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TTC #2 - April Showers Bring May BFPs! (Hopefully)

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YassQueen Fri 13-Apr-18 23:30:01

Hope it's ok for me to start the next edition of the TTC #2 thread smile if there's another one already point me in that direction please grin AF arrived today so I am out for the month sad but fingers crossed next month will be the month for all of us smile

My stats:

Age: 23
DC: 4yo DD
Cycle: 3 (6 week mc in January)
BFP due: 12th May

I'm going to try temping this month. We did a half-hearted version of SMEP last month but my night shifts at work got in the way. Fingers crossed!

Pinklily1 Sat 14-Apr-18 11:11:58

I’m fairly confident that I’m out this month too, AF seems imminent, so I’m jumping on board as well!

Age: 35
DC: 19 months
Cycle: 2
BFP due: who knows as cycles don’t seem regular yet post pill. I’d say around 16 May.

BadBadBeans Sat 14-Apr-18 12:45:54

Hi again, I'm hopping back on although I don't know if I will be in for May as I've just started miscarrying at 9 weeks. Feeling okay about it but I have no idea what to expect, either with the process of miscarriage itself or with trying to conceive afterwards. The EPU was a bit rushed when I went in. I guess they might give me more information when I have a follow-up scan next week? Anyone have any experience of this?

Anyway I'm 33 and have a 21 month old DS. We conceived this current one on our first try so I guess when we start trying again I will be on cycle 2? Or do I start counting again at 1?

YassQueen Sat 14-Apr-18 20:07:56

Hi Bad, so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I don't have any advice to offer as mine was complete at 6 weeks but sending love and flowers

I'm counting in cycles since MC but only because I could never remember which cycle I was on pre-mc. So whichever you're most comfortable with smile

mayago Sat 14-Apr-18 21:04:38

Hopping on, hopefully for the last time..

Age: 36
DD: 15 months
Cycle: 4 (But NTNP for a year prior)
BFP due 5th May.

My parents are coming from overseas, and staying with us for a month just after my BFP is due, so fingers crossed we aren't trying again next month!! There's too many pregnancy and ovulation tests in this house to have to squirrel away.. hmm

So sorry to hear of your MC Bad. I don't have any experience here, but am sending love as well!

BadBadBeans Sun 15-Apr-18 13:40:18

Thanks @YassQueen and *@mayago*. It's not been too bad so far, but I have read up a bit now and I am prepared for what might happen later on. Obviously I'm really hoping that it will all sort itself out quickly so that I can get back on board TTC.

I was feeling totally cool about it yesterday, but had a tearful moment today. My SIL is pregnant and I was eight weeks behind her (she didn't know about me), and I am panicking a bit about how I'm going to feel when I next see her. I think that I'm going to have to get DH to tell his brother that I've miscarried so that nobody makes any light-hearted comments about us trying for a second. Not that I think they would for a moment because they're too sensible, but I'd rather be sure!

@mayago eek, a month! Hope you have a BFP by then as well so that you don't have to deal with TTC with parents in the next room!!!!

BadBadBeans Sun 15-Apr-18 13:42:10

@YassQueen if you don't mind my asking, how did you decide when to start TTC again after your miscarriage? Did you wait for a period or just for a negative pregnancy test? x

YassQueen Sun 15-Apr-18 14:00:27

Bad The GP said we could start trying straight away if we wanted to. I struggled emotionally after the miscarriage though so we only DTD once in the month after the mc, and then tried properly after I'd had a period.

Hope seeing your SIL is as painless as possible flowers. We told everyone what had happened, we were having so many people ask "when are you having another?" and I couldn't cope so I put up a Facebook status basically saying please don't ask when we're having another baby, I'm having a miscarriage, it's a shit situation but we're trying to cope. People were very supportive thankfully. It's still difficult being around pregnant colleagues at work though.

BadBadBeans Sun 15-Apr-18 15:35:32

@YassQueen thank you, that is really helpful to know. Regarding my SIL, she actually just sent a lovely message to me about it so obviously my husband must have let his brother know. I feel so much better knowing that she knows! I'm sorry you had so many people ask that at such a difficult time. I do think it is good to talk about it. About a dozen people knew I was pregnant and I have loads of support because of that at the moment. Xx

CatRen27 Mon 16-Apr-18 03:12:30

Hi chaps, marking my place on this thread while waiting for af to kick in properly. Pretty sure I've just had a chemical as there was definitely a line at 12dpo but nothing since. Ehhh.

Age: 35
DC: 3yo DD
Cycle: 24
BFP due: 17th May

First 18 months of infertility explained by a uterine polyp which was helpfully acting as a coil, stopping implantation, plus endometriosis isn't helping. Consultant expected me to fall soon after my Nov lap surgery but no luck so far. We have an appointment set up with a fertility clinic next week to look into next steps (ivf most likely) but need to factor in expenses etc to see how it will work. Hopefully we won't need it but I feel like the clock is ticking!

We're doing the 'shag every day during fertile week' plan while I temp obsessively and track my data. It's the only thing I can do to feel in control and somewhat calm about everything. The next person who tells me to "stop trying and it will happen" is likely to receive a slap...!

Sorry to hear you're back on here badbadbeans , hope you don't suffer too badly and you're packed off out of these ttc boards as soon as possible.

Best of luck ladies x

Peanut1980 Mon 16-Apr-18 15:46:56

@badbadbeans I’m so sorry to hear your news. I hope you’re OK given your situation. Big hugs xx

Peanut1980 Mon 16-Apr-18 15:49:12

Soooo here we go again...

Age 38
DS 4.5
Cycle 15 (miscarriage in July 2017)

Currently have a lodger (ovarian cyst) which I’m in the process of investigating at hospital. Still ttc.

Good luck everyone xxxx

Peanut1980 Mon 16-Apr-18 15:51:37

Good luck at the clinic next week @catren27. Let us know how you get on. Good luck with your ‘shagathon’ during your fertile week 🤣🤞

RoxytheRexy Mon 16-Apr-18 16:45:14

Going to join this thread as I managed to be one of the last posts on the April thread.
Here are the stats

Age: 34
DC: Daughter 3 in the summer
Cycle: Oh far too many

Fingers crossed for us all

Pinklily1 Mon 16-Apr-18 19:47:25

Hi ladies, how is everyone?

Welcome to the newbies.

I’ve waited patiently for AF which is due today. Despite a week of period like build up pains, nothing yet. I’ve felt nauseous and my boobs are huge so I’ve tested. Initially I thought it was negative, and OH is adamant it is, but then at some angles I think I can see a line. I’m going mad aren’t I?!

BadBadBeans Mon 16-Apr-18 20:07:57

Oooh gosh @Pinklily1 I can definitely see a line. Fingers crossed for you!!

Sorry your line disappeared @CatRen27

HidCat Mon 16-Apr-18 22:28:51

Hey everyone. I'm not expecting AF til 30th April / 1st May so jumping on.

Age 35
DS1 5 next month
Cycle MC at 11wks in January and this will be my first period since (hcg took 11 wks to get back to zero). Had implant removed in August so this is 9 months of trying waiting.

Good luck everyone, looking forward to lots of BFPs again this month!

mayago Tue 17-Apr-18 10:28:00

Pink that's definitely a line grin

I'm sorry about the chemical CatRen. Hopefully it's meant to be this month!

Starting with Clearblue OPKs today. I hope that somehow makes a difference this month!

Peanut1980 Tue 17-Apr-18 21:32:22

@pinklily1 I can see a line 🤞😘

WhitleyBae Tue 17-Apr-18 21:45:29

Hi all,

I’ve only just joined the site so a few acronyms are lost on me! Currently in the midst of TWW but fairly convinced it’s not to be.

Miscarried Sept 17 - if we’re counting real tries this is cycle #2. I’m 32, TTC baby #1.

So pleased to see so many people as obsessed by maybe symptoms as me!

CatRen27 Wed 18-Apr-18 06:57:23

Hey hidcat, sorry to great of your MC, hope you've recovered now. Fingers crossed for you this month 😊

HidCat Wed 18-Apr-18 08:08:21

Thanks @CatRen27. Feeling more positive now though seem to have turned into a Crazy TTC lady lol. Waiting for AF in the next 10days or so (didn't dtd around ovulation / pos opk) so we can get on it in May. How are you getting on?

TwittleBee Wed 18-Apr-18 08:36:17

Hey everyone, jumping into here seems it does look like I am out. Even if I did get a BFP now I don't think it could stick as AF due Fri.

Age: 24
DS: 10.5 months
Cycle: 9 (yeah I'm aware I've been trying not that long after DS was born and he was BF for first few months too, cycles only been normal for past 4)
BFP due: 14th - 18th May

BadBadBeans Wed 18-Apr-18 13:54:04

@HidCat that must have been so frustrating having to wait for the HCG to come back down, you poor thing. Hoping mine is a bit quicker having miscarried at a slightly earlier stage - I guess it works like that? I bought pregnancy tests yesterday for the purpose of testing for a negative when my miscarriage finishes. Feels a bit weird to be hoping for a negative!

@TwittleBee gosh you're impressive; we didn't properly resume regularly DTD until 6 months after DS was born!!!

TwittleBee Wed 18-Apr-18 16:56:39

BadBadBeans It looks worse than what it is though (10.5 months & 9 cycles) because the first 5 cycles were really short and I am not even sure the first 2 were actually AF as they were so strange!

How is everyone enjoying this sunshine? Spent the afternoon in a beer garden with work colleagues as our meeting in another town finished early! Allowed myself a good drink too!

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