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27 days late and not pregnant?!

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DreamsTonite Tue 13-Mar-18 17:42:26

I had my Jaydess coil (basically miniature version of Mirena for those who haven’t had babies) removed 16th Jan. I also started my period on the morning of 16th Jan. I bled for 4 days and finished. That was the last bleeding I’ve had. I haven’t had any spotting or any sign of any blood at all! This is massively unusual for me. I normally go around 3 weeks between periods. I’ve had loads of cramping etc, constantly thinking and feeling like when I go to the toilet my period will have started.

I had some blood taken on Friday to check my hormone levels etc but not sure when I’ll receive the results.

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this and can help put my mind at ease?! I know I can’t really do anything until I get the results of my bloods but I’m worrying if they come back ok and my period still doesn’t show up what on Earth am I going to do?! We wanted a baby and to start TTC but clearly we can’t at the minute sad

GoSuckAFart Tue 13-Mar-18 17:44:44

happened with me having the coil out. 40days from first bleed to actual period. I wasn't worried because I wasn't ttc. single at the time and wanted my normal cycle back.

Id say its pretty normal post coil but warrants a check up regardless. Which you've done. So dont fret too much.

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