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TTC First Baby! Anyone else?!

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Delilah7 Thu 17-May-18 12:02:30

Hi Ladies.

Anyone else on their first cycle and TTCing?! I'm seeing all these beautiful posts about ladies getting pregnant and how they have bonded with people on here soooo, thought I'd make one at the start on my journey!

PixieLoo Thu 17-May-18 16:20:19

Yes! Hello, TTC baby number one - cycle 3 for us! I love reading everyone's news here too makes me so excited to share our news once we have some to share! All the baby dust to you and good luck xx thanks

Delilah7 Thu 17-May-18 16:23:16

@PixieLoo Hi lovely! How exciting. Cycle 3? I'm guessing ( I'm so new to this ) means how many months have gone past since your last period? Or am I completely wrong.
Did you have a withdrawal bleed? I've had such mixed response about mine. I forgot three pills before I decided to come off and had a bleed two days later, but I was near my period. Thoughts on that?! Haha xxx

PixieLoo Thu 17-May-18 16:34:48

@Delilah7 Third month of trying for us - so cycle 3 means (I'm new to this too!) that I've been trying for 3 months and had 3 periods! But I hope that makes sense!

I was on the pill for about 2 years and once I came off it , it took me 2 weeks before I had a bleed, it was fairly normal and like a period but I've always been very regular with my periods. I didn't have any periods when I was on the pill though! (Lucky I know!)

Are you using an app to track everything? I find that's helped me so much, I use Flo.

Delilah7 Thu 17-May-18 16:37:19

@PixieLoo I haven't obviously had another cycle since as mine was 5th may so not long ago. Mine looked like a normal period but I guess maybe it wasn't. Yes! I use flo. Says my best ovulation day is today so will be trying to baby make later hehehe xx

PixieLoo Thu 17-May-18 16:45:51

@Delilah7 ahhh lovely! Good luck wink xx

italianwifey Thu 17-May-18 19:54:27

Hey guys, can I join? I’m ttc baby number one too and also on my third month of trying. I’ve got endometriosis so a bit worried it might affect things but have been told all should be okay as had an op in jan!

Delilah7 Thu 17-May-18 19:59:36

@italianwifey hi lovely. Welcome! How has everything been going? Third cycle? & Oh no, it was suspected I had that. Hopefully it'll be the same as what it will for me to conceive and we can enjoy the journey x

CookieWaffle Thu 17-May-18 20:11:43

Hey, TTC number 1, 2nd month. Waiting on AF to (not) appear. Been using Flo too, getting slightly addicted and keep looking at it although it can tell me nothing more than it did 10 minutes ago! Tagging pretty much all the symptoms this week! Good luck to you all!

Delilah7 Thu 17-May-18 20:19:14

@CookieWaffle welcome!! smile fingers crossed she won't arrive. My 'ovulation' day or most fertile is tonight so gonna have fun later hehehe. Flo's amazing, what are you tracking other than your ovulating days? Got a lot of symptoms? Good luck to you lovely x

SunshineAndRainbows6 Thu 17-May-18 20:22:38

Hey ladies,

I'll jump in too if that's ok 🙋🏻 TTC#1 for us too and I'm on Cycle 2 🙊 Lovely to meet you all! 😘 Sending lots of bubba dust to you all.... 🙌🏻👏🏻 Let's get this group going with a load of BFPs!!!!! Tell me about it @CookieWaffle .... Can't stop checking me apps 😂👏🏻🤦🏻‍♀️ Im currently on 3 different ones which all tell me completely different Ovulations days which doesn't help... I seriously recommend staying away from doing that because it's slowly driving me nuts... 😂😂😂 .. still a newbie to it all and my periods are still a little whacky since coming off the pill which I don't think helps... It ranges from 30-36days. So I've decided to use OPKs for the first time this cycle... we shall see how they map out! Haven't a scooby what I'm doing with them tbh 😂 🤔🤦🏻‍♀️😂 xx

Delilah7 Thu 17-May-18 20:26:03

@SunshineAndRainbows6 hello my lovely!! Welcome! Be nice if we all get pregnant hey!! Hopefully it's not to difficult for us. I love flo but never know how reliable it is so let me know how you get on with the OPKS. I'm still confused about how I am! I had a withdrawal bleed when I accidentally missed three pills before I came off it! So confused when I'm actually ovulating and if I am or not xx

CookieWaffle Thu 17-May-18 20:31:18

Hey @SunshineAndRainbows6 smile It's crazy, I've now started taking my temperature and now I'm wondering if it's high or low...

My back's been rubbish for a week, bloating, cramps, weird twinging going on down there and now really sore boobs for a few days. I'm really not feeling like me and so thinking perhaps i am the big P... I was saving an early test til the morning but caved and tried it tonight aaand BFN. I need to chill lol....

SunshineAndRainbows6 Thu 17-May-18 20:38:07

Hey 👋🏻 @Delilah7,

Tell me about it, things will settled down for you soon hopefully! I came off the pill mid Dec to give my body a chance to settle back into things ... I was on 'Cerrelle' and was the same as @PixieLoo... I was on it for 2 years and never bled 🙌🏻🙏🏻😂 Of what I can remember I had a 2 day withdrawal bleed over Christmas and then my first proper period came 35 days later... then after that it ranged from 30-33 days each cycle... until my last cycle which was our first proper month of TTC and AF didn't arrive until day 36 😩 Got all my hopes up for nothing... was bloody awful!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Fingers crossed you don't have AF anytime soon and get your BFP instead!!! 🤞🏻

I'll deffo keep you updated on the apps and OPK's... 😁

The only proper advice I can give you now which I was told by someone on another group was to have sex every other day... that way sperm replenishes in between and there's a good amount in there if you get what I mean 😉 Apparently it can live in there up to 7 days 😱🙊

What cycle day is everyone on who knows? Wonder if any of us are close 👏🏻😁

Delilah7 Thu 17-May-18 20:44:06

@SunshineAndRainbows6 I just want to get going!!! Well I don't even know if I'm technically joining you ladies on the cycle front 😂😂 all I know is my most fertile night is tonight so I'm going to get down and dirtyyyyyy 😂😂my periods were the reason I went on my pill so young because they were awful so I hope they stay calm lol. Be lovely for us all to get BFP! We have to support each other and keep spirits high though!!

SunshineAndRainbows6 Thu 17-May-18 20:44:32

Ooooh @CookieWaffle,

We can all admit to being crazy when we are TTC!!! Well I deffo can... we turn into mad people 😂👏🏻

Those do sound like positive symptoms though 🙊 How many DPO are you? And of course it's going to be a BFN!!!! You must remember the good old 'first morning wee' rule!!! Thats RULE NUMBER ONE 😉

Ooooh why kid myself... I tested like 12 times last month... morning, night, middle of the night... you name it 😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Hopeless to control my urges me!!!! 🙊

JustLikeTheySaid Thu 17-May-18 20:48:30

I'm cycle 3 but just tested negative on a FRER despite being due in 3 days so am I sure I will be on to month 4. Feeling pretty heartbroken tonight and I'm sat reading about how many people don't get pregnant within a year etc... sad

Delilah7 Thu 17-May-18 20:50:10

@JustLikeTheySaid hello! oh no, sad maybe see if you come on again and if not defo take another? Remember still keep that little bit of faith. It's the best thing for you. We will get ourselves pregnant ladies xx

Delilah7 Thu 17-May-18 20:58:28

Reply in the morning ladies time to have some fun!! Baby dust to you for tonight. Wish me luck ;) xx

CookieWaffle Thu 17-May-18 21:00:09

@JustLikeTheySaid I'm just the same as you at the mo, 3 days before AF and couldn't resist with the FRER, there's still a chance though, give it a few more days.

@SunshineAndRainbows6 12 dpo (apparently) tho we DTD 2 days later so maybe i'm really 10 dpo... who knows! In theory AF would be happening sunday but I'm not the most regular.

About the whole first morning wee thing, mine was really pale this morning, I've never seen that before, usually it's darker. There's just lots of weird things happening to my body at the moment...

(Aaand ordered another FRER on Amazon Prime....)

TwinkleBear Thu 17-May-18 21:00:57

Hi all! Can I join? TTC first baby here, just started last month, and I had just about convinced myself I was having a ton of symptoms when AF came. 😞 Gonna try to not stress myself out this month and just wait and dtd at least every other night to maximise chances!!! Hubby can't wait! Hahah! Not gonna try OPKs or charting temps or any of that... yet. If it moves on to cycle 3 I might look into it. Fingers crossed for all of us!!!

SunshineAndRainbows6 Thu 17-May-18 21:05:14

@delilah7... bless you! I know what you mean, I'm sure you'll be fine! Just have lots of sex and see how it goes... have you been checking you CM? That always helps... 😁👌🏻 And if Flo says it then there is nothing wrong with giving it a go.... Bonk like mad tonight!! 😂 My plan of action is to DTD every other day and use the OPK's to try and figure out my OV alongside the apps and pray 🙏🏻 Come on guys we can do this 🙌🏻👏🏻😉

Hi 👋🏻 @JustLikeTheySaid.... sending you air hugs 🤗 I know that feeling ... I was 5 days late and when AF showed her ugly face last month I cried and drowned my sorrows over a kebab, bottle of wine and a cheesy movie... BUT hopefully this will not be the case for you.....I'm keeping all of my fingers and toes crossed 🤞🏻 that you implanted later in your cycle and your BFP is still on the horizon... I have heard many people who've had that happen... and don't pay too much attention to the internet... I know it's hard to say that because we all do it! But the last time I researched into something I genuinely thought I had a couple days left to live 🤦🏻‍♀️😂👏🏻

Let's be the lucky 🍀 BFPs group!!!! 🙏🏻👊🏻💪🏻 MORE BFP's the better 🙌🏻😁

PixieLoo Thu 17-May-18 21:13:17

So many new messages! Hello, @italianwifey @CookieWaffle @SunshineAndRainbows6 @JustLikeTheySaid & @TwinkleBear!

glad to share this with everyone and giving everyone lots of love & baby dust!! flowers

digitalcat Thu 17-May-18 21:13:46

Hello ladies! We will be TTC our first baby very soon, I'm just impatiently waiting for an appointment to have my copper coil removed - I didn't realise how long it would take to get booked in, just under 3 weeks to wait now! I joined mumsnet to read up beforehand and to have people to talk to a about it, we're keeping it to ourselves until we're (hopefully) successful. Just trying to learn what all the abbreviations mean on here, haha!

I've been tracking my cycle using Clue for ages so I'm hoping it will help with predicting fertile days etc, my cycle is pretty much the same every month.

Good luck to everyone! smile

PixieLoo Thu 17-May-18 21:16:35

Hey @digitalcat!
I bet the wait is killing you but not long left now!

I found this list of abbreviations very helpful when trying to figure out what everyone means haha smile

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