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Advise or similar situational experiences?

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Emmafh3 Mon 21-May-18 19:55:14

I mc in Feb after about 2 weeks worth of very faint positive tests, by some miracle I got pregnant again this month.
One huge big fat dark line. Almost darker than the control.
That was a week ago. I decided to test again today out of fear of the same repeat. It was a much much fainter line, but still darker than my mc lines.
Then I went to the toilet and had some pink/red in dc.
Which I had with my first pregnancy a handful of times, and even passed a clot. She's now a stroppy 18month old. But I also had the same sort of symptom the day before I miscarried.

*Worried that I'm going to miscarry again.
Anybody go through the same sort of thing and turn out alright?*

I live in the middle of nowhere so going to a hospital and waiting hours to be told everything is fine, or the opposite and nothing can be done is a bit of a nightmare (especially with all the animals and the child we have).
But waiting is hard!

HidCat Mon 21-May-18 20:38:31

@Emmafh3 so sorry you're going through this. I'm still waiting for my BFP after MC so not really much help but didn't want to read and run. Could it be different sensitivity levels on the tests?

Emmafh3 Mon 21-May-18 21:55:22

Doubt it! Same packets this preg. And same brand as last preg.
Sorry to hear about your mc they suck. Fingers crossed for us both! X

HidCat Mon 21-May-18 22:41:37

In that case I'd get checked out. 🤞 all is well.

SheisAfucker Tue 22-May-18 08:36:37

I had a tfmr (anencephaly) then had a bfp three months later. About a week later I had a gush of pink watery discharge (fair amount). I was so worried
but all was fine. I also spotted gross thick brown gunk for almost 12 weeks witth my first.

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