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June bfps for mamas trying for dc#2

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CatRen27 Tue 22-May-18 06:17:54

[... Insert jazzier title here!]

The bus is still running, we're sick of bastard bfns, and crossing fingers (and some) for Feb 2019 babies. Come join!

I'm 35 yo
DD is 3yo
Cycle 25 (urgh!!)
Af/bfp due 18th June

After a few months charting and opk-ing, I've decided to chuck it all out and try and dtd every other day. Eek. Only two more cycles until we start ivf in August so crossing fingers we can get a natural bfp before then. Here's hoping!

HidCat Tue 22-May-18 07:06:59

Morning! Thanks for the new thread @CatRen27!

35 yrs old
TTC #2
MC in Jan @ 11 weeks
Cycle 2 post MC (Month 9 since starting)
BFP/AF due June 5th

Currently in FW according to Ovia and Fitbit but no positive OPK yet. Cycle may be a bit wonky after the MC as only had one period so far.

Firsttimer16 Tue 22-May-18 08:20:41

Can I join?!
Ttc #2
Cycle 3 - had a CP last cycle at about 5 weeks so a bit unsure if / when ovulation will be this month as all a bit screwed now!
Af due 17th June slap bang in middle of my holiday, so may make or break!

Fingers crossed 🤞 for everyone

TwittleBee Tue 22-May-18 08:47:08

Thank you CatRen for getting this one going star FX for you that you'll be getting some luck before IVF!

HidCat hello there again. Sorry to see you're also still here. Hope your cycles get back to regular soon or even better you see a sticky BFP sooner!

Firsttimer16 welcome! Sorry to read about your CP. Hope that your cycles go straight back to normal for you. and hopefully a BFP during your holiday! That will make it one to remember

I'm 24
DS is nearly 1 year old! (where the hell did that go!)
Cycle 10 (CPs last 2 cycles)
AF/BFP due 15th June (ish)

Currently undergoing diagnostic investigations for painful lower abdomen/pelvic area, horribly heavy periods and a few other miserable symptoms.

PrincessProcrastination Tue 22-May-18 18:33:32

Hi everyone! Can I join?

I’m 31
TTC #2
Cycle 1 - no idea of cycle length as this is my first cycle since implant removal in March, but on CD 21.

Fingers crossed for everyone for June BFPs!

LethargicButAwesome Tue 22-May-18 19:38:41


Ttc 2
Age 28
Cycle 2 although cycles all over the place as bf!!

Pudding01 Tue 22-May-18 20:54:32

Hi everyone 👋🏻

I'm 32
TTC #2
Came off the pill in Sept & been trying since.
BFP/AF due 18th June.

Suffered with 2 ectopic pregnancies before our little rainbow 🌈 So praying for another successful healthy pregnancy soon x

BoBo90 Tue 22-May-18 22:05:54

Hi all 😊I'd like to join you please

Age: 27
Ds: 7 months
Cycle 1 - ttc since March

I'm still bfing and haven't had af yet so although dh and I are hoping for a nice surprise bfp we know our chances are slim atm! But I'd still love to join you all and have some buddies for the journey 😊

Wishing you all bfps!!

Lithops Tue 22-May-18 22:59:30

Hi everyone, I’m still here. CD18 now and still no smiley face, been DTD in case I missed it anyway, but not feeling positive about this month for some reason.

CatRen27 Wed 23-May-18 03:49:59

Hello all newcomers! How many early testers do we have amongst us? I'm planning to order some more ics and test daily from around 9dpo .. because I'm a SUCKER for disappointment.. 😂

Hidcat maybe you missed it? Are you dtd anyway? Maybe keep on going in case you haven't ovulated just in case..?

LethargicButAwesome Wed 23-May-18 04:27:33

Sorry to hear @pudding, hopefully some good news soon! Hi BoBo, I'm also bf my 9m/o ds, af returned in march but been so random (never have I been so pleased to be in so much pain) no idea when I ovulate and opks don't really work for me so just plenty of dtd at the moment, waiting until ds 1 before we begin getting strategic. I just found measuring everything makes it so stressful

HidCat Wed 23-May-18 05:09:03

@CatRen27 Been DTD anyway and had a massive blob of ewcm today so keeping positive. Last month's LH surge was extremely quick so very possible I've missed it but I'm CD18 and historically 32 day cycle on average so may still get the positive opk.

Bit random but does anyone else find that they get confused between ewcm and sperm that's leaving the body? 🙈

Peanut1980 Wed 23-May-18 07:23:36

Thanks for creating the new thread @catren27. I’m not out for May just yet but I very much doubt it will happen. AF due this weekend. I’m having a tough week this week. I’m so exhaustingly tired and moody. I’m quite a gym addict having around 4/5 workouts a week. Im just going to skip today as feel I’m running on empty. I suffer from depression. Usually under control and on a low dose of anti depressants. Im wondering if my tiredness is just related to that. Finding the ttc a little soul destroying this week 😩

Age 38
DS 4
TTC 15 cycles. Miscarriage in August.
History - I’ve had fertility tests done and all came back fine. Hubby has low sperm count (6 million) but motility and morphology good. I’m waiting for period to start and then I’m going to arrange Drs appointment with regards to having a referral for IVF/ICSI which we’ll do privately.

TwittleBee Wed 23-May-18 08:06:05

Hello to oldies and newbies arriving on this thread - hope we all leave the bus this month! star

HidCat yes, I used to find trouble distinguishing! FF did a "tidbit" on it though and said something like
1) EWCM will stretch between your fingers but semen will break apart
2) EWCM is clear but semen is cloudy
3) EWCM wont absorb into loo roll but semen will within a few minutes

Peanut1980 bless you, depression is surprisingly exhausting isn't it! I hope that you aren't out in May flowers be nice to get a lovely bfp before IVF route.

HidCat Wed 23-May-18 08:27:16

@TwittleBee I didn't realise how different they were lol! I did notice the difference in colour though!

TwittleBee Wed 23-May-18 08:30:38

HidCat yeah I didn't either until I started proper looking then its obvious haha!

Lithops Thu 24-May-18 12:32:17

I'm grumpy this morning. I'm CD20 and still no smiley face and DH is going away for a couple of nights tomorrow. It's possible that I haven't ovulated at all (and won't), that I have, but the OPKs haven't picked it up, that I ovulated VERY early (CD9) or that I will ovulate while DH is away. Grr.

Peanut1980 Thu 24-May-18 12:46:51

@lithops. Sorry to hear that 😩 I do understand your frustration. I hope things work out for you this month. Don’t give up hope 🤞😘

TwittleBee Thu 24-May-18 12:56:08

Lithops oh its possible to be any of those unfortunately! Just DTD tonight to cover whilst he is away (sperm lives for a few days). OPKs are known to be unreliable and they just don't work at all for some women.

Mammyofasuperbaby Thu 24-May-18 13:00:08

Hi everyone

Age: 24
DS is 2, conceived in 6 weeks
TTC#2 since December 2017, currently on cycle 2 (stupidly long cycles)
Never had a positive opk despite testing everyday so feeling very deflated about it all

HidCat Thu 24-May-18 13:11:20

Hi @Mammyofasuperbaby, wow those are long cycles. Is there anything that can help to regulate them better?

Mammyofasuperbaby Thu 24-May-18 13:50:05

Hi @HidCat. I don't think there is other than going on the pill but hormonal contraception makes me quite ill and kinda defeated the object of TTC. Tmi but my average cycles are very irregular from 27 to 180 days but at the moment are averaging 70ish days. My Dr isn't interested at even looking at my cycles until TTC for 2 years.

HidCat Thu 24-May-18 14:23:22

Blimey, there was someone on here a while back (may have been a different thread) taking additional vitiating supplements and having alternative therapies for long cycles. There was talk of a fertility massage, acupuncture, vitamin B6 (I think). I think there's even another thread for people with long cycles too so may be full of tidbits. Anyway, hope this conception is quick for you!

Lithops Thu 24-May-18 14:28:32

Thanks, Twittle and Peanut. OPKs worked for me last time so think I will keep going this month and see if I ever get a smiley face even when DH is gone! Just out of interest. I do remember that last time I did any charting I ovulate quite late.
Mammy, that sounds so frustrating! Hope you can get something sorted

Redcup Thu 24-May-18 14:51:18

I'm 33 years old
One DS who is 7
This is cycle 1
AF due on 2nd June

Cycle length is 28/29 days

Took 9 months to conceive my DS, I hope to be pregnant before my 35th birthday in June 2019.

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