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Sorry tmi: anyone had brown discharge after a BFP and been alright?

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PineconeK Tue 13-Mar-18 21:57:50

Looking for a bit if hope. We started trying again in February after an early mc in October. Got a BFP yesterday, just noticed some brown sticky discharge. I'm on day 48 of my cycle but I think I ovulated late as I have only just got a positive test

allthatmalarkey Tue 13-Mar-18 22:33:08

I hope someone who knows better comes on, but the phrase 'implantation bleeding' is ringing a bell. Maybe google it. I got implantation pains which felt exactly like I was about to start a period with both of my pregnancies, so I can understand your worry. I stayed pregnant and had my 2DC. I've also known people stay pregnant despite massive full-on bleeds. Hope you have some reassuring news soon.

PineconeK Wed 14-Mar-18 06:38:48

Thanks for your support. Unfortunately I've started bleeding properly. Oh bugger.

Stee1 Wed 14-Mar-18 08:02:28

I had this but unfortunately it was a chemical/early loss

Stee1 Wed 14-Mar-18 08:02:56

Oh sorry just seen your other comment. Xx

dingit Wed 14-Mar-18 08:03:27

Yes. He's now 16 smile
Fingers crossed for you

Jasquers Wed 14-Mar-18 09:26:51

Sorry Op.i had brown discharge at 4 and 8 weeks then started bleeding at 11.5 weeks and went on to miscarry. It wasn't a good sign for me even tho the doctor brushed it off as old blood and nothing to worry about. How wrong she was

JediStoleMyBike Wed 14-Mar-18 09:39:39

So sorry OP flowers

RLOU88 Wed 14-Mar-18 09:40:16

I’m pretty sure you get implantation bleeding before BFP but I wouldn’t be concerned unless it was red heavy blood and pain. I have had painless spotting throughout my pregnancy (it’s scary isn’t it) I have a low placenta x

RLOU88 Wed 14-Mar-18 09:40:38

So so sorry just see your update flowers

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