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molar pregnancy

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lovelylou Mon 14-May-07 14:23:38

I was just wondering if there is anyone who is ttc after a molar pregnancy. Was told nine weeks ago thats what they think has happened to me [still waiting results] and would love to talk to someone who has had the same thing so i have an idea of how much longer till i can ttc again.

lovelylou Mon 14-May-07 15:10:21

maybe i am the only one then?

cityangel Mon 14-May-07 16:41:18

I personally haven't but my sister in law had one. As I understand it they are quite rare.

She was quite ill and a few weeks along. She was told to wait 6 months before trying again. This wasn't because of it happening again but more because if she had a positive pg test they wouldn't be able to tell if it was a viable pregancy or whether the problems was re-occuring.

This is all second hand though so whatever the doctors recommend is best to follow.

Good luck

DarrellRivers Mon 14-May-07 20:17:36

Usually if you have a molar pregnancy you get followed up by usually Charing Cross Hospital(for some reason they are the centre of excellence/tertiary referral centre)
Often your blood will be monitored by regular blood tests to check the bHCG hormone level has come down to normal, indicating you can try to conceive again.Normally about 6 m.
Are you seeing your GP or gynaecologist soon to discuss followup?
All the best

dizzy36 Fri 18-May-07 16:37:56

hi, my sis in law had a molar pgncy 2 years ago, she was told to avoid getting preg for at least year while she underwent tests...this involved providing urine samples which were passed onto a hospital in ensure the cancer cells did not pass from the foetus to her. Luckily she was given the all clear

Its not a common thing and no-one had any idea why it happened. she was told that there was only a very slight chance that it would happen again.

It seems different hospitals have different ideas of how long it is best to wait. my SIL isn't in a position to ttc at the moment so its not an issue.

All the best

kensgirl Fri 18-May-07 23:13:07

Hi, Lovely Lou. I am currntly having monitoring following a partial molar pregmancy in decemeber 06. I lost the baby at almost 12 weeks, and the docters suspect that it was a PHMP. I'm having tests at Sheffield, at first weekly, then a few weeks ago reduced to fortnightly as everything is going Ok so far .I have been advised not to ttc until I have had the all clear after 6 months, but I am doing so anyway...... naughty I know.

It's a really hard time, trying to cope with the loss of a baby, then the threat to your own life/health, but everything I have been told tels you to expect to conceive a normal, heathy baby one day, so stay strong. I am also posting on other threads, especially the ttc 1st baby, hope to hear from you soon.

Glimmer Mon 21-May-07 13:37:47

Bump -- wave at LoevlyLou.

HappyJ Sat 07-Jul-07 09:58:14


I am new to this and joining initially on behalf of my little sister who has just been told at 16 weeks she has had a partial molar and is being referred to Sheffield.

Can anyone out there tell us more what happens when she gets there and has anyone had a healthy baby after so I can give her some positive news as I want to help her.

Thanks x

kensgirl Sat 07-Jul-07 10:58:27

Hi Happy J.
Sorry to hear of your sisters news. Its really hard to come to terms with, and feels like a kick in the teeth. Not only do you have to deal with a losing a baby, but then have the shock of molar too.

I am currently having monitoring at Sheffield following the diagnosis or a a partial molar pregnancy in December, after what was thought to be a mmc at 11 weeks.

Everbody is different, but I hope this will help.

the monitoring is done remotely, so she will first have a blood test at the local hospital, which will be sent to Sheffield. then, after a few weeks she will recieve thriugh the post some instructions and a little tube to wee in. this is sent back to sheffield the following day, and they test it for the hcg. If the hcg is normal - ie - negative within a few weeks following the erpc, then she will do this tes weekly. This will contiinue for about 3 months, then have another blood test at the local hospital. After thet, the monitoring will continue for a few more months, but now fortnightly, until she is classed as beling clear from trophablastic disese aafore approx 6 months from the date of the 1st clear test.

If it takes longer to get a first clear result, thenit will be longer until she is discharged from the folow up monitoring.

if the hcg does not drop to normal , then a second erpc may be needed. if the hcg suggesrs that the tumour is active, then she may need drug treatment to get rid ofit, which is administered at sheffield, and is a type of chemotherapy. It is probaly only if this is needed that she wil actually go to Sheffield.

Needing chemo is rare following a partial molar prenancy, more common for a complete mole. There is every chance that she will go on to have a healthy, normal pregnancy afterwards. She will not be allowed to ttc though until the follow up is finished, as a new pregnancy will mask or mimic any symptoms of the molar pregnancy becomimg active again. Follow up is generally a minimum of 6 months sometimes longer.

It is a worrying time, but theer is support on here in the form of TTC after miscarriage, and to reassure your sister, Sheffield told me ther is a 95% chance that I I'll never need to actually go to Sheffield.

There is also a lovey lady here called Mistlethrush who has experience of molar prenancy with chemo.

I've not yet been discharged from Sheffield, so my experience is very recent, if you sister wants to contact me at all. There is also a support nurse based at Sheffield, called Jan Everard, who is excellent.

Your sister will recieve an information pack in the post shortly, explaining everything that will happen.

I hope this helps

HappyJ Sat 07-Jul-07 22:24:34

Hi Kensgirl

Thank you so much for your message and info - we were all a bit bewildered on hearing the news of my sister's partial molar as no-one had ever heard of this and your experience will help her that she is not on her own.

I hope everything goes well with you and you get through it which I am sure you will and go on to have a healthy baby which I am sure you deserve.

I will ask my sister to log on and have a chat with you but thanks again xx

frogs Sat 07-Jul-07 22:38:39

HappyJ -- kensgirl has given you good info. I had a partial molar pregnancy 8 years ago, and have had two healthy problem-free pregnancies since then. It is incredibly traumatic at the time, but the odds of further problems are low.


HappyJ Sat 07-Jul-07 22:45:59

Hi Frogs

What a great site eh. I have been so worried about my sister as it will one day be her first baby and we were so excited for her until she had the news that it was a partial molar.
It is good to hear that people like you have been through this and gone on to have two beautiful healthy children. It is much better when you hear this from someone who has actually experienced this and gone through it rather than her big sister saying it will be okay. I cannot wait to tell her and ask her to log on to this site.

Thanks for your message and it has helped lots. x

kensgirl Sat 07-Jul-07 23:29:47

Hi Happy J and frogs

Firstly, sorry for my appallning spelling in my 1st post - it will teach me to check for typos before posting !

I hope this does help your sister. It would have been my first babay too, and because it is so rare (0.25%) nobody has ever heard of it, which makes you feel slightly like a freakshow, and it just adds to the bewilderment of "why me..."

Still, I just wanted to add that it helped me to be able to off-load or discuss with someone else who had experience of the same trauma, so if your sister wants to talk then I will try my best. Alternatively, there is a support group run from Sheffield, but I think it is a drop in centre, so I didn't go as I live in Manchester, and couldn't get there.

Frogs - I'm very glad to hear that you went on to have healthy pregnancies! I am currently TTC although I have not yet had the final all clear. I hope it happens soon! Did you find any difficulties in TTC after molar, and can I ask if you had good quality care during your next pregnancy, as in extra scans or testsetc to make sure the next pregnancy was progressing normally?

Good luck to you both, and take care xx

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