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TTC at 40.

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Mum2fourrugrats Sun 29-Apr-18 22:32:39

Good evening😁
I have 3 children from previous relationship and me and my husband have 1 DS age 5 together. We both want another baby together but not just yet. Hoping to ttc in about 2 to 3 years....but I will be 39/40 he will be 42/43. I just presumed pregnancy would be for me as it always was. But due to age the risks involved worry me. Something I've never had to really worry about before due to the numbers in risk being so low. I read at 39 your fertility falls off a shelf and at 40 it's even worse. And will be classed as a high risk pregnancy. It's shocked me really.
So just wanting to know how it was for you if conceived at 40 or older.
I've always had such healthy happy pregnancies and expected baby no 5 to be the same.
I always wanted lots of children, absolutely love being a mum.
I've already googled lots about supliments to take, diet, health when to do the deed when not to to aid fertility and so on.
Thankyou xx

Midthreademergencynamechange Sun 29-Apr-18 22:35:05

I conceived at 40 and had a text book pregnancy and elective c-section shortly before my 41st birthday. It took 5 months to conceive, was my second pregnancy.

PetraRabbit Sun 29-Apr-18 23:54:13

Started TTC at nearly 41, conceived in 4-5 months and pregnancy was fine. I do think being fit and in very good physical shape helped. But if you really want another baby I wouldn't wait. Probably you'd have no problems getting pregnant at 40- it's not the clifftop people make it out to be- but you could be the unlucky one. Take ubiquinol.

Mum2fourrugrats Mon 30-Apr-18 07:35:11

Thankyou ladies. Makes me feel a little better about it.
We want to wait as we're having our house made bigger in the next year so have no room until then. Already have the youngest in our bedroom so would be very stressful fitting us all in. My eldest is moving out too in that time. And have alot planned this next year and 2 loans to pay off. The list goes
I know the time will never be right for anyone really as life does throw us challenges but within 2 years life will be much easier so will be better timing. And im needing to loose aome weight. So wanting to be super healthy for it too.
What is ubiquinol please? Xx

Help201602 Mon 30-Apr-18 12:28:44

I have two children both conceived 1st cycle at 26 and 30. I’m 41 now and am on cycle 8 of trying for a 3rd and no luck. Fertility drops with age, I would suggest not putting it off that long as although some conceive with ease, it may not be the case.

Claire90ftm Mon 30-Apr-18 14:04:51

I agree with @Help201602 . Fertility isn't always going to be there. Yes, there are those who are lucky with it but there are no guarantees. Don't wait.

PetraRabbit Mon 30-Apr-18 15:13:22

Ubiquinol is a supplement which improves egg quality so it's good to take as you get older.

MrsGS76 Sun 27-May-18 22:40:53

@weasledee ahh worked it out .. just keep shagging ..., lol ... good one!!!! Xxx

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