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Toot toot! June Bus!

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sailorcherrie Sat 05-May-18 20:24:06

Not sure if it is a certain person/group of people who start these threads but hadn't seen the June bus rolling round yet so here goes...


AGE: 27
TTC: #1
CYCLE: 2 (properly trying)
AF/BFP DUE: 5th June

MrsM2017 Sat 05-May-18 23:00:20

Hi @sailorcherrie and thanks for starting the thread smile - I was keeping my eyes out for the June bus seeings as AF showed up early this morning.

Age: 28
TTC: #1
Cycle: 5 (casually trying since Nov/Dec, but actively tracking etc since January)
Usual cycle length: anywhere between 26/28 days
Current cycle day: 1
AF/BFP due: roughly around 1st June

Starting to stress myself out and worry that we haven't conceived so far - especially as the last cycle on the pill was last July, so I may not be monitoring this thread too closely as promised myself (and hubby!) that this cycle will be a more relaxed approach to TTC.

Fingers crossed this June bus is lucky for all flowers

Verysmallcat Sat 05-May-18 23:18:24

Thanks for starting the new bus @sailorcheerie, period came 4 days early this evening, was feeling quietly confident about this cycle too for some reason.
@MrsM2017 we are cycle buddies my next period is due around the 1st June too, here's hoping it stays away for all of us flowers

8DaysAWeek Sat 05-May-18 23:28:32

Been looking out for this for a few days! Thanks for starting it grin

Age: 28
Cycle: 3 (8 months trying; period only came back 2 months ago after stopping breastfeeding)
TTC #2; 19mo DS
CD 4, cycle length around 33 days

On the second month of temping. Found it so frustrating last month analysing every single temperature to was sure I wouldn't do it again this month but actually the bigger picture is really interesting so will continue. Gives me something to do I guess...

Good luck ladies!!

8DaysAWeek Sat 05-May-18 23:35:53

Woops DS is 21 months old! Think I'm getting close to using whole years for his age and none of this months business πŸ˜‚

MrsM2017 Sat 05-May-18 23:47:18

Yay, cycle buddies 😊 sorry to hear AF rudely showed up early for you @Verysmallcat, fingers crossed for the this month 🀞🏻

Verysmallcat Sun 06-May-18 00:22:41

Thanks @MrsM2017 have just re-read that your AF was early too, very rude! It's bad enough just turning up on time never mind early grin

ronniemipperton Sun 06-May-18 06:21:24

Hi all.

Age: 32
Cycle: 6 of properly tracked cycles I think (a couple of years of trying before that but had hypothalamic amenorrhea)
TTC #1
CD 3, cycle length around 30 days

I have a hospital appointment on Thursday, not sure if they’ll suggest doing anything to help with this or just tell me to keep trying given I’ve only had regularish cycles for 8 months or so. Still having very light periods (think AF lasted about a day and a half this time) which probably isn’t a good sign.

Good luck everyone.

ronniemipperton Sun 06-May-18 06:23:58

Side point - I have really bad hayfever and temping is a nightmare right now - I can’t breathe through my nose!

Countrygirl94 Sun 06-May-18 08:04:14

Hi all! Hopping on the June bus as AF arrived yesterday.

Age: 24
TTC #1
Cycle: 7
AF/BFP: 5th June

Really thought it was going to be our month. So going to try not be as obsessive this month.

Dassie81 Sun 06-May-18 08:10:06

Glad to see this bus. The May bus didn't stop for me! A little about me:

Age: 36
TTC: #2 (#1 age 4)
Cycle: #3
CD: #7

af due June 2nd...early days, but still feel like we left it a bit late for #2. We shall see what happens this month!

Fingers crossed for all on-board smile

KnitKitty Sun 06-May-18 09:23:25

Jumping on.

Age: 30
TTC: #1
Cycle: #2 post MC
CD: #2
AF due sometime between 3rd-8th June.

Struggling a bit with first AF after MC and feeling very back-to-square one-ish, but this place helps enormously, so thanks for the new bus!

sailorcherrie Sun 06-May-18 11:02:21

Looks like our cycles must meet up @Countrygirl94 and @KnitKitty ...hopefully BFPs all round for us on 5th June! πŸ’œπŸ’™ stay away AF! πŸ™…πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

If not I'll probably rev up the July bus if it's not already on the go by then!

I'm CD2 and feeling like πŸ’©

Last cycle was my AF after a 118 day cycle so I was going through super tampax every 2 hours on day 2 - it's such a lovely day outside today but got the fear of going out in my nice light denim jeans in case that level of horror AF happens again! Must admit I'm feeling better than last time so hopefully it was just a shock to my system coming off Cerelle that caused that horridness last time.

Wingingit321 Sun 06-May-18 11:06:37

Reserving a seat. Only on cd24 but started spotting early sad
Cycle 5 sad

charliefarli Sun 06-May-18 13:42:45

Reserving a seat. I may be May bus I may be June bus. No idea what is going on with my cycle!

Age: 31
TTC: 1
Cycle: 1
CD: 10
AF/BFP: End of May/Start of June.

Came off the POP about a month ago had a period (?) two weeks or so later.

jaykaydee Sun 06-May-18 15:46:33

Another one coming over from the May bus after getting AF this weekend.

Age: 34
TTC #2
Cycle: 3 (it was third time lucky for DD so fingers crossed)
AF/BFP: 5th June like so many here. Let's hope it's a lucky 5th June.

Might help that DH isn't away most of my FW this time.

GreedyVegan Sun 06-May-18 19:43:12

Hi can I join?

GreedyVegan Sun 06-May-18 19:45:41

Posted too soon!
Cycle 2

silverpenguin Sun 06-May-18 21:36:59

I'm hopping on. Weirdly I'm waiting for June 5th too - if we all get preggers, we might all end up with the same due date grin

Age 32
TTC #2
Cycle 2
BFP/AF due 5th June

8DaysAWeek Sun 06-May-18 21:48:42

Wow 5th June is indeed a popular stop date for this bus! I'm due around the 2nd.

Will all these 5th-ers be able to keep their hands off sticks before then??

Thats my aim for this cycle - WAIT until period is LATE before testing. Uh I just know that won't happen...

Dassie81 Sun 06-May-18 22:19:31

@80DaysAWeek...I'm a 2nd June af too! Though I could be June 5th, depends on whether this cycle is 28, 32, or 35 days!!!

Dassie81 Sun 06-May-18 22:20:23

Oops @8DaysAWeek, not 80!!!

8DaysAWeek Sun 06-May-18 22:22:09

Same @Dassie81, it could be a few days either way for me! But if I give myself a date it'll be easier to stick too grin

Dassie81 Sun 06-May-18 22:32:08

I'm going to try to follow your lead @8DaysAWeek. I usually break and poas a few days too early. I thought May was our month, so not really feeling it for June, but who knows!

8DaysAWeek Sun 06-May-18 22:40:41

@Dassie81 oh for sure I'm 99% positive I'll test beforehand. Perhaps I'll use this bus as my motivation... I'm not on the May one so I'll simply HAVE to wait until the 1st June ;)

I didn't have a good feeling about May and was glad in a way when AF finally came. Didn't stop me testing 4 days in a row on the lead up!

Hopefully June is our month grin

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