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OPK, cm and ovulation help

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VenusStarr Tue 08-May-18 20:41:50

I have short cycles of 25 days. Was on the pill until December but my cycle seems to have settled now.

First month I'm using OPKs. I'm cd8 today and read that I should start today. Barely there line, to be expected I think as I think my luteal phase is 11-12 days (guessing as not done temp or used OPK before)

But, I have ovulation cramps, had ewcm this morning and just been to the toilet and now have stretchy / watery cm (stretched about 1.5cm)

I'm going to start temping tomorrow (thermometer only arrived today). But what's going on? Am I gearing up to ovulate in the next couple of days or not?

I use ovia and it's predicting fertile week is next Monday but I feel like it's going to be sooner than that. Might explain why I've not had a sniff of a line these last few months! Help!

VenusStarr Wed 09-May-18 07:21:58

Just bumping for the morning...

Comeonlittleone Wed 09-May-18 18:27:16

Hi, I’m pretty much the same as you. I have on average a 22 day cycle and I feel like I’m ovulating now (cd 10/11) got egg white cm this morning but nothing is showing on the ovulation tests. Not sure if I’m doing it at the wrong time of day? I usually do one around 3pm, what time do you take yours? I read online that you should do it later on in the day time. Also use Ovia and it says I should of ovulated by now. Don’t know what to do!! Thinking of buying one of those clear blue digital fertility monitors, they’re so expensive but it’s much easier to read.

stellarfox Wed 09-May-18 19:19:13

I would DTD just in case you are ovulating soon and the tests aren't showing for some reason. Are you taking the tests a few hours after drinking? You want dont want to drink much before or it can dilute it. When I first started I bought the cheap one step OPKs and also the clearblue digital. You could try getting the clearblue if the cheapy opks arent working for you.

VenusStarr Wed 09-May-18 20:10:55

Thank you for replying @Comeonlittleone I did opk yesterday after a couple of hours hold at around 7pm. Did today's about 3.30pm after a similar hold - bit weird doing it at work but I read 2pm is the best time but I didn't need the toilet then! It's all new to me. Have you been trying long? Today's is definitely darker but still faint. Still got stretchy ewcm today so that's a good sign I think.

@stellarfox thank you too. I think I'll see this month how I get on with the cheap opks. Ovia keeps doing clearblue pop up ads and I did have a quick look today.

First day doing my temp today too, woke up and did it half asleep, turns out it was 4am! Haha. Planning on dtd tonight, husband will have a nice surprise when he gets home smile am hoping every other day will be OK if I'm gearing up to ovulate.

Tinker315b Thu 10-May-18 11:40:47

@VenusStarr I also have short cycles of 25 days and an LP of 10-11 days! I have been tracking and chart my cycles since stopping the pill in Dec also. I have just finished my 4th cycle, and I usually tend to get a positive opk on CD13 with ovulation usually taking place CD14/15. When I do opks I do about 3 per day from CD11, so one around 11 am, 4pm and then around 9pm. I seem to always catch it either in the morning or the late at night one and always hold my urine for at least 3 hours and keep drinks to a limit.

BBT really works for me as it always shows clear ovulation and then I get the big drop the morning of AF.

Cervical mucus I seem to get loads from CD10 right up until I ovulate.

Last cycle we dtd everyday throughout my fertile window and up until the day after ovulation, but this wasn't successful!

so this time we have been doing every other day from CD8 and will continue to do this so fingers crossed dtd every other day works for us and good luck x

VenusStarr Thu 10-May-18 18:37:01

Hi @Tinker315b thank you for replying. I've done 2 opks today, this afternoon's is definitely darker so pleased about that.

I looked back on my ovia app for last month we dtd everyday from day 10-13 but no luck last month (that's why I'm bbt and doing opks, feel like I need to be more proactive). I do feel excited this month but think it's because I'm doing something rather than just waiting, hoping and seeing.

What cycle day you on now? Good luck smile x

Tinker315b Thu 10-May-18 19:35:38

@VenusStarr that’s great! Hopefully you pick up the surge soon then smile

This cycle I am trying to be a bit more relaxed and I’m not going to do any opks or anything and just continue to dtd every other day and see what happens! Actually mentally challenging ttc. I’m on CD10 so hopefully ovulate soon, going for 21 day bloods this month and also hubby has a sperm analysis at the end of this month!

People say just relax but I struggle to lol x

VenusStarr Thu 10-May-18 20:25:48

@Tinker315b we're cycle buddies, I'm cd10 today smile I definitely struggle to relax too, I think about ttc all the time! We decided to try opks and bbt this month and if I don't get pregnant this month I'm going to try acupuncture. I'm heading towards 35 so want to give ourselves the best chance. I asked on here about acupuncture a few weeks ago and every who replied and had it all got pregnant so am willing to give it a go, it can't hurt!

Fingers crossed for your bloods and sperm test smile x

Tinker315b Thu 10-May-18 20:36:55

@VenusStarr Brilliant! Yes it’s meant to be very good. I start reflexology next week, in the hope it helps even relax me! Let me know how the acupuncture goes as I would also be willing to try it too.

Thank you! More worried about hubbys sperm rather than me 😂 x

VenusStarr Fri 11-May-18 11:48:45

Let me know how your reflexology goes @Tinker315b. I just wish we could see what's going on in our bodies, there would be no need for tests then! x

Think I missed my peak. My temp was lower today and just done an opk and it's faint again. The one I did yesterday about 7pm was definitely darker but I'm not sure it was positive. I had no cm yesterday but watery today. If I'm ovulating today that means my luteal phase is 14 days when I thought it was 11/12. Or my cycle is going to be really short this month confused

Tinker315b Fri 11-May-18 12:13:53

Yes I will @VenusStarr Did you have EWCM at all? x

VenusStarr Fri 11-May-18 12:48:25

Yes @Tinker315b had ewcm cd 8/9, no cm yesterday and then watery cm today. No idea if that's good or not. I'm quite cramps too and had backache yesterday. What do you think? x

Tinker315b Fri 11-May-18 12:59:30

It sounds that maybe you have already ovulated, maybe because you were only doing an opk once a day maybe you missed it, and when it was darker yesterday that was maybe you catching it on the way down? Though BBT should stay high after ovulation for 4 consecutive days I think and they must be higher than the previous 5 before ovulation. Or maybe CD 8/9 is you entering your fertile window, because sometimes I can get loads of EWCM then it dries up a bit for a day- 2 days then back to EWCM and then I ovulate. Hope that makes sense? Who ever thought our bodies would be so hard to understand hmm x

VenusStarr Fri 11-May-18 18:13:21

Thank you @Tinker315b time will tell. My temp was lower this morning so will see if it picks up tomorrow and stays up for a bit. Hope you're OK x

VenusStarr Sat 12-May-18 04:15:02

I don't think I've ovulated, no temp rise this morning. It is 0.4 degrees higher but that's not enough sad googling like mad and have seen that it could rise in another day or so. Feeling sad. I know it's not definite and that it could be a one off as having an annovulatory cycle can happen but what if something is wrong? sad

VenusStarr Sat 12-May-18 09:28:40

Had a tearful chat with DH, feeling a bit better. I know at the moment there's nothing I can do but just carry on as we are, wait for an and hope. I'm 35 in a couple of months so will see my GP then and at least I'll have some history with my tracking.

@Tinker315b Do you mind me asking why your having bloods and spermicide tests now? You've been off your pill the same as me? x

VenusStarr Sat 12-May-18 09:31:11

**sperm sorry! Stupid phone, I've never even used the word spermicide! Haha

Tinker315b Sat 12-May-18 12:00:33

@VenusStarr 0.4 is a high enough rise! As long as it’s 0.2 or higher.

Don’t get yourself down yet hun. Just wait until your next AF arrives if it does and then go from there! We have been trying since Jan, and no luck yet so I spoke with my doctor and she wanted DH to go for sperm analysis as we have been dtd at the right times and also my cycles are regular etc and ovulation does seem to be taking place. So she kinda thought we should be pregnant by now! Then I just asked in the mean time can I also get Day 21 bloods just to be sure a my LP is quite short and she said yes that was no problem! Soo many off us are all in this same position so don’t feel like your alone x

VenusStarr Sat 12-May-18 17:02:32

Thank you @Tinker315b it's 0.4 degrees c though? And it isn't my highest temp this week. I know all I can do is wait.

Sorry for being nosey, your GP sounds good. I've not met mine (moved about 28 months ago and not needed to!) think I'll get in touch with the acupuncturist and arrange a consultation, I think they time them with your cycle anyway.

My friends keep joking about babies and we better get a move on as we've recently married. She's even tagging things on Facebook now, it's not helping!!

Off out for a curry and a beer tonight so hopefully can switch off a bit. Least my cycle is short so I won't have to wait long smile thank you, it's good to have a place to talk x

Tinker315b Sat 12-May-18 19:31:31

Yea though what thermometer are you using? I know same here! I got married almost a year ago and the same thing is happening that we need to get a move on etc! Yes a short cycle isn’t too much of a bad thing! I’m just soo glad to have regular cycles so quick after stopping the pill!

Enjoy your night and try relax xx

VenusStarr Sat 12-May-18 20:07:32

It's got baby mad hmm printed on it. Bought it from Amazon and it measures in Celsius to 0.00 degrees. I'm pleased my cycles have settled quickly too.

Just done an opk and a really faint barely the there line... Will see what my temperature is like tomorrow.

Hope you have a good evening too. X

Tinker315b Sat 12-May-18 22:14:05

That’s the same one I have I think! And 0.4 is definitely a big enough rise for ovulation, and will be confirmed if your temps continue to rise x

VenusStarr Sun 13-May-18 09:56:55

Feeling better this morning, a definite rise today. Hope it continues. Still a bit confused about actual ovulation day but I guess this is part of the learning curve x

VenusStarr Tue 15-May-18 08:08:14

Ovulation confirmed by flo app. Ovulate on day 11, so am officially in the tww and am 4dpo. I'm actually wondering if my luteal phase is 14 days. Looking back on Ovia, their dates for ovulation are completely out. I'm glad I've started temping as I don't think we were dtd at the right time.

How are you getting on @Tinker315b ? x

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