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6dp5dt and very nervous

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cottoncandee Wed 23-May-18 14:02:59

I am currently 6 days past 5dt after FET. I tested on 4dp5dt with evening wee and had very faint positive. Tested again in the morning

cottoncandee Wed 23-May-18 14:05:19

Sorry accidentally pressed post before finishing the text. I tested again in the morning and had another faint positive (picture attached) but more visible. Tested again this morning (but did not take photo) and the line is darker. I am so nervous though due to previous losses.

1Wanda1 Wed 23-May-18 15:21:34

That's not a faint positive, it's a positive positive - congratulations!

If you keep testing, please do remember that the darkness of the line doesn't necessarily reflect the amount of hcg. The best way to confirm the pregnancy is developing as it should is a blood test repeated after 48 hours to see if the hcg is doubling. Maybe your clinic will do that?

eclairef Wed 23-May-18 15:30:31

Congratulations! That's a great looking positive. I'm currently 6+5 after a 5dt FET. I know how nerve wracking and scary it can be after getting your positive (I'm still feeling anxious). Try to stay as calm and positive as you can. When is your official test day? Do you get a blood test?

BuntyII Wed 23-May-18 15:34:36

Those tests never get really dark, that's a good positive! Congratulations

cottoncandee Wed 23-May-18 19:23:47

Thank you! I will have my blood test on Monday. And then I think another one on Wednesday if that one is positive. Still keeping my fingers crossed.

@eclairef congratulations! Wish you happy and healthy pregnancy

Owlpatrol Wed 23-May-18 19:26:10

Looks like a super positive to me. Congratulations xx

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