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Advice on Implanon/Mirena

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madhide Fri 11-May-07 18:23:43

Have been to the GP today for my 8 week check and need to decide on a form of contraception

He is pushing the Implanon but don't know anyone on it and would like some opinions before I go for it

My Midwife recommended the Mirena, again any experience of this?

peachygirl Fri 11-May-07 18:25:26

I had an implanon I did not have a good time with it. I had it in for almost a year and bled for about 9 months of this.
However lots of women think it's great and there have been threads in the past praising it

trice Fri 11-May-07 18:26:15

I have the mirena and love it.

Furball Fri 11-May-07 18:28:52

I also have a mirena am on my second in 5 years. Not had a period in all that time, result!

NoodleStroodle Fri 11-May-07 18:30:10

Mirena - 10 years of it - second one.
No pills, no bathroom acrobatics, no side effects, no periods, no babies.

What more could I want?

MrsSynysterGates Fri 11-May-07 18:32:55

Sorry to butt in ladies but I've just had to come off the patch as it was contributing to my migranes.
Is Mirena the non-hormonal coil?
(yes I'm a dimwit)

NoodleStroodle Fri 11-May-07 18:35:36

I think it has a bit of one hormone.

I have to be very careful with such things and this has no side effects. Can no longer take pill, have more babies etc

dazzlincaz Fri 11-May-07 18:39:43

MSG, the Mirena is the one with hormone in it. Seems to suit some women but not others - only had mine for five months but things are much better with it. I nearly didn't have it because of all the negative stuff I read on a MN thread, but as someone said, folk are more likely to say about something that gave them a problem than those who found it was fine and worked for them....

So to redress the balance, it does suit some women and I'm glad I am one of them

The doctor said it suited about 70% of women so I thought it was good odds LOL

scorpio1 Fri 11-May-07 18:42:20

i had the mirena and loved it only took it out to ttc.i will have another one after having a baby.

MrsSynysterGates Fri 11-May-07 18:50:32

My GP suggested a non-hormonal contraceptive because of the migranes and I've got a memory like a sieve!

dazzlincaz Fri 11-May-07 18:56:12

Ask your doctor or FPC more questions, MSG. Or perhaps google it. The non-hormonal coil can cause heavier bleeding which is no fun, but your choices may be limited with the migraines. My friend, who couldn't tolerate any of the contraceptive pills, finds the Mirena no problem.

If it doesn't suit you though they can just take it out again.

MrsSynysterGates Fri 11-May-07 19:00:14

I tried Googling but blimey theres a lot of stuff out there!
I'm going to ask my GP when I see her for a review of my medication. Periods aren't a problem for me since ds. Quite light, last for 5 days and no pain. Quite the opposite pre-ds.

madhide Mon 14-May-07 20:22:07

thanks for all the advice seems the mirena is a popular choice has anyone had the Impanon?

linjasmom Mon 14-May-07 20:47:36

I am using a simple copper coil and I just love it. No problems whatsoever, don't have to think about any contraception and no hormones that affect my body. Great thing!

SillyBillyBee Mon 14-May-07 20:52:39

I haven't had the Implanon but my 2 best friends have it at the moment, both have booked appointments to have it taken out as they have bled virtually constantly since having it in a year ago. One said they walked into the doctors and said 'its my implanon' and the doctor said 'you want it taken out' so it sounds like its a very common problem.

expatgirl Fri 03-Apr-09 13:54:45

I had the mirena iud for six years- had it out this morning. I loved the iud, no side effects at all and really felt quite balanced from it- plus, no periods for six years which was great. The removal didn't actually hurt at all, thank god, but I do have cramps and a bit of bleeding now. I am hoping it goes away soon...the nurse advised me to wait until a period before trying to conceive.

MissTFied Fri 03-Apr-09 14:08:00

I had the Implanon for 3 yrs and had no problems with it.

I didn't have periods at first for about 5 mths, then they settled back to normal.

I had it easily removed when wanting to conceive.

Spice35 Wed 10-Jun-09 17:22:34

Hi everyone, i had the mirena fitted for 5 years and loved it, i never had any problems, my periods stopped, never gained any weight like you do with some contraceptives, i recommened it. best thing i did. Then i got it removed beginning of april cause my time was up for a renewal, and decided to leave it out to try for a baby, now i am 8 weeks pregnant, i got caught more or less straight away, never even waited till my first period came back.

elliepac Wed 10-Jun-09 17:33:56

I had implanon fitted in November. Periods were very light at first and are now non existent grin. Have had no problems, insertion was relatively pain free and would really recommend it. For some reason, I just didn't fancy the coil. HTH.

expatinscotland Wed 10-Jun-09 17:37:17

Please do a search in the health section and read some threads about the Mirena.

It either works for some or it goes terribly, terribly wrong.

Spice35 Wed 10-Jun-09 17:39:28

I agree its not for everybody as we all are different, it can work for some but not others.

catlover83 Wed 10-Jun-09 18:06:02

I had implanon for the full three years and found it great. Had irregular but very light periods. Had it taken out in Feb and have had randomish cycles since, don't know if this is to do with the implanon, or 10 years on one pill or another, or just the way things can you possibly know? I'm hoping all will return to normal soon as am ttc.

I was worried about having implanon taken out but I didn't even feel it.

Spice35 Wed 10-Jun-09 20:31:27

The mirena can mess with your cycle, but eventually return to normal i just had fun ttc, and it happened in such a short time .

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