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Question for Aitch

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cedar12 Thu 17-May-07 13:00:37

I havent seen you on ectopic thread for a while and was wondering if you help me with something. I remember you saying you took aspirin whilst ttc. I was wondering what the link was with ectopics. I started taking it a couple of weeks ago after reading an article about how it can increase fertility in general. I should go and talk to my gp really but was just wondering if you had any info. Worried I shouldnt really be taking it.Thank you in advance.

cedar12 Fri 18-May-07 08:17:06


cedar12 Sat 19-May-07 08:54:06


harveysaunt Mon 11-Jun-07 20:17:32


I was also wondering the same thing. Aitch where are you x

lissie Tue 26-Jun-07 14:37:36

did you find her?

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