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6dpo and being crazy w/ Symptoms Spotting

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ScruffleCake Sun 18-Mar-18 06:46:18

6dpo according to opk and BBT which is too early for symptoms right?

Yet I have all the same symptoms I had with #1;
Itchy boobs
lots of creamy cm
cold sore
lots more snot
Stupidly emotional
Craving chocolate (not usually bothered by it)

Tell me I'm being crazy.

RLOU88 Sun 18-Mar-18 07:47:58

Did you get those symptoms 6 days PO before? Does sound a bit soon and also sounds like could be typical AF symptoms too.. I don’t know though we are all different. I definitely didn’t notice anything like boobs sore etc until later in my pregnancy

ScruffleCake Sun 18-Mar-18 08:07:42

With #1 I got these symptoms really early on too but can't remember how early (wasn't measuring ovulation). I know it must have been about a week before I POAS though and I done that day before AF was due.

I'm only CD24. Average cycle length is 31 days.

Ah well I guess I'll just have to wait till 10dpo at least and get a FRER.

TwittleBee Sun 18-Mar-18 08:11:04

I'm 6dpo too and i have lots of creamy cm too! That was a sign for my #1 too (thought I had an sti LOL!). AF due Friday/Saturday for me but can't see go I will wait out till then!

Bookangel Sun 18-Mar-18 10:27:55

When I was 10 days po I had a blood test to check if pregnant as was admitted to hospital with severe gastritis. It was negative. A week later a urine test was positive immediately (the test line showed up before the control line).

Bubblegum89 Sun 18-Mar-18 10:49:50

Yes, you’re being crazy. Lol. Generally if you’re pregnant enough for symptoms, you’re pregnant enough for a positive test. Implantation rarely occurs before 7dpo

ScruffleCake Sun 18-Mar-18 16:42:42

That is what I thought Bubblegum89. Knew I am being crazy. Just blmeiy boobs are so tender today. Can't be AF as it's far too early though.

I guess it's my mind making me crazy

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