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TTC #1

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Moole Sun 15-Apr-18 10:54:49

Hello ladies! Noticed there aren't any threads recently about ttc baby number one. For anyone trying and failing, hopefully we can all give each other some support and end up with some lovely Bfps!
I'll start off

Age :21
Cycle: 3
CD: 27

Feeling particularly fed up this month due to looking at statistics for when people conceive and feeling like my body is failing me so young.

ShortandStout1 Sun 15-Apr-18 12:50:49

Hi @Moole I'm trying for #1 I hope you get bfp soon.
CD: 18
The chances of getting pregnant first cycle are so low but I'm going to buy myself something nice when AF arrives.

WaitingForThatBFP Sun 15-Apr-18 16:24:48

Hey guys.. I’m trying for #1
Age/DH age: 23/33
Cycle: 8
CD: 37

I’m actually so fed up. I have irregular periods which is frustrating and I’m oretty sure I’ve not yet ovulated this month.. had all the necessary blood tests and was told it should nothing to worry about so DH needs to have his SA done..

Hope we get our BFPs soon fx

ShortandStout1 Sun 15-Apr-18 16:55:24

Anovulation cycles are horrible I think this cycle is first I've ovulated since I came off the depo I hope I ovulate every month from now on (if I don't get bfp) because at least I won't feel like I'm failing as a women.

Mrsjones17 Sun 15-Apr-18 17:38:47

I’ll join. Not been on a thread chat for a while but always lurking!
Age 29 (30 next week!) DH 32
Cycle 16 😖
CD 19

Hope it doesn’t take some of you ladies as long as it’s taking me!

MrsM2017 Sun 15-Apr-18 17:49:29

Hi everyone, is it ok to join? I keep loosing my posts and keeping track of things when I join the "bus" threads 😂

Currently TTC #1 and have been since November/December time but only actively tracking since January.
Age: 28
DH age: 29
Cycle: 4
Cd: 7

Got married almost a year ago after being together over 6 years, never thought that trying to have a baby would be so difficult and such a rollercoaster! I've luckily always had regular periods every 27/28 days so like you @Moole I'm starting to feel like my body is failing me a bit 😐. Fingers crossed for some bfps for us all soon!

ShortandStout1 Sun 15-Apr-18 18:08:08

To anyone who has been a through a few cycles or more have you got any tips how to get through 2ww and AF disappointment?

BabyHopeful2018 Sun 15-Apr-18 18:16:53

Hey All

I’m also TTC #1

Age 33 (in two weeks)
Cycle 2
CD 21

Crazy symptom spotting in middle of TWW. Feel totally different this cycle though..... hope it’s not just my body playing tricks!!

I could test next week using FRER test but gonna try and hold off until my AF is due (two days before my bday) Fingers crossed it doesn’t come and I’ll get a perfect birthday present!!xx

ALRM Sun 15-Apr-18 18:48:47

Hi all,

I'll join if that's ok? I'm

Age: 36
cycle: 16
Cd: 23

Been a long road so far. 1 x MMC, 1 x ectopic and 1 x chemical last cycle.

Waiting for af and then back on it!

Mrsjones17 Sun 15-Apr-18 18:52:03

@shortandstout1 I’m sorry I have no advice! You would think after over a year of ttc I would! You would also think that after a year I wouldn’t get my hopes up every month and then be disappointed every month but I am. The only think I would do differently is not rush head first into scheduled sex and opk testing. Rely a bit more of tracking and cm in the early days. Oh and I now don’t waste a pointless tenner by testing early because I’ve have ‘symptoms’! No better way to bring on your period than to pee on a pregnancy test!

DaisyMay25 Sun 15-Apr-18 18:56:57

I've been wanting a thread like this for a while

Age: 26 (27 on the 25th)
Cycle: 8 (mc in September)
CD: 11

Was a DHs and BIL birthday yesterday with so many children including two friends who had four month old baby girls born two weeks apart, was very tough. Got asked a lot of times when we'll be having one. I just said it's not up to us!

Also @ShortandStout1 when AF arrives spoil yourself with things you can't have when pregnant (I always eat Brie)

Miss83 Sun 15-Apr-18 19:02:23

Hi me to.... TTC#1

Age: 34
Do age:34
Cycle: 8
CD: 17

Hi guys, nice to meet some lovely ladies in the same boat. We DTD last night and Friday as think I'm around ovulation if you listen to my app. I did do OPK's the month before last and seems right to the app that month although last month my usual 28 day cycle went to a 37 day cycle, very random as never happened before and been off the pill since June 2016.

ALRM Sorry to hear about what you have been thought! I have just been referred to a fertility clinic for tests.

Shortandstout I am just not buying any tests until I need to as I know I'll get hocked on POAS to soon and waste so much money lol. It's not easy, but as time has gone on I kind of think it just not going to happen this month more than symptom spotting. I was crazy in the beging at doing that though!

Miss83 Sun 15-Apr-18 19:04:57

daisy may one f my best friends has just announced ahsr I aging baby number 2. But they have been trying for longer than I have so I'm happy for that one, but I get it! Everyone keeps asking when are we going to have one. Not told them we are trying to keep pressure off but I did just tell my mum about me being referred to a fertility clinic so hoping that I'll raise off the questions to! Though I did tell her not to tell my sister!

sailorcherrie Sun 15-Apr-18 21:29:48

First post! (Please keep me right ladies!)

TTC #1
Cycle: 1st properly tracked/trying
Cycle length: still waiting for it settling
CD: 13 (with a temp rise and high fertility ov. test)
AF due 07/05

My husband (33) and I (27) got married last June but due to a crazy 2017 with family illnesses and bereavements we only stopped taking Cerelle in November 2017 (before this I was on microgynon as a teen then the mirena for 5 years). Had a 4 day period 6 weeks after stopping the pill (December 2017) but nothing again till a 5-6 day real period (definitely felt worse than the first one!!) at the beginning of April 2018.

So I guess this is the first proper month of trying!

Using the "Clue" app to track, taking daily morning temperature and started using the Clear Blue Advanced Digital Ovulation tests (I'm one of those super organised people)...

CD 11 - negative test
CD 12 - flashing smiley (high fertility)
CD 13 - flashing smiley (high fertility)

Keeping testing in hope of seeing that static smiley which means peak fertility! And trying every 2nd day till that peak appears!

One thing that make things a little more challenging (psychologically) is that I'm actually a Sonographer! Lots of extra knowledge and introducing couple to their lovely little babies every day smile

EarlyBird123 Sun 15-Apr-18 21:39:13

Completely new here...

TTC #1
Cycle 1st (?)
Cycle length 30 days

I am not even sure what i am doing tbh. I came off the pill and had first period over Easter. Partner is in the navy so he is away 4 weeks at a time. So basically i am waiting for miracle...

I downloaded Flo - is it any good?

Celebelly Sun 15-Apr-18 21:50:25

Age 32/Cycle 4

Had a chem pregnancy cycle 1 so I'm glad that we can at least conceive, even though it was upsetting. We've only managed to do it once in fertile window this month –I 'm ovulating today and we had sex last night – so I'm not overly hopeful for this month, but it only takes one I suppose!

ALRM Sun 15-Apr-18 21:54:44

@miss83 what made them refer you? Am going in this week but don't think I currently qualify!

Mrsjones17 Sun 15-Apr-18 21:59:16

@earlybird. I can empathise my DH is military also and it can be REALLY hard work!

EarlyBird123 Sun 15-Apr-18 22:06:17

@mrsjones he enjoys it i suppose because i drag him to bed the moment he comes home ;) otherwise i am not trying to be hopefull but somehow i am!

TakingtheLeap Sun 15-Apr-18 22:26:50


Age: 26
Cycle # 2
Cycle length 28 days.

TakingtheLeap Sun 15-Apr-18 22:28:43

Oops hit 'enter' too soon!

Came off the pill last month - cyle #1 had tons of symptoms that convinced me I was pregnant! However, this board has taught me that pretty much everyone convinces themselves they will get pregnant first try... grin

I actually promised DH I'd stay off this board to stop myself over-analysing, so shh, I wasn't really here!

Mipha Sun 15-Apr-18 22:35:59

I’m on the TTC #1 Cycle #1 thread too but might as well join.

Cycle 2
AF due 18th or 19th (got all the usual pre-af symptoms 🙈)

Not long come off contraception, was on it for ages so not sure yet what my cycles will be like.

Thinking of testing tomorrow. I know some people wait for af, esp as sometimes an early positive can turn into a chemical and it’s sort of - ignorance is bliss. But I know that we could end up being a couple that takes ages to conceive (no known problems but I don’t want to presume it’ll be easy) and maybe it’s better to know if chemical pregnancies are happening if and when you go to seek help later on?

MrsM2017 Sun 15-Apr-18 23:35:31

Hi @DaisyMay25 - pretty sure I recognise you from another thread! 🙂 Hopefully this will be our month!

@EarlyBird123 I use Flo and I love it! Works well for me with tracking etc. And bless you and @Mrsjones17 - my hubby is currently away for 8 weeks training for a new job (only back weekends) so it's proving really hard TTC so can't imagine how tricky it must be for you guys. Fingers crossed for you both soon!

Verysmallcat Sun 15-Apr-18 23:51:53

Hi everyone smile
Age 25
Cycle #3 (although #2 actively 'trying' - 1st month was just a see what happens month)
Cycle length 24 days
Cycle day 7

My cycles are fairly short, I have not been doing opks or anything, I just use the app Flo and go off cm, so not 100% sure when I actually ovulate, my app says it's around cd12 but for the past few months I have been getting ewcm past this day, am I right in thinking this stops after you ovulate?
@EarlyBird123 out of all the apps I have tried Flo is my favourite smile

Moole Mon 16-Apr-18 10:40:18

Anyone using opks have an experience of getting two positive a week apart? I know it's a symptom of pcos. Everytime I get a positive opk it's gone within couple of hours, not like the 12 hours that it's supposed to last? I've been tested for pcos and had an ultrasound and apparently everything is normal. However me and dh have been having unprotected sex for a long time ( not trying but not preventing). Now we are actively trying I feel like it will never happen.. doesn't help as well that most of our friends in their 20's seem to have conceived instantly.

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