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2ww who's with me!!

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Kee80 Thu 31-May-18 08:44:32

Hi ladies anyone want to join the 2ww with me??

I'm either 1/2dpo. Ovulated either 29/30th. We only managed to dtd 28-29th. So hope I have a chance.

Come join me. Good luck ladies

AmyLouise94 Thu 31-May-18 12:25:56

Hi there,
I'm on the TWW!!
I ovulated on the 25th or 26th so currently looking out for symptoms but nothing as of yet.
Going to need to be so patient and not take any tests till a missed period but its so hard not to.
8th month trying so I need some luck!! Good luck to you, spreading loads of positive energy flowers

SunshineAndRainbows6 Thu 31-May-18 13:37:03

Hey lovelies,

I'll join!!! Currently 4DPO.... according to my first try with OPK's I OV 26/27th... and due AF 9th/10th. So it's all a waiting game.... been in a really grumpy mood these last couple days and keep getting the odd twinge along with sore boobs... but trying so hard not to symptom spot too!! 🤦🏻‍♀️🙊 It's just sooooo hard!!

Sending lots of bubba dust and luck to you both.... ☘️🙌🏻 Let's struggle all together 😂👏🏻

Kee80 Thu 31-May-18 15:27:22

Hello girls.
It really is so hard not to symptom spot especially when early preg symptoms and af symptoms are so similar.

I really don't want to start testing early either, but can't help myself.

Lots of luck to us all thanksthanks

SunshineAndRainbows6 Thu 31-May-18 18:08:11

We all say we aren't going to @kee80.... but.... we all end up doing it anyway 🙊😂 bad habbits die hard!!!! 😂👏🏻 When are you due AF!?? And same I think I'm going to have to tie my hands together over the weekend to stop me getting an early response PT 🤷🏻‍♀️😂🤦🏻‍♀️

Kee80 Thu 31-May-18 19:06:10

I've got a long wait yet... only 1/2dpo.
I'm due around the 13th June.

When's yours due xx

sachabloom Thu 31-May-18 19:14:36

Hey ladies I'm on my tww, ovulated Friday 25th according to Flo. Had really bad cramps but that could be down to stress as work is manic! Keeping my spirits up by thinking positive about this month though.

I'd like to wish you all the best of luck xx

Kee80 Thu 31-May-18 19:49:29

@sachabloom hi hope your well. So would you say your around 6po, have you noticed anything different,
When are you due af? Xx

Anyday88 Thu 31-May-18 20:21:11

Hi all,

I am in 2ww too. Af due 12th June. This is the first cycle since a miscarriage in April. Currently driving myself mad wondering what if!

Kescilly Thu 31-May-18 20:24:46

I’m about the same as you, @Kee80! Got a peak reading on the 28th, not sure exactly when I ovulated. The 13th is the predicted start for my next cycle as well.

Are you doing anything fun this weekend to take your mind off of things?

Kee80 Thu 31-May-18 21:49:36

@Anyday88 I also miscarried twice last year so know how you feel. This is my 2nd month trying I'm so nervous but excited 😬

@Kescilly oh we are just about the same yeah. Seems ages away!!
Not got any plans for the weekend as yet. What about you? Xx

LittleGoose Thu 31-May-18 22:44:55

Can I join the wait? Think I ovulated around the 26th and af due 8th June. DTD every day from 23rd, and every other before so hopefully we got it 😂 Trying not to test until the 9th (if it hasn't come). I have an exam Monday so hoping the revision will keep me busy until then, then I will be that much closer! Absolutely no symptoms so far (Even though I'm actively trying to spot them...) Good luck everyone! Xxx

sachabloom Fri 01-Jun-18 07:24:44

@Kee80 AF due 9th June! OH's birthday is the following week so in an ideal world we'd have two things to celebrate... but as I say I am trying my best to not get my hopes up as I know how disheartening it can be! Do you think it would be too early for symptom spotting now? Xx

Kee80 Fri 01-Jun-18 08:19:53

@sachabloom are you about 7dpo?
I've heard implantation happens between 6-12 dpo usually around 9-10. So maybe it is a little early for symptoms.
Plus a lot of early preg symptoms are same as pms.

Do you have any symptoms?

Be a lovely surprise for oh if you are xx

Kescilly Fri 01-Jun-18 11:17:21

Welcome @LittleGoose! That's only about a week away! Glad you have something else to focus on.

@sachabloom it's so hard to keep expectations in check. Now I want you to be able to celebrate two things as well! I could find out around my birthday (and we will be away) but I don't want to get my hopes up either. I don't drink a lot but I have a feeling I might be celebrating this birthday with wine!

@Kee80 we have an endless list of things to do around the house, so might try to throw my energy into that. I've been trying to get more active, so maybe an extra long walk this weekend would be just the thing.

Kee80 Fri 01-Jun-18 11:22:07

@Kescilly lucky you. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself! I broke my hand and had an operation on it last week, so off work for another week or so 😫

Just ordered some cheapie tests so will prob start testing in a week. Why do I do it!!!

Kescilly Fri 01-Jun-18 11:27:02

Ouch, sounds so painful. Rest up and watch lots of movies!

SunshineAndRainbows6 Fri 01-Jun-18 12:10:33

@kee80 aaaah not too far from me, I'm due on the 9th/10th.... but who knows with my cycles 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ They tend to range from 30-36 days 🤷🏻‍♀️ Sorry about your hand.... Bet thats painful.... can imagine how hard it must be not to test... think of the positive though... you'll only have to sit on one hand instead of two to stop yourself testing 🙊😉

@littlegoose and @sachabloom... we are all due the same day 🙊 When are you guys going to test do you think?

Kee80 Fri 01-Jun-18 12:23:00

The hands not to bad now.
It was very painful last week.

Just been sorting the kitchen cupboards out and doing some cleaning. So hard with one hand haha.

Anyday88 Fri 01-Jun-18 13:01:35

I’m struggling to forget about 2ww and it’s driving me crazy! I’m only 4dpo!
@Kee80 breaking your hand sounds nasty hope it’s feeling better now.

Kee80 Fri 01-Jun-18 13:42:22

@Anyday88 I'm only 2/3 dpo.
Such a long wait!!

Wasn't to painful at the time, but it was agony after the operation.
It's not to bad now. Just bandaged up and a nightmare.

Had s shower earlier.
Trying to shave your legs and lady bits is not good with a plastic bag on your right hand!!! 😂😫😂

LittleGoose Fri 01-Jun-18 13:55:41

@SunshineAndRainbows6 I'm aiming to wait until Saturday which will be 1 day overdue. This is our first (proper) cycle trying so if AF is a no show I think OH will want to test with me and will be better if we don't have to squeeze it in before we leave for work! Although I do want to test already 🙈

Anyday88 Fri 01-Jun-18 14:16:23

@Kee80 I know it really does seem so long yet my week away I just had was over and n the blink of an eye 🤷🏼‍♀️

Keep telling myself not to get my hopes up but can’t help it. I will probably test next Friday as with my previous pregnancies I got positive tests on cycle day 25 so don’t think I could wait any longer.

Kee80 Fri 01-Jun-18 14:41:46

@Anyday88 I've been off work 2 weeks now and that has flown by too.
This will be the longest 2 weeks ever!!
I've order some cheapies off eBay due to come next Wednesday. Will try not to test till the weekend 😬

sachabloom Fri 01-Jun-18 14:48:59

@Kee80 that's really useful info thank you! Well I've had really bad cramps but that was last weekend and beginning of this week, nothing last couple of days.

I guess I just have to play the waiting game xx

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