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TTC after coming off Cerazette

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Boba86 Mon 12-Mar-18 20:19:28

I'm new to the forum so apologies if a similar thread already exists - feel free to direct me to it if that's the case.

I was on cerazette for around 7 years or so and had no period. I came off it at the end of July. I got my first period at end of Sept, the next one came 32 days later, one after that was 42 days later (10th Dec) then I've had nothing since. I've taken a number of pregnancy tests (both blood and urine) which have all been negative which I was expecting anyway as I had no other symptoms. I had a few blood tests done the other day (thyroid, hormones, ovulation). One showed I didn't ovulate in my last cycle, the others were normal. There was one test that they couldn't complete for some reason so I've to go back next week to re test. Once I've done that I'll book another doctors appointment to discuss results in full. But in the mean time I was wondering if anyone else has been in the same position? If bloods are normal then why have I not ovulated? Is it most likely just my body still getting back to normal after being on pill for so long?

I'd appreciate any info from you all.
Thanks in advance x

Stephisaur Tue 13-Mar-18 10:17:47

I would say it's probably just your body getting back to normal. The fact that you had no period on Cerazette may be a factor, but I can only base this on my own internet reading and experience. I stopped it on 18/2 this year and had a withdrawal bleed 21/2 but I had regular-ish periods whilst on it.

Hopefully the doctors will be able to get to the bottom of it for you <3

ellsharks Tue 20-Mar-18 14:02:57

I came off cerazette on christmas eve, had my withdrawal bleed 22/01 & period 18th feb. Im waiting for my second period now but got nothing but cramp sand extreme tirednes! Think it just takes 6 months for body to regulate, I wouldnt worry xx

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