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So confused!!

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Bevan123 Tue 13-Mar-18 19:29:26

I took a test this morning and it came back positive, I took another one and it was negative!! I’ve been feeling nauseous for a few days and having migraines, I’m so confused right now 😫

Eeeeek2 Tue 13-Mar-18 22:01:01

Was it the same brand? And the same pee?

physicskate Wed 14-Mar-18 10:19:38

False negatives are common. If you're early on and the wee was more dilute, there may not be enough hcg for the test to pick up. Also different brands can have less sensitivity to the hormone.

False positives are rare.

RLOU88 Wed 14-Mar-18 13:27:40

The only time this happened to me was with a chemical. Literally positives then negatives same day. More than likely though it’s the time of day if your early on- test again with first morning wee tomorrow and good luck x

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