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IUI 6 days ago and the 2ww is killing me!

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2mummie5 Wed 06-Jun-18 21:10:45

Anyone else on a 2ww?

We had a monitored IUI attempt 6 days ago and the 2ww is feeling like an eternity!!

hamandpease Sun 10-Jun-18 20:56:07

I'm just going into 2ww so a fair bit behind you now but I've been reading about IUI

Only on 2nd month trying but we've been referred for a sperm analysis test as DH is on medication which is known to reduce sperm motility

Reading around I'm aware IUI may end up being something we look at, may I be v nosey and ask if you had it on the NHS (and if so is long you had to wait) or privately (and if so how much it costs I've seen huge variations online)

Huge apologies if the questions are too nosey and tell me to bugger off xx

Miss83 Sun 10-Jun-18 21:06:33

Hi, also just starting the tww. We have on the waiting list for the fertility clinic. Just undergoing pre tests with our GP. On cycle 16 now. Really praying this is our month, though I'm not feeling very positive.

Good luck both!

2mummie5 Tue 12-Jun-18 18:39:11

Hi ladies. Sorry for the delayed reply!

Only 2 days left till we can test ( fingers crossed for that BFP)

We had IUI privately as we are in a same sex relationship. Price wise this time around it's cost £600 for all the pre tests / tracking cycle and associated appointments. Then it cost £700 for the IUI attempt. We already had sperm in storage from when we did this 5 year's ago for our first child so no extra cost there. We chose to have a monitored cycle which meant it should have cost a further £400 for the scans. However when I went for my first scan of the cycle (day10) I had a follicle measuring almost 20mm. I had tested that morning too and was having a surge so we went for it the next day. Because of this they just charged me for one scan (£150)

We were so lucky that it worked first time for my wife 5 years ago and I'm hoping we get lucky again....

The 2ww is hard isn't it..don't know how I'll cope with it again if this attempt doesn't work. I know I have to be realistic that the chance of another first time positive is low (20%) but it's hard to not think about it.

Wishing both of you luck for a BFP xxx

hamandpease Tue 12-Jun-18 20:49:27

Good luck to you too! And thank you so much for the information.

I read each cycle costs £350-£1000 so £700 makes sense but I'd love to find this £350 clinic! 😂

2mummie5 Wed 13-Jun-18 06:54:20

I know it varies across the country but £350 seems low. I guess you would also have costs for them to do what ever they need to do with your DH sample too.

We used a donor so we have to pay annual storage fees on top too.

Not sure how low his motility rate is, not sure what is classed as good/bad ... We were told that the sample we used this time had a 73% motility rate. Which I think is about standard for frozen sperm .

We are doing the test in the morning... Technically will be day 13 after IUI but hoping the sensitive test will pick something up.... Fingers crossed! Xx

hamandpease Wed 13-Jun-18 07:28:22

Fingers crossed for you! (We don't even know if motility is low yet test is in a few weeks but I'm a planner 🤭)

2mummie5 Sun 17-Jun-18 08:47:26

It's a no for us this month. Hope you get a better result xx

hamandpease Tue 26-Jun-18 08:21:18

@2mummie5 I'm sorry to hear that. I got a BFP this month which was a bit of a shock

Masses of good luck for you for your next cycle x

2mummie5 Tue 26-Jun-18 08:54:34

Oh wow!!congratulations to you both! You must be thrilled.
We are on track for a second try in a few days time. Fingers crossed this month is out month.
Good luck with the pregnancy xx

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