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TTC supplements & recommendations

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MrsM2017 Tue 13-Mar-18 14:59:16

Hi everyone,

Been TTC since November/December and more actively since January (tracking cycles in an app and using cheapie opks from Amazon)

Last cycle we also used preseed, but AF showed up this morning, so didn't work for us this time.

I am lucky enough to have fairly regular 28 day cycles. Both hubby and I limit our caffeine and eat healthily and have good a bmi (I've recently lost 1.5 stone to help with TTC) and I've been taking folic acid everyday since November, but does anyone have any other tips for TTC?
Or can anyone recommend any other supplements that may help us?


Bubblegum89 Tue 13-Mar-18 15:12:58

Supplements won’t help you conceive. They are just to keep you healthy should you end up falling pregnant. I would recommend taking vitamin d and b and omega as well. Just keeps your body ticking over. The one and only thing that can help you to conceive is having sex at the right time in your cycle.

Just keep doing what you’re doing RE tracking and opks. And just keep your fingers crossed. That’s all you can do to up your chances. You have about a 20-25% chance of conceiving in any given month so the odds are always going to be against you.

I always try to remember that although it’s good to be healthy, there’s no need to go too overboard because there are women out there who are smacked off their tits on heroin who get pregnant just by looking at a penis. So don’t be too strict on yourself with supplements and cutting out caffeine etc. I know a lot of women cut out alcohol completely and stop taking hot baths confused If there is anything you are lacking in your diet, supplement it but honestly, I wouldn’t bother too much with pumping yourself full of pills, it doesn’t help with conception anyway.

MrsM2017 Tue 13-Mar-18 17:47:02

Thank you @Bubblegum89 🙂 that's really helpful and good to know - I'll just carry on doing what I'm doing and just keep my fingers crossed that for that 20-25% chance x

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