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Cannot believe my eyes....

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red1hen Mon 12-Mar-18 13:27:34

Approaching 2 years TTC and have been referred for IVF. Got this this morning. AF was due yesterday. I am actually in shock.

SweepTheHalls Mon 12-Mar-18 13:28:04

Congratulations flowers

foodiefil Mon 12-Mar-18 13:28:46

Squeee!! Congrats 💐

Isadora2007 Mon 12-Mar-18 13:29:43

Wow! Lovely strong lines too- a real big fat BFP indeed. Congratulations.

MayFayner Mon 12-Mar-18 13:30:03

Amazing smile smile


Savvyandchips Mon 12-Mar-18 13:30:19

Awwww!! Brilliant news! This seems to happen a lot I.e ball gets rolling on fertility assistance and boom! Congrats

Alexandra87 Mon 12-Mar-18 13:31:02


OneMoreToFind Mon 12-Mar-18 13:31:51


DT2016 Mon 12-Mar-18 13:31:55

How lovely. Congratulations and wishing you a happy healthy pregnancy 🎉

sparklepops123 Mon 12-Mar-18 13:33:05

Fantastic news!! Congratulations flowers

DeadButDelicious Mon 12-Mar-18 13:33:35

Congratulations! thanks

PrincessPunzie Mon 12-Mar-18 13:34:38

How wonderful. Congratulations!!

kingjofferyworksintescos Mon 12-Mar-18 13:37:27


janetheimpaler Mon 12-Mar-18 13:38:29

wow, that's fantastic.

SleepFreeZone Mon 12-Mar-18 13:42:17

OMG that’s STRONG!!!

red1hen Mon 12-Mar-18 14:18:17

Thanks so much!! Literally walking round in a daze!! I was baffled by how strong it is too! I did a IC first and got a decent line on that so did the frer and got this! I’ve got a digi one still at home so I might do that tomorrow! I just can’t believe it’s finally happened.

MyDcAreMarvel Mon 12-Mar-18 14:20:21

That's brilliant op.

DarkNightDelight Mon 12-Mar-18 14:21:11

Wow congratulations thanks

brumbrumss Mon 12-Mar-18 14:23:15

Amazing!! Congrats op! I'm not surprised you're in shock, that's a very clear positive too! smile

Catscakeandchocolate Mon 12-Mar-18 14:49:40


Bubblegum89 Mon 12-Mar-18 15:03:19


ItsAlrightBaby Mon 12-Mar-18 15:07:48

Congratulations!! What an exciting time for you!

lilly28 Mon 12-Mar-18 15:15:13

Wow sweety. This is an amazing news. Congratulations on this good news. You are very lucky. Just stay happy like this. Having faith in yourself is very important. And I think you did that. I must say, you're very strong. Keep updating us. Good luck!

pumpkinpieinmyeye Mon 12-Mar-18 15:18:47

Lovely news, congratulations!

frasier Mon 12-Mar-18 15:18:56

Wow, that’s some line!

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