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TTC after pregnancy loss Thread 19- More cake for more babies

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Boboelephant Thu 12-Apr-18 11:29:02

I figured it out!

zarala Thu 12-Apr-18 11:34:30

Great. I'm still going to lurk around....

TimeWaitsForNoWoman Thu 12-Apr-18 11:40:44

Yay, me too!

Still waiting for my period post D&C (09/03). Also holding out ridiculous hope that I'm pregnant again. Sigh.

Claire138 Thu 12-Apr-18 12:07:17

Great, thanks @boboelephant
Ok so, my temps are all over the place this month. My pre-ovulation temps are higher than normal but I think it’s because I was off work for a week so I had been going to bed later, getting up later etc so that might have been causing the jagged recordings, and then usually post ovulation I shoot up to 36.6 and at 3dpo I have a fallback rise. I can still sort of see that today might be the 3dpo fallback rise but annoyingly won’t know until tomorrow to see if it goes up! Just worrying me that my possible post ovulation temps are lower than usual. Going to BD tonight just to make sure...not going to stop until I’m confident I have ovulated. My sister has gone home so no need for anymore ninja sessions 😂
The first pic is my current chart and the second pic is what last months chart looked like.
Don’t worry ladies, you’re not alone 👋
How are you feeling bobo @hayleyfx and @daffodils86

peachesarenom Thu 12-Apr-18 12:12:40

Found it x

Claire138 Thu 12-Apr-18 12:14:04

Sorry @serenaoverjoyed I’m so sorry that you have to go through this. Did they just say for you to hang tight or are they going to keep an eye on you? Hope you are ok
@lovewinemorethanmyhusband 😂😂 I’m in the same boat! I actually told my DH the other night “I don’t want to do it, you don’t want to do it, but we’ve just got to crack on” 💪 so romantic!
@timewaitsfornowoman have you tested?? I had a 34 day cycle post ERPC. Fingers crossed you have been blessed with the fertility cape!

Lovemysparkle Thu 12-Apr-18 12:22:50

@boboelephant- don’t worry I’ll still be here with ya!! If this cycle is 28 days then af should be due Tuesday (last month cd24 came😩) so in theory af could come any day??
I have a lot more creamy cm this week than I usually have & just nipples are sore & lower back quite painful but I’m just trying to not build myself up for a possible bfp & then feel like an emotional lunatic again/anymore!!! I’m still having weekly acupuncture & my acupuncturist said I’m healing well & my body’s energy is looking good so don’t wanna keep on being an emotional mess everytime af shows up (although I know you all know where I’m coming from!!) I don’t want to undo all the good acupuncture work!! I’m hoping that I’ve just done a Sod’s law!! Me & dp joined a gym last week soooo need to get rid of my 3 chins, bubble wrap arse & wobbly belly wedding in 9 weeks❤️ So maybe I might have to cancel gym membership 🤞🏽 It’s not that I’m trying to not be positive but for me personally I’m just trying to be grounded really cannot keep on going down the af emotional meltdown every month it’s so emotionally draining & it’s getting harder to pick myself up!!

Lovemysparkle Thu 12-Apr-18 12:27:49

I haven’t bbt ever but my acupuncturist has got me taking my temperature every day/night yesterday it was 36.4 am & pm this morning it was 36.6 it’s only with normal thermometer & defo more relaxed temperature taking than bbt, any thoughts on the rise ladies or is this just normal?? I’m afraid I’m totally clueless with what’s the norm etc🙈🙈

SerenaOverjoyed Thu 12-Apr-18 12:28:54

Thanks for the lovely messages. It makes a big difference to tell women who know how shite this iscake

They're doing bloods next week to check hcg and progesterone are falling then they will discharge me. I've been told unequivically to get some pads in, and that I can have wine and ibruprofen. They were really kind and actually expressed surprise it keeps happening as I'm still fairly young (28) - not really sure what to do with that, I prefer the 'mc is common' line!

Congrats on the digi Leanne smileflowers

weasledee Thu 12-Apr-18 12:32:37

Thanks for new thread!
Isn't It weird how you dread AF coming and then when it's not arrived you'd wish it would hurry up! smile

hayleyfx Thu 12-Apr-18 12:33:03

@Claire138 well you definitely have yourself covered that’s for sure! grin I’m 3dpo, still having light cramps and EWCM (but OPK’s are defo back to negative) naturally I’m getting excited as this happened to me when I was pregnant last year but I guess it could also just be my body playing tricks on me lol! I’m feeling quite positive this cycle. The PMA makes these two week easier smile

hayleyfx Thu 12-Apr-18 12:33:56

@SerenaOverjoyed so sorry for everything you’re going through. Big hugs flowers

PetraRabbit Thu 12-Apr-18 12:34:02

To introduce myself. I'm 42 and am lucky to have one lovely DC of 10 months. I had a ERPC this week after a scan showed no heartbeat and baby had only grown to 9 weeks. So sad and disappointing after conceiving first cycle, but ready to move forward to TTC again as soon as possible. Very conscious of (and down about) my age as 43 is coming up and an only child is just not something I can come to terms with. I had been so lucky that I started to get delusional and think 3 children was a possibility. This has really shaken my hopes for even 2.
This seems to be a very experienced thread so I wondered if anyone can advise me on a couple of things. Noone at the hospital mentioned checking HTC, they just said to wait to TTC until after my period. I know chances are higher in the first 3 months so don't want to delay if I don't have to. Presumably if I didn't have a good enough lining I'd just have a chemical or very early mc if I did conceive? I'm pretty certain my problem was chromosomal - my age, no mc history, and the fact I had no spotting or cramps before the ERPC and my body held onto the pregnancy with some continuing symptoms. Also concerned that after the ERPC I had so little bleeding- second day in and only one fully soaked pad, nothing overnight at all, and no pain or severe cramping. Does this sound normal? I was told I could bleed for 1-2 weeks. I'm now taking Ubiquinol and a good fertility vitamin which I did while TTC my DC but not this time.....stupidly. ☹ Any tips or help TTC in my position?

UnicornsandRainbows1 Thu 12-Apr-18 12:49:11

@Claire138 So seductive they should use that in films 😁

@PetraRabbit Sorry you find yourself here! You're perfectly normal. My second ERPC I had pretty much the same as you and after a couple of days the bleeding was minimal. My first was a completely different story so I think it really just depends tbh.

PassTheAfterEights Thu 12-Apr-18 13:01:35

Popping in to say hello after a couple of cycles of self imposed banishment due to irritating uncontrolled symptom spotting and woefully early testing away.

9dpo and, unlike Feb and March, determined the post-loss cape would work for us, feeling quite calm and collected this month.

Hope everyone's well, lovely to read the odd bit of good news on this thread. Ongoing good luck to all x

dulwichdays Thu 12-Apr-18 13:02:21

I’m still here! I think a good bulk of this thread have BFP’s this month, fingers crossed it happens for the rest of us.

I must admit though, if it doesn’t it’ll be pretty heartbreaking....cycle 3 post MC and definitely not feeling positive!

TimeWaitsForNoWoman Thu 12-Apr-18 13:03:40

@Claire138 I've been a testing maniac 🙄 Had a v faint positive last week and then negatives earlier this week and now what I think is a squinty positive this morning. I'm pretty sure I got a negative a few weeks ago but I'm now thinking the positives last week may have been left over HCG. I used Clearblue LH tests and got a static smiley on 31st March but didn't keep checking so I'm desperately hoping I ovulated then as we were shagging like nobody's business but stopped when I thought I ovulated. So I'm thinking if I did ovulate, my period should be due on Mondayish. Basically it's a waiting game - it feels a very cruel one though!

@PetraRabbit I didn't have very much bleeding either, but brown spotting that lasted a while. I decided that I too wanted to try and conceive straight away. I think listening to your body is the right thing to do - if you feel ready then go for it! So sorry that you've had to go through this.

Cakelaur Thu 12-Apr-18 13:13:36

I'm so excited for the next couple weeks ladies!! The rest of you will get your bfps!! I can just feel it!!!

Cakelaur Thu 12-Apr-18 13:15:47

BFPs after MC - Christmas Cake for Christmas Babies - Thread 1

Just to make sure any more bfps wanna join the follow on group!!! Hate to miss someone!

PassTheAfterEights Thu 12-Apr-18 13:20:16

@cakelaur WHAT???!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!! Tell me I've missed some good news.................????!!

Claire138 Thu 12-Apr-18 13:25:26

@unicornsandrainbows1 I’m such a seductress 😂 hope you are keeping well.
Fingers crossed @lovemysparkle it’s hard not to look into your symptoms in the TWW. Hopefully this is your month too!
@hayleyfx 😂 I know! I just want to have ovulation confirmed so we can stop BDing lol what does PMA stand for? It’s so hard not to get excited if you are recognising similar symptoms! Just got to keep yourself busy.
@timewaitsfornowoman a squinty positive pregnancy test this morning? Put a pic up. You could test again tomorrow and it might be clearer.
@petrarabbit I had bleeding for about 8 days but it was fairly light but as you can see everyone has different experiences so try not to worry and I hope your body heals quickly so you can start TTC again.
Good to see you again @passtheaftereights and I’m glad you are feeling better 🙂

Laney79 Thu 12-Apr-18 13:44:07

Jumping in too...sadly still waiting for my MMC to physically happen but it's given me hope to read about all the BFP's on the other thread. So if you ladies don't mind I'll lurk until my stupid body let's go and I can jump on the ttc after MC bandwagon.

I think I'll need your expertise in OPK's and to remind me I'm not as bat shit crazy as I feel.

Congrats to all over the past few days with the BFP's and all the luck in the world for healthy sticky little ones. Xxx

Boboelephant Thu 12-Apr-18 13:49:15

@zarala definitely keep hanging around! I really hope I'm still not ttc in 3 months but with my unfortunate track record I may well be. Think I'll be hanging around for awhile even after I get my bfp so hope to see you get yours in a few!
@Primrose16 I was also wondering how you are. Hope you're ok!
@keepinghopeful I'm so glad the 8 week scan went well. Keep us updated on your one next week! I actually wanted to ask you- have you kept seed cycling after your bfp?
@TimeWaitsForNoWoman ooh it sounds positive if they were neg earlier in the week and squinty today! When are you testing again??
@Claire138 hmm your chart is confusing. Alot of your recent temps are the circles rather than dots so are you still taking at different times? You're right in that if your temps last week were a bit higher this could be your fall back rise but they are much closer than last month's. It's a bit like my chart when I was on holiday and then ovulated 5 days later. I think bd'ing tonight is a good call and then see what tomorrow's temp does.
@Lovemysparkle fingers crossed af never comes. I hear you with the rise of hope and fall of devastation every month! I'm getting hopeful too -against all logic- and know that I'll be crushed if i get that stupid blank space staring back at me. It's such a roller coaster! Good luck with the gym and wedding!! I think that temp rise is normal- it can fluctuate a degree or two every day.
@weasledee have you tested again?
@PetraRabbit so sorry for your loss. I had a similar experience. No cramps or bleeding so had no idea anything was wrong pre scan. After my ERPC I only bled for one day and no pain. My doc said that it wasn't necessary to wait until after a period. I took a test after 2 weeks and got a negative and then ovulated a few days later. The three month fertility cape didn't work for me unfortunately but no problems either.

keepinghopeful Thu 12-Apr-18 13:50:29

@Boboelephant nope i havent done seed cycling after bfp

Boboelephant Thu 12-Apr-18 13:54:48

@PassTheAfterEights welcome back to this thread. You and your humour are always welcome 😀
@dulwichdays try and stay positive. now to follow my own advice
@Laney79 hope your body starts letting go soon.

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