I'm due AF Friday but as this is my first month off the pill I'm not sure if these things are signs of coming off the pill or pregnancy. I definitely feel different! Guess we'll wait and see! Waiting until Saturday to test if AF has not arrived. Congrats @KimRobs87 smile

SJ2128 Wed 13-Jun-18 07:32:58

And congrats @Blue2017 !

KimRobs87 Wed 13-Jun-18 11:04:09

@SJ2128 - thank you! Good luck everyone x

faith231 Wed 13-Jun-18 18:02:13

Hey guys, I'm out this month she's made her appearance!! Congratulations girls on your BFP and good luck for anyone waiting on their BFP!! Wishing you lots of luck x

KimRobs87 Wed 13-Jun-18 18:41:20

Aww so sorry op. Good luck next cycle xx

SJ2128 Wed 13-Jun-18 19:19:13

Sorry @KimRobs87 but good luck for next cycle smile

SJ2128 Wed 13-Jun-18 19:19:42

I meant @faith231 oops!

Blue2017 Wed 13-Jun-18 21:27:47

So sorry, fingers crossed you get your bfp soon!! Xxx

faith231 Wed 13-Jun-18 22:47:29

Thankyou girls!!

I had a bit of a heavy bleed, just one wipe if you'd get me. Now I've got a really light pink coloured blood, some of it is stringy, any ideas of what this could be? AF isn't due until tomorrow either x

KimRobs87 Thu 14-Jun-18 06:04:45

@faith231 - did it carry on? X

faith231 Thu 14-Jun-18 18:17:27

@KimRobs87 yes it did.. It's defiantly AF just not as heavy as usual. Also I've noticed that's my cycles are going shorter they've now gone from 38 to 37 now to 36 I hope this is a good sign for me and hopefully will have a better chance at ttc x

KimRobs87 Thu 14-Jun-18 18:33:02

@faith231 - that's shame. Good your cycles are getting a bit shorter, waiting in a long cycle is a killer! Good luck for this cycle xx

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