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Anyone due AF next week & want to join the final countdown?!

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Pudding01 Thu 17-May-18 12:55:25

Hi ladies.
This was the first month not tracking after trying for 8 months and getting nowhere.
My last 3 cycles lasted 28, 29 and 32 days, but think the last one may have been a CP.
No idea which date I actually ovulated, but felt cramping on and off since early last week and I'm due AF any time from Monday.

Think I'm going to do a test at the weekend, because I can't just sit and wait! Praying it's a BFP thanks

CookieWaffle Thu 17-May-18 13:17:47

I'm due on Sunday (could be next week if you count Sundays as the start!) and I'm feeling pretty rubbish. I seem to have every symptom my apps allow me to chose, along with allergies and I'm struggling to focus at work. I'm holding out til at least tomorrow morning to test again, I'd love for a bfp to be the reason why I feel this way, plus bring on the weekend! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Muffin7 Thu 17-May-18 14:22:18

I'm on my first cycle since miscarriage, had a period on 24th so expecting af anytime from Monday. Will be testing on Saturday I think.

Pudding01 Thu 17-May-18 15:51:57

@CookieWaffle I know what you mean about symptoms. I've felt a bit crappy last few days, cramping, spotty, headaches & moody. Would love it if it was because of baby and not af or illness. Fingers crossed for you too! Keep us updated.

@Muffin7 my last period was 23/04, so pretty much same as you smile Although no telling what day I'm meant to be due as last one was late. Good luck! I'm testing Saturday too x

Pudding01 Sat 19-May-18 07:27:38

BFN for me this morning ☹️ CD26, but could still only b 10dpo. I'm probably out, but will test again Tuesday is AF doesn't arrive x

Muffin7 Sat 19-May-18 09:25:42

Same for me @Pudding01 will also be testing next week if af doesn't arrive, probably on Wed as then I would be late.

Pudding01 Sat 19-May-18 10:15:20

Sorry you're disappointed too @Muffin7 😒 Fingers crosses for next week.
I don't actually know what day I'm officially late, so will probably test Tuesday & Friday if I'm still in limbo. Feel a bit premenstrual today though x

VenusStarr Sat 19-May-18 10:27:44

Hi can I join? I'm 8dpo, this is my first month charting and used opks. I have been ttc since December. I'm due on next Friday / Saturday. I'm not feeling that hopeful though, despite dtd leasing up to and morning after ovulation. My chart is dropping already, not to coverline but it's been decreasing since 5dpo. I'm incredibly bloated and my breasts are tender and feel fuller but that's quite common for me in the luteal phase.

Sorry for the BFN @ Pudding01and @Muffin7 I'm not testing until at least next Saturday, if af hasn't already arrived by then. Fingers crossed

CookieWaffle Sat 19-May-18 19:09:45

Keeping fingers crossed for you @Pudding01 and @Muffin7. Tomorrow is supposedly my predicted AF date. Tried a FRER this morning and got the faintest of lines... I'm not gonna go too crazy until I've tested again but it's looking good! shock

Owlpatrol Sat 19-May-18 19:16:18

Can I join? I'm 11dpo and had some spotting today but that teamed with cramps fairly certain I'm out....but only cycle day 26 so trying not to get hopes up as I have had this before!

Owlpatrol Sat 19-May-18 19:16:58

Sorry just 're checked and I'm cycle day 24

Pudding01 Sat 19-May-18 21:08:56

Good luck @CookieWaffle! Fingers crossed you get your BFP 

Welcome @VenusStarr and @Owlpatrol, good luck with yours too. I have never done the temp charting as I already obsessed over the ovulation tests 🙈 Hope we all get the results we want next week! X

VenusStarr Sun 20-May-18 09:36:52

That's exciting @CookieWaffle have you tested again?

My temperature has gone up slightly so been googling which is a waste of time as even if it looks good I'll only really know if / when af arrives.

How's everyone else?

Pudding01 Sun 20-May-18 09:43:14

Got a lot of premenstrual cramping today. Not looking good. CD27 x

VenusStarr Sun 20-May-18 12:27:24

Hopefully the cramps won't come to anything @Pudding01 x

Pudding01 Sun 20-May-18 16:57:36


But I've just had a shower after sunbathing in the garden. And you know when your AF is here and you lose a very small amount of dried blood in your morning shower, well I think that's just happened now.
So I'm either starting my period early (or on time if it slowly happens over night and comes full flow tomorrow) for the first time in months, or there's a chance it's implantation bleeding, as I've ovulated a little later last few cycles too.

The suspense is killing me!! 😅 Feels like a period though as cramping is still coming strong x

VenusStarr Sun 20-May-18 19:27:01

Got my fingers crossed for you smile

sprinkleofsunshine Sun 20-May-18 19:28:15

Hello, can I join please? Af due this week, in about 10 dpo, bfn this morning :-( but still hoping a bit!

VenusStarr Sun 20-May-18 19:53:27

Hi @sprinkleofsunshine I'm 10dpo tomorrow. Not testing yet only have 1 cheapie and don't want to use it yet!) I flit between hopeful and not. I'm due Friday / Saturday, when are you due?

Fee6 Sun 20-May-18 20:24:54

AF due on monday/ Tuesday, cramping started this afternoon so looks like I am out. Feeling pretty down as the FS told me this week that IVF is the only option and chances are very low due to complications. sad

Pudding01 Sun 20-May-18 20:32:43

Thank you @VenusStarr and you too hun 🤞🏻

Welcome @sprinkleofsunshine and @Fee6. Good luck this week thanks

Going to be a long week until we get an answer either way, isn't it! Really hope all of you get your BFP and not have start all over again next week xx

sprinkleofsunshine Sun 20-May-18 20:44:02

@Pudding01 thank you 

@VenusStarr according to my app I'm due Wednesday but I really don't know what is going on with me this month as I didn't feel o and I usually do so not even sure I def did ovulate! Have you had any symptoms?

VenusStarr Sun 20-May-18 21:00:54

I've had tender breasts (but always seem to have that) very bloated! Strong metallic taste at 5do but not since. I noticed my nipples look a bit different today but lighter? Nothing else really. I'm temping this month and it's still high but it's my first month so I have no idea if that's usual for me. I ovulated on day 11 which was news to me (my cycle is 25 days) but ovia was predicting ov at day 15/16. If I follow my usual pattern I should be due on Friday or Saturday and my luteal phase will be 14 days. I'm using flo this month to keep track, I think I prefer that app. Have you had any symptoms @sprinkleofsunshine ?

sprinkleofsunshine Sun 20-May-18 21:31:15

@VenusStarr fx they sound like good signs but you just never know do you. Is this your first time ttc or temping? This is cycle 2 for me ttc #1 I'm just going by my app which is usually spot on but as I didn't feel o this month I don't know whether to start temping/using opk next month.

Some symptoms I've had
Creamy cm mixed with quite bright yellow and general wet feeling (sorry tmi) few days after o- or so j think hmm mild cramping, general feeling of coming down with something, aching pain in right boob and shooting pains and stitch under right rib.

sprinkleofsunshine Sun 20-May-18 21:32:30

Days after I thought my I ovulated even though I didn't feel it I had a weird sharpish feeling beat my left ovary which literally felt like something squeezing through and pulsing, may have been o late but usually only feel it in right & it doesn't feel like that.

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