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Anyone else in their first (or one of first) TTW?

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waitingforbubbles Sun 15-Apr-18 09:33:38

Driving myself crazy over here and would be great to hear if anyone else in my position?

I know how unlikely it is to get pregnant first go but apparently it's not making the symptom spotting any better!

Probably only 5DPO now so extremely unlikely I would even be getting symptoms yet but I swear I can feel something in usual period pain area this morning, and sore nipples. Anyone else ever felt anything this early or is it biologically impossible & just my crazy brain?

I'm 26 (nearly 27)
TTC baby no 1
Cycle no 1
CD 19
AF due 23/04

My body was so super sensitive to pills I came off it as soon as it would have been 'ok' to get pregnant so been off for about 1.5-2 years and just used condoms since then. Been dreaming of babies all year and reading up all things fertility so in some ways feels like I've been trying for longer. This time I think I caught LH surge, ddt straight away and think I ovulated next day.

ShortandStout1 Sun 15-Apr-18 09:59:50

Hi @waitingforbubbles I'm in the exact boat as you just litterally one day behind you this tww is driving me insane already. I just wish I knew how to pass the time during 2ww

waitingforbubbles Sun 15-Apr-18 10:14:06

@ShortandStout1 so good to hear there is someone in the same boat. It's crazy isn't it!! Time was passing so fast for me before and it's slowed right down!! And annoying thing is I know how ridiculous it will be to be disappointed on first go but I think I will still be really sad to see AF. Well, fingers crossed for you smile when are you planning on testing?

ShortandStout1 Sun 15-Apr-18 10:17:54

I'm trying to resist until 25th (two weeks after ovulation) as I don't know my AF is due because my cycles have been really irregular due to only coming off the depo only 11 months ago

Slou14 Sun 15-Apr-18 10:22:41

Hi @waitingforbubbles! I'm in the exact same position as you! I'm 5dpo and this is my first cycle of TTC. I'm finding it so difficult not to symptom spot but it's impossible! I feel like I know my body and my cycles really well as I havent been on the pill for 5 years and been using condoms and natural cycles as contraception. So naturally, when I experience weird symptoms like I have these past few days, I can't help feeling a little excited!
I know it's impossible to be feeling symptoms before implantation but I've definitely noticed some strange things going on. It could of course all be in my head (and as I've been off work this week, I've had a lot of time to think about it) but certain things have got me thinking! Have you had any symptoms? AF is due a week tomorrow so thinking of testing next weekend. FX to everyone!xx

waitingforbubbles Sun 15-Apr-18 10:35:43

@ShortandStout1 that sounds like a good idea if you can wait that long!

Ah @Slou14 that's so funny! We are in pretty similar positions then, I feel like I know myself and my hormones pretty well especially recently as I have been following advice from Womancode (do you know it? It's a really good book about living and eating in line with your cycles to promote balanced hormones and reduce things like PMS, hormonal acne and of course to improve fertility.)

I've been crazy emotional for last few days, have this weird feeling around uterus (not pain but just feels like something, almost a pulling, which is probably impossible). Very sensitive/slightly sore nipples too. All seems too early for AF, where I usually only feel stuff a few days before.

So does natural cycles say you are due AF on 23 April? That's exactly the same for me! When does it think you ovulated?

ShortandStout1 Sun 15-Apr-18 10:53:14

@waiting for bubbles its going to be so hard not to test I've convinced my dh that my AF isn't due until 27th so I can surprise him with a bfp (if it happens of course).

@Slou14 symtom checking is the worst I thought I had cramps last night just below my hip thought it might be early implantation, it was gas. I feel like all I can think about is when I can test.

Slou14 Sun 15-Apr-18 10:54:45

@waitingforbubbles We're in really similar positions! I'm also 26! I haven't heard of it but I may look into it. I suffer terribly with hormonal acne usually and have been interested to find something that could sort me out!

So according to NC I ovulated on Tuesday. It's a couple of days earlier than usual but I agree with it. Had the usual ovulation symptoms so pretty sure it's accurate and yes due AF on the 23rd. It's going to be a long week...!! Back in work tomorrow though so I'll have something to distract me!

I've had that pulling sensation too AND the tingly, sensitive nipple thing. My face has also exploded into spots and usually I'm clear up until a few days before AF! I felt completely sick the other day when eating avocado. I usually love avocado but it did something weird to me yesterday and I just couldn't stomach it! confused

Slou14 Sun 15-Apr-18 10:57:45

@ShortandStout1 oh I know! It's so difficult not to isn't it?! I usually don't experience any pms/af symptoms until about 5days before AF so that's why I'm like hmm this is weird, but also I know that I can't really be experiencing anything yet as implantation is very unlikely to have happened. I now understand why the TWW is so unbearable!

waitingforbubbles Sun 15-Apr-18 11:10:58

@ShortandStout1 ah that's such a good idea about misleading the OH about when AF is due! Mine definitely thinks I've gone crazy already, haha.

@Slou14 this is crazy ahah, are you sure we're not the same person 😹. Definitely have a look at the book (although not much point yet if you get a BFP!!! 😉) I also have bad hormonal acne and the book has really helped- my digestive system has been a lot better too which I think has helped and was influencing my skin- lots of bloating (nice!).

Well, I feel like we are all in with quite a good chance... so now just to get through this week!! 🙈 I am self employed so work from home which is usually a blessing but might be preeetty hard this week!

ShortandStout1 Sun 15-Apr-18 11:44:21

Sometimes I'm thankful that my dh doesn't have a clue about cycles and such but other times I think how could you not know about this. The other day I said something about pineapples theoretically could help with implantation. I didn't know what implantation was.

ShortandStout1 Sun 15-Apr-18 11:47:40

Dh didn't know what implantation was not megrin

Slou14 Sun 15-Apr-18 11:48:23

My DH has no clue either!!

ShortandStout1 Sun 15-Apr-18 11:56:06

He also thought my cycle didn't start until my AF finished and when I told him it starts on first day of AF he said that sounded stupid. Don't get me wrong he is a great guy he just doesn't understand things he doesn't experience

waitingforbubbles Mon 16-Apr-18 13:29:31

@ShortandStout1 @Slou14 how are you both feeling today? I still feel like we have so long to wait!!

Ordered some FRER tests and instructed DH to hide them from me until Friday 🙈

Slou14 Mon 16-Apr-18 17:51:04

I haven't noticed any new symptoms today but to be honest I've been so busy that I haven't even had time to think about TTC! It's been good actually. AF due in a week.....!! How are you both feeling?x

waitingforbubbles Mon 16-Apr-18 20:47:33

@Slou14 Ah that's good! Well done you for keeping your mind off it! I've still got this weird period pain area type feeling but I definitely think I could be overthinking it. I'm getting lightheaded when I stand up too but that does quite often happen to me for no reason..... A week to AF for me too so I think anything from now could be regular PMS...

Slou14 Mon 16-Apr-18 22:26:35

Yes the next week will be difficult...! When are you thinking of testing?

waitingforbubbles Mon 16-Apr-18 22:40:24

@Slou14 I think probably Friday, it's a bit early but possible that something will show up! What about you? X

ShortandStout1 Tue 17-Apr-18 09:43:28

@waitingforbubbles @slou14 symtom checking is getting to me. Woke up with sore nipples (sorry tmi) and a bad back but could be unrelated. I'm going to hold off until 25th to test if I can.

Slou14 Tue 17-Apr-18 17:51:58

@waitingforbubbles @ShortandStout1 I want to wait until the weekend but I can be very impatient so we'll see...! Any thing new with you both today? My boobs are SO sore today. I've had tingly and tender nipples for nearly a week now but today both boobs are super sore (even to touch). I do get this before AF but not this bad and not this early... hoping it's a good sign.

waitingforbubbles Tue 17-Apr-18 17:58:44

@Slou14 ooh that does sound like such a good sign!!! My mum said the first thing she noticed when she had me was super sore breasts before she even took a test. Mine are just averagely sore- definitely tender but they've been more sore in the past. Silly non-hurting breasts 🙈.

I've felt really light headed again today; kept getting such bad head rush at yoga which is definitely new...! Not sure it's a pregnancy symptom though!?

Test with me on Friday?? 😁😁

@ShortandStout1 I am so impressed with your restraint! I do understand though if your cycles are irregular! I'm just going to probably piss (literally) £15 down the drain 💁🏻‍♀️

ShortandStout1 Tue 17-Apr-18 18:06:32

I have a large pg tests now though. This includes 3 frer test a clearblue rapid response, 2 digitals (dh insists) and 10 cheapies just for good measure

Slou14 Tue 17-Apr-18 18:26:33

@waitingforbubbles you're such a bad influence 😂 I suppose it will be 10dpo by then though...! Ah I love yoga. I went to a great class last night. I feel so bloody good after a good class!

Interesting about the lightheaded-ness though! Do you get it often?

@ShortandStout1ha you are prepared fair play! I've only got 4 FRERs! 😂

Slou14 Tue 17-Apr-18 18:28:00

@waitingforbubbles sorry! Just noticed you said that the head rush thing is new for you. I'm pretty sure that I read somewhere that it's a sign of early pregnancy...!

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