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The Good, The Bad and The Yams!

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LookingAtTheStars89 Thu 31-May-18 18:08:55


Yammer rules:

A safe place for those of you who have been trying to conceive for 6+ months and even yams aren’t helping. Come and have a good ol’ bitch and a moan without judgement. Please read the rules before posting!

The Yam Commandments are as follows;

- Thou shalt not arrive one day and post BFP next day

- Thou shalt not give advice to others when TTC for one month only

- Thou shalt not participate in one-up-manship and realise TTC is shit for everyone in different ways

- Thou shall allow posters to be fucked off with the world and everything in it at regular points in the month

- Thou shalt not be offended by strong language

- Thou shalt not tell everyone to eat yams

- Thou shall accept being called a muppet for testing at 7dpo at 9pm at night

And most importantly...

- Thou shalt not symptom spot during the two week wait and must be prepared for a telling off if you do so.


-Thou shalt not post pictures of positive pregnancy tests. We will be delighted to hear about it but no photos, please and thank you

LookingAtTheStars89 Thu 31-May-18 18:11:30

Marking my place on the shiny new thread x

LexieJean Thu 31-May-18 18:29:06

Oooh shiny new thread indeed @looking, many thanks.

Chooklass Thu 31-May-18 18:39:23

Thanks @LookingAtTheStars89 ! New thread is always a bit exciting but also depressing that I'm still here ...

WonkyDonk87 Thu 31-May-18 18:46:51

Marking my place too, just in case.

SoozC Thu 31-May-18 19:18:45

I'm keeping in touch too. Once a Yammer, always a Yammer!

DoAsDreamersDo Thu 31-May-18 20:16:46

I don’t contribute anymore, but I love keeping up with all my lovely Yammers x sad to see another thread 😔

SparkwoodAnd21 Thu 31-May-18 20:32:08

Evening yammers.

Pinkemi Thu 31-May-18 21:40:07

Checking into the new thread!

Aph413 Thu 31-May-18 23:23:29

Checking in

bridget33 Thu 31-May-18 23:55:20

Checking in! Am currently waiting for hubby to get home to make the most of the last day of my fertile window. I've just sent him the aubergine emoji in an attempt to woo him! MUST. STAY. AWAKE

HidCat Fri 01-Jun-18 00:28:40

Thanks for the new thread, here's hoping it brings babies for us all!

Mellp Fri 01-Jun-18 06:41:29

Can I join?
I have a DD who is 3.
TTC#2 for 15 months. Lost count of how many cycles.
AF came on Sunday after I had stupidly convinced myself that ‘this was it’. Really feel like just giving up TTC but I know I won’t! I guess I’m Just feeling angry atm

Chooklass Fri 01-Jun-18 07:08:34

Welcome @Mellp - you sound like a yammer!

WonkyDonk87 Fri 01-Jun-18 07:18:01

Bridget your romance skills sound like mine - straight to the point! Hope you managed to stay awake long enough!

Welcome Mellp. Sorry to hear you're here, hope it's not for long.

LexieJean Fri 01-Jun-18 07:19:36

Morning yammers. I was woken early with FP arrival a few days early. Brilliant. Silver lining- my next fw now falls when we’re on hols! ☀️🍆 🏖

@bridget I know that feeling- hope you managed a quickie when he got home!

HidCat Fri 01-Jun-18 08:11:21

@LexieJean sorry to hear you got your FP but yet for the silver lining!

MynameisJune Fri 01-Jun-18 08:30:21

Checking in for the new thread.

Advice - fp came bang on time on Wednesday. But it has been super light for me. I’m on day 3 of what should be a 4 day period and all I’ve got is spotting. Now logically I know I’m highly unlikely to be pregnant but I’ve got a night out planned tonight and I don’t know whether to test when I get home later just to make sure?

HidCat Fri 01-Jun-18 08:35:14

@MynameisJune if it would ease your mind thendoibga test wot hurt. At least you can get drunk guilt free then!

Cariad2017 Fri 01-Jun-18 08:37:02

Mynameis - I was wondering how you were getting along! I would definitely take a test before heading out this evening, as if you’re not pregnant it will mean that you can have a nice evening with alcohol without any what ifs. If you are pregnant (and I sincerely hope you are) it definitely won’t do you any harm to find out now. If you’ve had spotting since Wednesday then I’m guessing you should be far enough along from implantation for any pregnancy to come up on a test.

Keeping everything crossed for you. I really hope this is IT. Xxx

MynameisJune Fri 01-Jun-18 08:43:59

@hidcat that’s what I was thinking.

@cariad2017 I know that it’s unlikely, yesterday was a little bit more than spotting but nothing like it usually is. I know it’s unlikely and I’m probably clutching at straws but I’ve had some really weird pains that lasted into Wednesday that were very specific stabbing pains on the left side. Nothing like my usual cramps either. I usually need paracetamol on the first/second day for pains. I think I’ve just convinced myself so much this month because we dtd at the right times etc and my boobs hurt which is unusual that I’m struggling to believe it’s over again for another month! So much for giving up 🙈🙄😂

Pinkemi Fri 01-Jun-18 09:45:40

I've been away from this thread so long I've had tons to catch up on! Congrats to all those with their BFP's.

I'm currently on holiday.. and just burst into tears! A week before my FP is due.. which is normally when I get my PMS symptoms. :-( so fed up of all this.

My OH just said he wasn't surprised if we aren't pregnant.. because we have hardly had any sex this month. We have only had sex once this holiday but I thought we had managed to catch my fertile time.

I'm just so fed up of it all.. my libido is non existant. :-( TTC is just so damn hard. I don't want to have sex just because.. you know?

hellotoyellow Fri 01-Jun-18 10:00:56

Hello again! Long time lurker, sometimes poster. 31, TTC 15 months, one BFP Feb 2018 ending in MMC in April. Complicated+ by DH in America for a bit -all carefully made flight plans thrown to the wind by the MC.

Managed to DTD somewhere near ovulation this week so this cycle is a goer. Sadly no other ones will be until August so fingers x'd.

Can completely identify with the sex thing! You'd think only seeing DH once a month would help.... Feeling totally bloated from the plane for most of my visits really doesn't!

edinbeezer Fri 01-Jun-18 10:01:21

Hello. I'm fairly new to this so could someone please tell me what 'yam' means (other than a sweet potato)? Thanks!

MynameisJune Fri 01-Jun-18 10:44:49

@pinkemi we often just have sex because it’s the right time. It’s not the best way but when you’re TTC every fertile day counts.

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